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Refund Response time
June 24, 2021
Ok so I was charged for two different sites on Myheritage. Totally my fault for not remembering to cancel my subscription. However, I have been waiting on a response for nearly a week now with nothing. The charge was almost $400.00 bucks so yeah its a big deal to me.

LizMcmahon May 20, 2022


scam artist
September 30, 2020
I tried my heritage because it advertised itself as a free site, then I was told I had an option to try it out for 14 days to see if I liked it or not and a the end of the trial period I could keep using the basic site for free, upgrade to one of subscription plans or cancel the account. Wrong! because when i tried to go to the purchase page to cancel it wouldn't give me the option to do so at the end of the trial period it automatically upgraded me and took 149.50 out of my account. I called customer service to report it and cancel the account and was told that I'd have to wait for someone to either email me or call me back to get a refund and yet by the next day my account has been reported as being still active ! so I wouldn't recommend the site to anyone as it's nothing but a scam . oh and on another note I wasn't able to find an real information on my family and the discoveries I did make which were very few contained nothing but, inaccurate information

BettyMiller February 05, 2021

I totally agree!, This website is a scam. Very difficult to cancel membership. My advice— don’t get involved with this bunch. They are well. Erased scam artists. I’m reporting them to my attorney general!

BettyMiller February 05, 2021

Got the same response from them! Reporting the to the attorney general. No one that’s reputable does this. Emails and phone numbers change. Advertise 24/7 day service! SCAM! BEWARE!

JanBaker-freeman May 28, 2022

I will go that route also, I did sign up for this CS is located in Guatemala.

waste of my money
July 5, 2020
I cant't even find my relatives that were born in usa

A scam by anyother name to get your private family information
June 9, 2020
I was solicited by this company to try a one month free trial to test out its capabilities, and while some information was useful, I did not realize that the information I was collecting was not just for me to see and collect privately, but for anyone else who wants to get my information, if they sign up. These Florida scam artists never mention that in their ads, which is pretty damn sleazy and underhanded. Now that I found out, I am going to call their customer service tomorrow and have them remove all of this, or I contact my US Senators and US reps to have the US Congress investigate this gross invasion of privacy! My Heritage is run by a bunch of sleazeball scumbags!

always want more
February 19, 2020
They teased me with some findings that I couldn't view with a basic account, so I paid $170 to upgrade to premium for more and better information. Even after upgrading, everything I try to view is an additional charge. I can't do one thing more than I could before I upgraded.

I was a victim of their security breach then again on their service
July 14, 2019
I was as a victim of their security breach. Then, only after complaining to them in regards to the loss I occurred did they offer complimentary use of their software for a (stingy) 6 months. Six months later after filling out my family history on their site, I was the victim again of all the bugs on the site that erased my data or family tree charts that include complete omissions of family members and their ancestor lines. This company does not stand behind their product and has a ton of technical problems. I would not TRUST this company with your precious family. This Company has a reputation for MAJOR DATA breaches.

June 10, 2019
I've been waiting four months for DNA results. Emails to support go unanswered.

February 23, 2019
This company is only in it for the money. Per their privacy policy I requested to have my DNA sample (they have 2, use one and keep the second to use as they please). BEWARE!!! This company is actually located in Israel!!! When I asked them who I sent the kit to, they gave me a name of a company and an address in Texas. In looking online, they have actually had many contracts with companies in many US states, but seem to be very transient. The company that has my sample said that they only have a contract with My Heritage and can't even find my sample. My Heritage customer support told me 3 wks ago that my sample would be destroyed per their agreement withing 72 hrs. Three weeks later, I am getting the runaround. I did tell My Heritage that I will be planning on following up with our US Government since it seems fishy to me that they even want to hold the 2nd sample for as long as they choose and I never got an answer of how they would use it. My advice for people using their website---BEWARE!!! If you do not go to their privacy link and unsubscribe, you are open to numerous emails from people who you do not know and everything personal, including your phone number will be all over the web.

WORST results of any DNA Results
January 15, 2019
I bought a My Heritage kit for my brother and sister-in-law. The results gave an unbelievably general map of origin which added nothing to what was obvious and we already knew. The possible relatives started with a single 3rd cousin and quickly went to 4th 5th and beyond with NOTHING in between. Just going back one generation I have 10 first degree aunts and uncles!! What a worthless and embarrassing purchase! I feel totally scammed. Since the kits weren't used within 30 days there's no apparent recourse.

A Scam
December 6, 2018
I opted for a 30-day free trial on November 6 2018, did not like the site and cancelled two days later but got no confirmation. Instead they took 108 UK pounds from my account on November 22 2018. My bank has blocked them and is trying to get me a refund. What are Visa and MasterCard doing about these people?

Customer Service
June 18, 2018
I am try to get a hold of anyone, anyway possible to get a refund on the 119.40 they charged me for a whole yr. for the subscription. It is impossible to contact anyone, the phone number I saw on this page is not a correct phone number, there is another phone number I found on line for this company 1-800-987-9000, you can only get thru to someone is you have an account number. The 2 week free trial sign in is now invalid, you can request instructions to reset the password but they NEVER send this information, so without the information they require to get to someone, you cannot get to anyone !!!!! .I finally found a place on their site, it is very well hidden, to complain. I have not heard anything from this company. I am so frustrated grrrrrrrr…… I was 3 days past the free trial, I forgot to cancel, that's my fault. But I would have never been able to cancel within the time allowed, because they make it impossible to contact them !!!!!

Very difficult site.
May 22, 2016

I have canceled with 2X's and still, I get emails and ads from them. I started with this site in 2014. It kept telling me of people that might be related but I couldn't get rid of those suggestions. I tried to contact them, no help. I've canceled and request they shut down my site, totally, since they've lost info I had collected and are nonresponsive. Charged me again and I finally had it.

I now use another site and am pleased with it.