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My Vanilla Card is a prepaid Visa card which is described as a positive alternative to traditional debit cards due to its ability to help you budget spending and protect from fraud and identity theft.

A traditional debit card is issued by your bank and linked directly to your checking account. A prepaid card only gives you access to the funds you directly place in your card’s account – there is no link to bank accounts and personal information.

This helps prevent identity theft and fraud, as people who find or steal your card cannot use it as a way to get unlimited access to your money or identifiable information.

In addition, controlling the amount of money you place on a prepaid card forces you to adhere to a planned budget, as the card will not allow you to make any purchases that go beyond the money that has been preloaded onto the card.

Also, Vanilla Debit Card is not limited because it is a prepaid card; the website says that it can be used wherever Visa is accepted, which they say is millions of retail stores worldwide, as well as online retailers and available for use in over one million ATMs.

Ordering the card requires no credit checks or upfront fees. All you need to do is fill out a simple form providing your name, street address, date of birth, and other information for identification purposes.

Your card will arrive in 7 to 10 days and can be activated and set up with your personal PIN online or over the phone. There are no fees required to purchase the card, but each time you load money onto it using their Vanilla Reload Network you will be charged a flat fee of $3.95.

There are limitations of how much money can be loaded onto the card during specific time periods, and a maximum of $400 per day can be withdrawn from the ATM.

If you have any experience with My Vanilla Card or their services, please leave your reviews below.

My Vanilla Card Customer Reviews

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Never Buy A Prepaid Card From Them
February 17, 2023

these cards are absolute trash. the only thing worth less than the useless trash cards are Visa, Vanilla, and Peoples Trust. they are all crooks. there is zero customer service available. these thieves rely on the fact no one reads the terms so when there cards don't work at any retailer, the voice mail just laughs at you.

December 20, 2022
Please don't ever buy this card. I purchased a $200.00 card for my mom and she activated it, the balance of $200 was confirmed. She then went to a store 30 minutes later and the card was declined stating that the balance was zero. I called Customer Service and they said the card was used at a Chevron in New York, we are located in Georgia. This was in June and no response from the claim. I just called and was told that the claim was closed as there was no discrepancy. Such a rip off.

Expires so soon and you will lose your money.
November 6, 2022

Do not buy this card. I gave one to my son and he forgot to use it for like a year and now it just expired and it is now a waste of our money. Please do not buy!

Vanilla prepaid
October 16, 2022

I have a class action suit started on Vanilla prepaid scams from there own companies. If you'd like yo join then gave a prepaid card with money on it or any screen shots of conversations about your transactions not being real but there system shows different. There's over 2.3 billion out there on unused money. Take part in this or just pretend your tech and don't care about your remaining balance with them .

September 30, 2022
DO NOT BUY THIS CARD!!!! I bought two cards for two different people. Both of the cards were cleared out as soon as they were activated. The customer service for this card is horrible. They will not help. They could tell that they were fraudulent charges and admitted it, but do not back the cards. No money was refunded. $400 loss

Someone else can use your card number without you knowing it. It has to be someone who knows the machines that you purchased your last item.
June 24, 2022

I have bought Visa gift cards to go on vacation with people so we don't have to travel with cash. Some go well, but some have purchases on them that are not recognizable and they are not small purchases. I don't know how they do it, but they get away with it. I don't think I'm going to do this again.

Avoid at all costs.
March 24, 2022
Worst debit card company ever, these folk will lock your account for no reason, has happened to me countless times not to mention trying to get hold of them via phone, I will switch to Greendot or Netspend.

Customer Service
November 5, 2021
I was given a card and before I could spend on it it was compromised. I have rang the credit card company 4 times to report this each time they tell me I will get an email that never comes. I am starting to think this whole company vanilla cards is a hoax. Do not buy cards from them.

zorland January 26, 2022

I bought a vanilla debit card and made a cash deposit, I was trying to activate my card which in this case I had not used it or given the card number to anyone. When I tried to make a purchase the person told me the card had to be activated because it did not go thru.

