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June29, 2020

MyChoice Software, Pressoft / Paypal and Cosoftware, were all in on a Mobile transaction I made last April when I purchased WINDOWS 10 PRO Digital Download, for $39.95 and never received it, I did receive an email stating my payment had gone through and when I tried to print all the info, such as Order #, Digital Key # for activation and all there business and payment received info it suddenly disappeared, then I had problems getting the printer to go, I finally was able to print up 2 pages, and the payment is shown on my bank statement as Pressoft/Paypal and a long and un important made up number after it, all did me no good when I tried to get my download, everyone that did have a real phone number to customer service had a message sending you back to the website, after days of calls emails and a bunch off malarky, I gave up, they burned me for the money, however, I did finally receive an email from pressoft
software apologizing for the mix up and re sending me another activation # along with a key registration # that had to be entered into the computer while it was OFF LINE, then turn it back online and enter the other #, come on I tried it all and ofcoarse it did not work, in fact, it screwed up my brand new HP laptop I spent $600 on 1 weekm earlier, it did so much damage I had to return the computer and get another, god help[p them if they come after me for writing this truthful Review which I can prove every word of, so these software snails can stick it, if I ever get the chance Im going to step on them and laugh while they POP OPEN and loose their shell, see how they like being ripped off, there just good for putting SALT ON!! Snails love salt. Stay away from them guys and gals. signing off, The Snail Hater.. teehee. GBless
PS Everytime I went to the webpage where I bought the WINDOWS 10 Pro software at I was directed to MyChoice .com software to an account I opened when the purchase was made. but they denied it all said they don't have my email address on file and that their order numbers are more then 5 digits../ end

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