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Nanit Smart Baby Monitoring System
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About Nanit Smart Baby Monitoring System

As a company, Nanit focuses on helping parents to navigate the journey of parenthood with peace of mind. They started in 2016 with the development of a line of smart baby cameras that help to monitor your baby’s vitals and sleep patterns. 

In the years that have followed, they have incorporated additional products into their line. These include smart pajamas, swaddles, sheets, and sleep blankets. All of their items coordinate together to provide monitoring of your children while they sleep.

How Does It Work?

The camera is the center of the operation. Attached to a sturdy arm, the camera extends over the top of the baby’s crib. This can be done with a floor stand or a wall mount. There are also multi stands that can be transported to different areas and places. The stand is placed in a position that has a line of sight directly over the child.

The camera alone will be able to monitor the child for sleep duration and movement. It also measures room temperature and humidity levels. One of the greatest advantages is the two-way audio. Not only can you hear your child, but you can also speak to them. You don’t even have to be in the same house or city as your child. Their custom app allows you to access the information and camera features from anywhere. They state that the technology even works when the internet is down!

Another benefit of the app is the built-in memory album. The camera will take still shots of your child and compile them into a digital scrapbook for you to look back on. You will have the ability to see how much your baby has grown over some time through the pictures provided. It even documents milestones, such as the first time your baby slept through the night.

The more detailed monitoring resides with the sleep band. You can purchase this separately, or in the form of pajamas, swaddle, or sleep blankets. It also comes as part of the bundle package. The specific pattern that is on the band will help the camera to register breathing patterns. You can also purchase the smart sheets, which will utilize the designated pattern to keep track of your children’s measurements over time.

Cost and Price Plans

There are two different versions of the camera, and both can be purchased as part of a bundle pack. 

The Nanit Plus camera by itself runs $249, or you can purchase it as part of a bundle. The bundle includes:

  • Nanit Plus Camera
  • Camera Mount
  • Breathing Wear
  • Multi-Stand
  • 1 Year Free of the Nanit App

This bundle will cost $379 and comes with a 45-day happiness guarantee. Therefore, if you don’t love it, you can receive a full refund.

The Nanit Pro camera has an individual cost of $299 and is also offered in a bundle. The Pro bundle includes:

  • Nanit Pro Camera
  • Camera Mount
  • Breathing Wear
  • Smart Sheet
  • Multi-Stand
  • 1 Year Free of the Nanit App

The pro bundle runs for $379 as well. This is also part of the happiness guarantee.

It is worth noting that the differences between the two cameras reside in picture quality. The Pro has 1920×1080 pixel resolution or 1080p HD video, whereas the Plus has 1280x960 pixel resolution. There are also differences in the night light and night vision quality, with the Pro having higher visibility and softer glow. 

If you wish to purchase the add-on’s at a later date, the different items run as follows:

  • Swaddle - $24.99
  • Sleeping Bag - $34.99
  • Pajamas - $29.99
  • Breathing Band - $19.99
  • Smart Sheet - $34.99
  • Multi Stand - $49.00

Nanit offers financing for their products through the third-party company Affirm on purchases totaling $50 or more. 

How Is The Customer Service?

Nanit provides an extensive FAQ on their website, which provides information related to many common questions and concerns. If more is needed, you can put in a support ticket through the same site. Additionally, they have a support phone number listed at the bottom of their main website. Clicking on it allows you to call directly from your computer or phone. There is no need to go searching for a contact number, they make it very simple to locate.

Unfortunately, the benefits seem to end there. Many reviews from third-party sources state that it is difficult to get a representative on the phone. There are reports of having to make several calls and having long wait times. People have shared similar sentiments with the emails and support tickets they have put in. 

Online Reviews/Complaints

Unfortunately, the Nanit does not show up well in the online review community. When you look at the reviews provided on the Nanit website, they are all displayed with a positive focus.

However, when you look at other websites, the reviews are quite bad. Many people have their devices abruptly stop working only a few months into use. Others do not get the notifications until well after the event occurs. One person tested theirs out to make sure they received notification as to whether their child stopped breathing or not. Sadly, the test did not go well and they only received the non-breathing red alert ten minutes after it occurred.

Although a warranty and return policy are available, it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Some reviews state that they are on a second or third device due to warranty, and the same issues are occurring.

Competitors and Alternatives

The biggest competitors of the Nanit are the Owlet, Miku, and Cubo.

Nanit vs Owlet: the Owlet has a higher cost, but better reviews.

vs Miku: Both have a similar design, but the Miku offers encryption that protects you from getting hacked.

vs Cubo: Similar design as well as a comparable cost. The Cubo has higher ratings and the ability to play lullabies, as well as sync to home automation like Google Home.

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Nanit directly through its website. That is where you can also secure the financing if desired. It is also available for purchase at:

  • Best Buy
  • Bed Bath and Beyond
  • Buy Buy Baby

Is It Worth It?

In looking at the features that the Nanit offers, it’s hard not to feel excitement towards the product. The ability to monitor your baby from a distance, as well as communicate with them even when you’re out on date night, makes the prospect enticing. These are things you want for yourself and your child. Having that information and monitoring gives you a sense of peace through the journey of parenthood.

However, when you look at the experiences that others have had with the product it makes you question your emotion. Many people have struggled with the device and have not received the results that they were also excited about. Additionally, trying to get assistance was problematic.

Although the Nanit offers awesome features, those are also found in other products. Products like Owlet, Miku, and Cubo offer the same solutions (some offer even more) and have better reviews. 

In the best interest of your children you may want to choose an option with a better track record and more reputable customer service.

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