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MYKA Jewelry (formerly My Name Necklace) is a company that markets a variety of customized jewelry such as braided leather bracelets and 14 karat gold classic name necklaces.

How Does It Work?

My Name Necklace, now renamed MYKA Jewelry, is a company that helps customers celebrate life’s special moments with truly customized jewelry.

Each handmade piece will be made just for you, produced with the perfect metals, birthstones, and designs to capture any memory.  The company has been in business since 2007 and served more than 5 million customers in 50 countries.

You’ll enjoy affordable prices and free shipping along with gift wrapping and unlimited personalization options.  These custom-made products are some of the best if you’re trying to make a lasting impact.

Head over to their website, and you’ll find a variety of products for sale. You can buy things like name necklaces, layering necklace, earrings, earrings, keychains, and anklets.  A bracelet is the perfect way to make your mark, too.

Products are sorted by recipient - you can look for gifts for babies, couples, teens, kids, men, mothers, grandmothers, and new moms - as well as by category (new arrivals, best sellers, birthday gifts, etc).

You can also sort by material - MYKA Jewelry offers products in sterling silver, gold vermeil, 18 karat gold plated, 18 karat rose gold plated, white gold, solid yellow gold, and diamond.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of products from this company vary depending on what exactly you want to buy.

For example, fine necklaces start at around $69.95 but can be as expensive as $339.95, depending on what you are looking for.

Customer Reviews & Complaints

While the products offered by MYKA Jewelry look gorgeous, you need to exercise a bit of caution when shopping with this retailer.

There are dozens of satisfied customer reviews on the company's own website. 

However, it’s practically impossible to find positive reviews anywhere else on the Internet.  Since no other retailer sells jewelry by MYKA Jewelry (or My Name Necklace), you won’t find verified reviews with third-party retailers.

Many third-party ranking and review sites, however, include multiple customer complaints.

Head over to the BBB, for example, and you'll have customer complaints about the company’s delivery policies and return policy. The company has numerous complaints and a rating of F.

Therefore, MYKA Jewelry is not necessarily safe or reliable when you're looking for high-quality jewelry.

Customer Service

Where is Myka Jewelry Based?

This company has headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ, but can be surprisingly tricky to get a hold of.

The company has a contact phone number of (408) 786-5881.  However, many customers report that reaching someone in the customer service department is a bit of a challenge.

Where to Buy?

You can only buy products from MYKA Jewelry by visiting the manufacturer’s website directly. Their products are not for sale anywhere else.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you are looking for suitable alternatives to My Name Necklace, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. You can find personalized jewelry all over the Internet.

In fact, many people turn to Amazon, recognizing the company’s excellent customer service, fast shipping, and easy returns policy.

Some of the most common brands you will find on Amazon, when it comes to customized jewelry, are SexyMandala and AJ’s Collection.  Both of these companies offer affordable customized jewelry for any occasion and any recipient.

SexyMandala offers multiple personalized custom name necklaces.  These are usually made out of sterling silver, although other materials are available, too. You will get a gift box with your order, too.

These products are much more affordable than those offered by My Name Necklace, and while the reviews aren’t always glowing, you can rely on Amazon to offer the customer service you need to back your purchase.

The same goes for AJ’S Collection.  This company offers beautiful customized jewelry like a single-edge hammered personalized charm necklace.

These are usually made out of sterling silver and again, are backed by excellent customer service.  These necklaces are also more affordable than those offered by My Name Necklace.

The Bottom Line

While MYKA Jewelry offers inexpensive, customized jewelry for any occasion, you do need to be careful about ordering from companies that don’t have the most reliable customer service.

MYKA Jewelry, though seemingly legit, can be a tough company to deal with when it comes to delivery times, customer service, and returns.  You may want to stick to one of the other alternatives instead.

If you have any experience with the MYKA Jewelry or their products, please leave your reviews below.

MYKA Jewelry Customer Reviews

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June 21, 2023
They show you pictures of beautiful leather and silver bracelets. Instead, you will receive a plastic piece of crap. Then their 100-day return policy is also a scam because they force you to get store credit and get something else from their store, but it's all cheap crap!