So I did try and to my surprise Vanilla customer service told me that the card belong to somebody else and it was being used. It could not be because I just was using it for the first time and it was not activated so how could any body else be using.

The hackers had been using it since January 2021 from last year and I just bought it during January this year 2022. How could this be.

We need help these people are scamming us. They are not very caring when I claimed. They called it a dispute and it would take 90 days. There has to be an investigation. Please let us know if the government could investigate.

My vanilla sux
May 11, 2020
Had $140refunded to my card 3 weeks ago and $35 has been taken offwith no explanation where it went . Since then my card has been diactivated and no one has answered the phone in 3 weeks .i cant't sign in my account because they have changed my cvv # on the back of my card . Its bull crap and i hope kharma bits a big plug out of there ass.

February 8, 2020



Awful company to do business with
October 15, 2019
The worst reloadable debit card on the market, I put a hundred dollars on a card. I went online to activate, answered all questions correctly. They asked overbearing questions for identity verification. After forty-five minutes of this ridiculous circular questioning, we finally decided to call them on the phone. The first person on the phone could barely comprehend the English language, after a half-hour of incompetence and them not being able to solve the problem we got the next person up the chain. We were informed that they could not verify who we were with their identity system, even after all questions were answered correctly. I asked what would be necessary to use the debit card that I had put one-hundred dollars on. Another half-hour pf phone time they informed me that I had to send them a color picture of my social security card, my driver's license, a bank statement or a utility bill, and a copy of the receipt from when the debit card was purchased. I emailed them the requested information but they could not confirm receipt of said information after another half-hour on the phone. I had to wait three to five business days for them to process the information. #MyVanillaCard sucks!

Horrible experience
August 30, 2019

Was given the card as a company actually purchased quite a few as gifts...and lo and behold after using the card it was compormised and someone purchased multiple gift cards.

When calling CS....nightmare!

I am so dissapointed in the customer service, the need for inappropriate personal information as well as NO timely resolution if I will even see the money back. I will be alerting my staff to NOT purchase these cards as gifts and will alert in any reviews available to NOT purchase these cards. In fact I am going to the facility where my staff purchased and asking them to NOT stock ( Kroger) due to ease of compromise and poor service.

Huge Scam! They just steal your money!
November 6, 2018
I was given a $100 Vanilla Gift card from my dad for my birthday. Within a week of receiving it, someone from FL (I live in TX) stole the info and used it to pay their utility bill, but I didn't know about it until a couple of months later because I hadn't used it yet. Once I figured out it was stolen I immediately called and tried disputing it. For some reason I wasn't receiving the form and after 2 months I FINALLY received it. about 2 weeks later I received a letter in the mail saying that there was nothing they could do because I didn't file the dispute within 2 months of it being stolen, even though I didn't know it was stolen until after. Everyone I talked to was super sweet and helpful except the supervisor. She was rude and could care less that my dad’s hard earned money was stolen and just kept saying they weren't going to help me. DO NOT PURCHASE THEIR CARDS!!!

Vanilla Scam
September 26, 2018

PLEASE! PLEASE! DO NOT purchase a Vanilla debit card. (Mastercard). I loaded $100 on my card on Friday. I made a $8 dollar purchase on Monday. On Tuesday morning my remaining balance on the card reflected only $6 left on the card. I called

the 800#. Customer service was not helpful at all.

I was told that I would receive an email with a dispute form to fill out and send back to them. I have received nothing. Maybe it's worth the missing $92 to never be bothered with them again. A well learned lesson.

