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MyFunLIFE is a mobile application focused on travel and health which claims to provide their members with a wide variety of travel benefits as well as an MLM business opportunity.

This mobile application is described as having the ability to give their users similar benefits to those of members of a travel clubs. Specifically they discuss lower prices for travel bookings made with a specific service as well as access to timeshare condos worldwide.

Unfortunately, beyond this small amount of information there is very little else which you can find out online, at least for free. The benefits they mention sound promising and it’s not surprising that there are many people who are willing to pay the cost of $21 to get a full understanding of the rest of the available benefits.

MyFunLIFE seems to work much harder at promoting their MLM business opportunity than their travel club benefits. MLM stands for multi level marketing, which is a specific type of business opportunity where people earn money not only through direct sales commissions but also from recruiting new members to act as representatives of the company.

When evaluating both a travel club and a business opportunity it is usually a bad sign when the company makes it difficult to understand what you are buying until after you provide them with your credit card number.

Travel clubs have a history of being very controversial, as they are often expensive and make it difficult to really take advantage of their benefits to make their membership worthwhile.

People who are interested in being a MyFunLIFE representative can purchase a membership at a cost of $21 per month and can begin to take advantage of the application benefits as well as the earning opportunity.

The company promises that you will have 30 days in which to request a refund if you are not happy with what you get, but it will be important to get all the details of the refund policy before you invest any money, to make sure you are protected.

If you have any experiences with either this application or this business opportunity, please leave your MyFunLIFE reviews below.

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