Don't honour policies and no customer service
June 15, 2023
I'm extremely disappointed with Myka's support team. I purchased an item and needed to make a change. As such, I used their website to request a cancellation less than 1 hour after I purchased the product. They responded to me 3 days later saying that they cannot cancel it as it's already being made. To be clear, their website says that you can cancel within 2 hours of placing an order and that cancellations are "processed on the day we receive your cancellation request". On top of that, their website said that they will respond within 24 hours, and the entire situation happened during working days (including placing the order). Based on this experience, the fact that the support person was so unhelpful, and submitting forms is their only contact method, I no longer trust this brand. What was supposed to be a Christening present for family and a huge and exciting experience, has turned into just another company with good marketing but useless support and shady tactics that only look after their own bottom line.

MYKA 'Customer Care' is a MISNOMER!
February 14, 2023

NEVER a Shipment!

I ordered a personalized necklace for a Christmas gift on 12.5.22 and MYKA confirmed it would be delivered no later than 12.21.22. Notified MYKA 12.27.22 it had not been received and that FedEx tracker indicated they had not received the package either. MYKA emailed back they escalated it to their shipping dept, asked me to confirm shipping address (I did), and offered a token "we're sorry" gift option of which I chose CZ earrings.

For the next 2 weeks we had 4-5 message exchanges where MYKA kept asking questions of me and I kept reminding them since FedEx indicates they never received the package that all issues were at their end.

I finally requested MYKA cancel the order and issue a refund, which they urged me to take as MYKA credit for my next purchase. Since I still had not even received the "sorry" gift and was getting no real answers, I pressed for a refund, which they agreed to and indicated it was issued 1.15.23.

Their email indicated it could take 7-21 days for the refund. I've seen no confirmation to date of the refund to my card, and no receipt of either the original order or the "sorry" gift.

Follow-Up to previous review...

After my Feb 7 TrustPilot review for MYKA's failure to deliver my original order, their "we're sorry" gift, or my refund, they responded with a relatively positive sounding reply on TrustPilot and that more info was provided in a personal email (guessing they didn't want to put certain bits out in public?). They stated they confirmed the refund was issued, though I still am unable to confirm in my bank transaction info.

Regarding the 'sorry' gift delay, they said "Regarding the earrings we sent you as the late compensation, we couldn't ship them as long as the claim on your order was not closed, this is a technical issue which we can't change. Since the claim is closed, the earrings were sent to you just now, you can follow it on this link" - which is curious since they had indicated at the time they supposedly sent the earrings that they may arrive before my original order.

Also, if the refund was supposedly issued on 1/15, wouldn't that have closed the issue so they could send? It appears they only act when confronted publicly with their failures. To add to their poor state of communication, as they finally sent a shipment on 2/8, they alerted me that it was a shipment of my original necklace order, NOT the 'sorry' gift of CZ earrings, so had hoped they were making good on the entire ordeal.

However, what I received on 2/11 was the earrings - very much the same as ones I had seen in a truck stop the same day for $10 (marked down from $20). And continuing their questionable customer service, they then sent me an email asking me to review my receipt of my necklace order.... you really can't make this up!!!

January 28, 2023
I want to give them a 0 but I’m not offered this choice. They have been playing games with me to keep from replacing or returning the necklace I ordered (I paid over a hundred dollars for it). Keep giving me the runaround. This place definitely needs to be thoroughly looked into because they are taking peoples money!!

Embarrassed About Gift Purchased
December 22, 2022
I ordered a bar necklace for my best friend's birthday. After 2 months it turned black although it was supposed to be gold. How embarrassing. I will never order from this fraudulent company again.

Definitely shop elsewhere
December 8, 2022

If I could Myka 0 stars I would. we ordered the leather bracelet with three inscriptions for Fathers Day 2022. Within a month the clasp had come undone. Rather than sending it back for such a simple (although annoying) fix ia had a local jeweller close the clasp. 2 months later the leather bracelet itself broke.

