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Naked Wines is a company that funds winemakers and gives them an opportunity to make and sell their wine. It markets wine to potential customers at wholesale prices at affordable costs. Using quality grapes, growers working with Naked Wines ensure that they make the best wine.

It focuses on selling the products upfront while winemakers are given time to focus on making tasty wine. With just a small collection of various wines of different tastes, it helps bring out the stories of winemakers in their winemaking journey.

Without the intervention of middlemen, Naked Wines sell you wine at a low cost and deliver the best wines to you.


Their wide wine collection from different parts of the world ranges from normal wines like red, white, fine, champagne and fizz, to vegetarian wines. While other people enjoy a glass of red wine, white wine and champagne, vegetarians have not been left out.

Their vegetarian wines comprise of sweet veggie wines made out of animal proteins like egg whites, milk and gelatin. After undergoing a rigorous fining process, a bright, mouthwatering collection is made.

Rose Wine

Boy Meets Girl Pinot Grigio 2017

Similar to its name, this rose wine was brewed from passion, producing a fine product with a delicious crisp and intriguing red color.

Combined with a 12.5% alcohol content, 75cl and fresh apples and pears, it has a long shelf life and can be stored for days and weeks while still retaining its delicious taste.

Red Wine

Dominic Hentall Terra Forte 2017

This red wine, which was made from a blend of the Nero di Troia and Negroamaro vines from Italy, produces a unique tasty blend. With a percentage of 14.5% of alcohol and 75cl, the deep, rich, red color of this wine makes it not only sparkling, but sweet as well.

Galodoro Reserva Vinho Regional Lisboa Red 2016

The Galodoro Reserva gives you a taste of Portugal. You will not miss the sweet aroma from the combination of spices, vanilla and fruits blended in its making.

The perfect ratio of the soft, red and black fruits, 13.5% alcohol and 75cl in this vegan drink gives a fulfilling taste even after the drink is over.

White Wine

Benjamin Darnault Picpoul de Pinet 2017

Do not worry if you are not a lover of red wine. Their Benjamin Darnault vegan white wine is finely crafted from freshly harvested and beautiful white grapes from Pinet. The wine is crispy white from a mixture of 12.5% alcohol and 75cl.

Fine Wine

Small and Small Theodore Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Nothing quenches your thirst better than a glass of Sauvignon Blanc 2017 fine wine. It is made from old vines to produce a rich, gooseberry flavor after a sweet meal. This oaky, vegan, white wine contains a percentage of 13.0% alcohol and 75cl.

Champagne and Fizz

Sacchetto Prosecco Col de L'Utia Brut 2017

Brewed from green apples, pears and acacia scents, the Sacchetto Prosecco is a wise choice for all events. For those looking to celebrate, this bubbly, 75cl with 12.0% alcohol will not fail you.

You can also purchase wine gifts, which are combinations of more than one brand in the form of a gift pack.

How Does It Work?

You first need to register on the Naked Wines website if you want to buy some of the wines that they sell. Browse across their wide collection of wines and add your preferred wines to your cart.

Upon successful payment of the items in your cart, the Naked Wines customer service team will handle the order and ship the items to your specified address. You can also give them a call on 01603 281869 and they’ll place an order for you.

Cost and Price Plans

The overall price of a wine bottle ranges from a minimum cost of £7 to over £15. Customers that buy wine that costs £80 or more have their wine shipped at no shipping fee. Naked Wines has varying prices for the Angels and non-Angels.

Angel members pay the Angel price, which is slightly lower than the Non-Angels price, which is the normal price. They are required to deposit £20 a month into their account, which caters for any future purchases. They also enjoy a return of 25%-50% on every order they make.

Part of the additional benefits and discounts include vouchers, although they don’t qualify you for free delivery. You can also carry out their quick survey for a free £30 wine voucher. In other cases, you can get a gift message to your order to boost your shopping experience.

Customer Service

Get in touch with their customer service via live chat, by calling them on 01603 281869, or by emailing them at [email protected] for a quick response.

You qualify for a refund if the delivered wine bottle wasn’t corked well or is broken. However, do not open the bottles - return them in the same condition that you received them for a full refund.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Their wide range of wine collection provides the customer with a variety to pick from. Their wines are reasonably priced and their customer service ensures fast delivery.

However, several customers complained about the vouchers not working and requiring you to spend more to get a discount.

Competitors and Alternatives

Apart from Naked Wines, there are other companies that sell some of the best wine varieties. The Vinfolio features tasty wines and vintage champagnes. On the other hand, at Bbr and JJ Buckley wine store, you can also get a wide, authentic collection of wines to choose from.

Where to Buy?

You can buy different types of wines directly from the Naked Wines website at


All wines - white, red wine and champagne - have been known to have health benefits to the body. Get yourself a bottle and savor the taste of quality wine from different parts of the world.

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