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Michelle B

Avoid Mytoptierbusiness by Matt lloyd

November1, 2013

Matt lloyd seems to have fooled the bunch of us. I finally understand why so many other affiliates our leaving mytoptierbusiness. I came to your site after reading posts on several forums written by many very angry people who got suckered into Matts scam.

In his very own words on his web site video and his sales letter he repeatedly tells everyone that he is not going to ask for one penny, because his system is free. Then, after I wasted 30 darn minutes, he says he needs $49 for an application fee.

This guy must be crazy. I feel bad for the people who got tricked into paying him $49.00 then followed his instructions for 6 days straight only to find out that the $49 gets you absolutely nothing. You either pay an extra $2000 to Matt, or you quit and Matt refuses to refund money your first payment because you chose not to hand over 2 grand.

Mytoptierbusiness is running a highway robbery. Stay away from this con-job.

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February 12, 2015

I have already paid the 49$ fee thanks for warning me

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