On contacting Myka, they refused any warranty stating it was void because of the jeweller closing the clasp?? WTF. Absolute poor quality jewellery, and even worse customer service.. Shop elsewhere!

I think I’ve been scammed.
November 13, 2022
I ordered the Mom Birthstone Necklace in Sterling Silver in April. I paid $111. In a little over 4 months, it had discolored. I attempted to clean it with silver polish to no avail. It never tarnished. It looks like it was coated with silver and the coating has worn off. Attempts to contact have been to no avail.

Don’t get caught out like I did … cheap tags marketed as high end
August 9, 2022

Firstly I just want to say that i was so disappointed that I waited 4 weeks-ish for an anklet from here which I paid over £75 for … with personalized/ initials .. the quality is very poor .. don’t be fooled by the nice photos on Fb … secondly the anklet wouldn’t fit a child’s ankle … I’m a uk size 12 so I’m not over weight nor do I have swollen ankles lol … the initial gold tags we paid extra for look like a 7 year old hand stamped them in a metalwork class at school

Anyway moving on … so I politely asked for a return and a refund … BEWARE these scammers will keep 30 % of the cost of the jewelry so on this case (over £20 ) they call it a restocking fee ???? haha ! Anyway so I’ve now spent 5 days politely requesting a full refund and today I have given up arguing … they can keep the money .. it’s not about that … it’s the fraudulent way they’re trying to keep funds back for an item.

Which to be Frank I could have bought on any wish or Chinese type selling page for about £5 ! Disgraceful ** don’t be fooled by their reply below .. I’ve been messaging to and fro with MYKA for five days and all they say is it’s company policy to keep 30 % of what you spend if you aren’t happy with the product ! It’s not good enough and very poor service.

RobCollins October 29, 2022

I emailed them to ask where their products are manufactured but they won’t specify. I assume it’s China in which case I wouldn’t purchase.

Do Not Use, Scam
August 3, 2022

Do not buy from @mykajewelers

In June I ordered my custom name necklace… It’s now August I have no necklace and I have no refund.

Not worth the shipping cost, just junk
May 22, 2022
I ordered the "Mothers Day" gold heart necklace with "engraved" name rings. 1. They are not gold, Stainless steel at best. 2. The rings are not readable, cheap printer/laser etcher. I paid over $134 for something (had I researched more) I could have bought for just over $40 for the exact same thing. Obviously these are made in China by political prisoners for Yankee U.S. suckers. I'm one.

Worst Customer Service Ever - Shipping is Horrible
May 17, 2022

I placed an order to give as a Mother's Day gift on May 3rd. Today is May 17 and the gift has still not been received. I paid extra for urgent shipping. I keep getting the runaround. I will never ever order anything from this company again. The worst customer service ever.

Can't deliver as promised
May 6, 2022

Ordered a customized necklace for mothers day as a gift from my kids for their mom on April 26. I added for expedited shipping. And had a guaranteed delivery date of May 2 to May 3. They did not start making the item Until 4 days later on April 30, even though I had already been charged.

May 2, passed, May 3, Passed and May 4 passed. On May 5, I get an email stating my order has shipped and is expected to arrive May 9, a week after it is supposed to arrive. I contacted customer service about the issue and all they said was sorry it was delayed.

Sorry doesn't cover the fact that mothers day is now ruined for my wife. The kids gift wont be there in time, and they are heartbroken and upset. And all the company has to say is they will refund me the expedited shipping.

The part that maddens me even more is their absolute lack of professionalism, empathy and customer service. When I placed my order even if I chose normal shipping it was stated it would arrive by May 6 to May 7, also in time for mothers day. The reason I chose expedited shipping to get it by May 2 or May 3, was so that I could be even more ensured it would arrive on time.

This company is horrible and I hardly believe they have so many great reviews, when they dropped the ball big time. A good company would refund me the full purchase price for their screw up.

Do yourself a favor and don't buy from this company, they can't deliver on their promises and then they make excuses and show absolutely no remorse for ruining a special day for someone because they couldn't be bothered to expedite the order or deliver as promised.

