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Howard Murad, M.D., is known for the high performance skincare product line he first established in 1989. Not only does he rely on topical products, but he also uses dietary supplements and lifestyle programs. His method of treating skin is different than the typical “topical only” systems. It was once only prescribed to his patients, but now these clinical strength products are sold to the general public. The Murad line is not only offered online at the website, but it is also sold in health stores, makeup stores and even department stores.

10 lines of products have been created to address every skin concern. You can purchase them as complete regimens, including three products to complete the three step process: Cleansing, Treatment, and Moisturizing. In addition you can mix and match different products to customize your own routine.

Certified Skincare Specialists are available by phone and online to help you decipher which products are the best for you. Also you can use their Personalized Skincare Evaluation offered online to find which products are going to be the most beneficial for your individual skin type.

On the Murad website there is plenty of information to explore within the Skin Care Treatment & Resource Center as well as the Anti-Aging Treatment and Resource Center. While browsing through them, you will find information on how to care for your skin type and advice for you on how to treat your specific skin issues which includes product recommendations. Topics of focus that you will easily find material on within these resources include acne, wrinkles, sun spots and age spots.

The products range in cost depending on the formula you choose; you can buy products individually or in special packages that cost less if the products in them are perfect for your skincare needs. One of the most popular products is the Resurgence Introductory Kit, a $107.00 value, offered on the site for $39.95. The complete package comes with a 30-day supply of three products designed to work together to decrease the signs of aging. If you are not 100% satisfied with a product you may return it within 60 days from the ship date even if it is empty. For extra savings you can sign up for their emails and receive special offers and advanced notice of online savings events.

Since the line was first developed it has grown immensely and now has a dedicated following of customers. It is widely known amongst consumers as a reputable line and the cost of the products are moderate, but affordable to the average consumer.

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December9, 2017

Ok so I TOO was very concerned with MURAD and it's billing system but I just called and figured it all out.

I Like the product but I think I'd suggest just buying it in the store and not doing automatic sending... It's easier on your brain...

I do want to reassure people how it works..

When you sign up you do instantly pay for this first shipment. Mine was $31.95 for a 30-day trial. Then after this, it automatically signs you up for 90-day shipments which are kinda confusing I guess if you don't want the product but you CAN call and cancel. So a month later I was charged for the 90 days BUT they don't just charge you once they break it into three months so your statement may look at little wacky but I went through the whole thing and the money makes sense.

All in 2017
First payment 30-day trial
MAY 31.95

Second 90-day trail payments broken into installments
JUNE 45. 08
JULY 29.95
AUG 29.94
TOTAL= 104.97

Third 90-day trail payments broken into installments
SEPT 4508
OCT 29.95
NOV 29.94
TOTAL= 104.97

Fourth 90-day trail payments broken into installments
2017 DEC 35.57
2018 JAN 25.95
2018FEB 29.94
TOTAL = 91.46

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This company SUCKS

April9, 2016

I had the same problem as the others. They kept sending me stuff and billing my card. I called and cancelled and they billed me again. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

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October23, 2013

The Murad products are ok, but the company is a total scam. They keep sending the products on the mail and billing your credit card without your authorization. Lots of time, pacience, and money wasted to get rid of them.

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August 29, 2014

HUGE SCAM!!! Do not order!!! My Credit card expired and I didn't want the product anymore so I thought it would just quit coming. Nope! I was wrong! After turning me into collections gor product I didn't order, they continued to send product and once again want to be paid. I have canceled and it keeps coming. DONT ORDER! It will be an annoying expensive mistake!

January 25, 2015

I cancelled before the alloted time on the phone, they stopped sending me the items but are still billing me! Total scam!

February 13, 2015

same here. I have spent an UNBELIEVABLE amount of time trying to get these unauthorized fees taken off my card. What's worse...they bill every month. I call...AGAIN...and they say "oh we see you cancelled your membership". I never HAD a membership...and if you cancelled it, why am I still getting billed for crap I did not order. And no vitamins are worth $100...sorry. Their cream may be ok, but if I knew up front I was going to charged monthly for it...forget can get it from AMAZONN!!! I feel like I have been totally screwed by this outfit and shouldn't have to still be dealing with it!

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