Reloadable Card that cannot be reloaded
June 26, 2018
I bought this card today. Was trying to register it on the website and got the notice that my identity cannot be verified. I filled up the information to the T including address (exactly as described on my government issued ID). Attempted for three times and kept getting the same message. I called the Customer care and was told that three times was the limit on registration attempt and my card won't be able to be registered again (which means I'll have to use it as a non-reloadable card which beat the purpose of me purchasing it). Suffice to say I was lashing it out on the Customer Care and asked why there was no warning about the limit of three attempts. Also I filled up the correct information so it wasn't my fault. Got transferred to the supervisor and she provided no solution either except to just use up the card and throw it away. Never again.

Money was stolen from my Vanilla Visa gift card - scam
June 13, 2018

A gift card for $200 was received from a friend of an ill family member, which matters only in that the person who sent it is also ill and it really pisses me off to think she got scammed by this company. I used the card for gas and food at merchants, not online and I did not go through the procedures to use it at online merchants. Within 24 hours of the initial purchases, the remained of the card was stolen. The charge was made in the wee hours of the morning and neither I nor the customer service agent at Vanilla had any idea who the cryptically named merchant is.

I was told the same things other customers are told with this company, that they are very sorry and have no idea what happened. Then they offer to "help" by taking personal information from you and promising to send some documents via email that you must fill out and return to them. AND you will have to wait 90 days for an answer as to whether they will return your money or not. Hmm...From all the bad reviews I read today, it seems that no one ever gets that money back. I'll be happy to update this review if I ever see the $120 again.

zorland January 26, 2022

why can't better business bureau look into this company and make sure they are legit.

They want your info for identity theft, they lie aboiut being a 'virtual bank,' they're NOT!!
March 24, 2018
I just got scammed by My Vanilla Visa too. Identity theft is their only game, I wasn't allowed to put money on my card through my bank, after Vanilla told me to, now they have all my key questions and answers to identify me anywhere and there was nothing I could do about it except cancel the activated card that never got a dollar put on it and pray there are no repercussions. They sure sweet talk you like they're going to help until they have got what they wanted and you feel like you have just been raped, but that's life online, sooner or later you're bound to get scammed, right?

Teriona June 05, 2018

Did you get your money back ? I’m having a similar issue

alice June 06, 2018

I never got to put the money on the card -- I only got the card because I supposedly could put money on it through a store here, but the store said no, we don't do that. So my bank transfer was refused so the bank never got to pay the money out, and I ended up getting a different card called VISA Ace Elite, which I am happy with. This one DOES have a store I can load it at, that's all I wanted, something simple that just works.

Sad we have to waste so much time getting lied to and scammed over what should be a simple service.

SCAM? Prepaid My Vanilla MasterCard
February 19, 2018

Bought the card had to put $20 on it. Then went to register said they couldn't confirm his identity (boyfriend). So we call them they say that he's entering wrong address. Which it was correct then they go on and say is it the same address as it is on your ID he says no so they say to confirm they need that address ( Which is old as crap) don't know why they needed that specific address anyway.

Anyways, we made sure they updated our new address to mail out permanent card so at the end of the call she says well receive our card in 5-10 business days & to make an online account (this call was about an hour long) horrible. So we wait and it has been over 2 weeks! So we call back the lady says they sent it to the address on ID and no other address was on file BS!

So they fix it and say they are sending it again. Blah blah. So we go to use the temporary that has the original 20 on it and it DECLINED due to wrong pin as did the online account couldn't register online either so he had to call back once AGAIN!

The problems fixed now BUT we made a mistake of e-filing with this acct before finding out this company is garbage so now were scared their going to keep it or take a thousand years to post our money from the IRS. So PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS CARD.

Teriona June 05, 2018

Did you get your money back ? I’m having a similar problem

My vanilla sign in
February 16, 2018
Really bad application. I needed to change my password and it asked for my security questions, so everything is fine so far, I answered the questions and it acted like it was going to let me change it so I could get into my account and it wouldn't let me after I completed all my information correctly, online is a sham. It will only frustrate you

Pretty good
December 27, 2017
I don't know why this card has so many bad reviews I got one a few days ago and it is great.