You dont get what you paid for...
April 28, 2022

SUPER DISAPPOINTED I ordered Margeaux Custom Ring Sterling Silver Inscriptions: 5 Inscriptions

I didnt think I would need MAGNIFYING Glass to see the names

Shame for price I paid [93.89]

I advise not to order anything unless it is refundable

Con Job
April 28, 2022

Rubbish Jewelry, very disappointing did not even engrave it. Not sure how they live with themselves blatantly ripping people off...

Bad service and bad quality
March 15, 2022

Not even a year ago, I bought a bracelet in gold vermeil from, now It was a 50th birthday present for my mother and both we who gave it to her, and she, were very disappointed when it lost the plea after only a few uses.

At the time of purchase, I paid for a two-year premium guarantee, which is why I thought I would get quick and good help when I asked for a refund - but not.

I have now emailed back and forth with the company for several months. Those who responded have been careless, unpleasant and now finally they came to the conclusion that I will not be allowed to cancel the purchase and get the money back because they do not follow Swedish law as they are "an international company".

This despite the fact that, after seeing pictures of the bracelet, they admit that it has gone wrong:

"We perform strict quality control on all jewelry that is produced and delivered, but this time it was obviously wrong," they write.

I have only one thing to say: Buy nothing from

They do not care about their customers or the EU / Sweden's consumer laws, and are not afraid to throw it in your face when you appeal for help.

Very Disappointed...
March 9, 2022
Very Disappointed with the customer service and product. I originally ordered on January 28th. I received the product 2 weeks later and it did not fit properly. I immediately contacted customer service and they were to send me a replacement. It is now March 9th, nearly a month after they said they would send me a replacement. It has a tracking number but is lost in the mail. It keep bouncing back and forth to different sorting facilities. They are refusing to refund me the money or rectify the situation in any way.

Poor quality/construction
January 10, 2022
Bought charm bracelet for daughter and day 1, 2 of the charms fell off. Have tried to contact MYKA for repair instructions or help and can't even get a call back or email. It's been 3 weeks with no response at all to me or my daughter. Don't waste your money. I will be going back to Alex and Ani for any more jewelry purchases in the future.

Poor service
December 26, 2021
I purchased a necklace and it was shipped to the wrong address. It was impossible to speak to anyone and when I was able to chat with someone they always promised to get back to me and rarely did. After numerous chats it was sent back out. I've had it a few days and a stone fell out. I would never shop with this company again.

Birthday Necklace
September 15, 2021

I purchased my necklace before they changed their URL from to This was also before they had changed their return policy which states that after 2 hours you will be charged a 30% restocking fee. I ordered a necklace on a Sunday at 8:21am (CST in the U.S.) for my wife with my kids' names on it just to realize that the shipping date on the necklace wasn't going to be on time for her birthday.

I had fwded the email to my daughter but then she had pointed out to me that the shipping date was after my wife's birthday. After being made aware of this I canceled my order the exact same day Sunday at 6:37pm (CST in the U.S.). This place is located in Tel Aviv Israel and they are 8 hours ahead of CST time zone. When I placed my order is was 4:21pm on a Sunday.

When I canceled my order it was 2:37am Monday morning. I am aware that Sunday is a working day in Israel but I find it hard to believe that anyone even did anything with my order from the time it was placed until it was canceled. My order probably wasn't even looked at before I canceled it. Either way mynamenecklace AKA myka still charged me $100 for my cancelation.

Trust me when I say this isn't the caring compassionate company that they portray themselves as. I get the aspect that they are a business and if they didn't make money they'd be out of business but they could care less about anyone as a customer and are too greedy to see past their nose.

If mynamenecklace see's my review i do not want my $100 back as his isn't about the $100. I want everyone to know what kind of business you are running and to make those that are considering purchasing from you to potentially re-evaluate who they are spending their hard earned money with.

August 3, 2021
I ordered what was supposed to be a sterling silver necklace, it turned black within a week I requested refund , they sent replacement instead which was NOT the original necklace I ordered. I cannot get a person on phone. Don’t order from here!