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If you’re looking for a custom tailor app that’s “better than a tailor,” look no further than MTailor.

What is MTailor?

MTailor was originally featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, pitched by proprietor Miles Penn. While studying at Stanford, this inventor created an algorithm that allows any man to be measured for clothing better than even the most experienced tailor can do.

These custom jeans, which are made out of 98 percent cotton and two percent elastane, are extremely lightweight. They aren’t thick - instead, they’re more on the thinner side, giving you plenty of stretch and comfort as you wear them.

This company recognizes that accuracy is key when it comes to being fitted for clothing. All you have to do is install the MTailor app (available at the Apple and Google Play stores), set your phone down, and within 30 seconds the algorithm will measure 17 different points for clothes on your body. According to the company’s website and commercial, this algorithm is 20 percent more accurate than a professional tailor.

How Does MTailor Work?

Essentially, the company uses your phone’s camera to measure you for the best fitting clothes. You're not limited to jeans, either - They offer shirts, jeans, tees, and more.  You can even find chinos, dress pants, and blazers. Unfortunately, for women, the options are limited to jeans only, but more products are in the pipeline. You can even have your clothes monogrammed.

Big and tall? Never fear. The algorithm is perfected and supposedly works for people of all shapes and sizes. The manufacturer claims that they have made clothing for customers under 5 feet tall to over 7 feet tall, with weights ranging from less than 120 lbs to over 300 lbs as well.

Blazer Review

Think MTailor is just for jeans? Think again. MTailor offers several different blazer options, too. These allow you to customize everything from the vents, buttons, and lapel notch - you can even add a monogram.

Dress Pants Review

Customers like MTailor pants, finding that they offer a comfortably fitted look that is much better than the one you will typically find in storebought dress pants. It’s hard to find a dress pants review in which the author doesn’t rave about MTailor. Because the app measures in several different places, including the waist, thigh, hip, outseam, rise, and leg opening, you’ll have a quality fit every time.

There are several style options available, including Diamonds, Pinstripe, and Staircase. You can purchase dress pants in a range of colors including charcoal, navy blue, black, and light gray - although this list is not exclusive.

Cost and Price Plans

MTailor jeans cost anywhere from $79 and $119, depending on the exact style of the pair you purchase. While this is a bit more than most people are willing to spend on jeans, keep in mind that they are custom fitted and the promise of this ideal fit makes the price a little more worthy of your time. In addition, the jeans are shipped in a delivery time of only two weeks to any address in the United States  - with free shipping to boot.

The company also offers a 90 Day Perfect Fit Guarantee. For whatever reason, if you don’t like your clothes, you can send them back and be eligible for several return options. You can have your clothes remade for free or receive a full refund Whichever option you choose, know that you always get free shipping and returns along with integrated support from custom fit specialists.

Competitors and Alternatives

MTailor isn’t the only custom clothing provider around. There are many up-and-coming manufacturers you should be aware of, including Proper Cloth, Indochino, Deo Veritas, and Untuckit.

When you are comparing MTailor vs. Proper Cloth, first recognize that as one of the top brands in the clothing industry, Proper Cloth has a serious reputation backing it up. This company is recognized as one of the best online custom shirt makers. This company has multiple measuring options you can use, including Smart Sizes (which is their own algorithm), measuring your own body, measuring a shirt, and mailing a shirt you already own. This allows for maximum fit and comfort. You can even schedule a fitting at their showroom in New York City.

Next up in the list of alternatives is MTailor vs. Indochino. This company offers custom dress shirts along with custom suits. Indochino is straightforward and only accepts body measurements. If you don’t own a measuring tape, the company will even send you one. They also offer video guides explaining how to measure your body.

Thinking about MTailor vs. Deo Veritas, remember that Deo Veritas is not quite as mainstream as some of the other brands, but it still gaining rapid popularity among the many tailor alternatives. This company has a wide selection of sizing and clothing options, allowing you to measure your body, use the algorithm, and measure an existing shirt. The algorithm is not quite as accurate as some of these other tailoring services, according to the reviews.

Finally, consider MTailor vs. Untuckit. Untuckit is another well-known menswear brand, and while it offers products and a measuring system that is quite similar to all of those listed above, it is also one of the most affordable. This company offers PayPal support, military discounts, and multiple coupons so that trying it may be slightly more affordable.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Customers attest that although these jeans are comfortable, the algorithm does not allow users to update their existing profile is. This can be challenge if you’ve purchased jeans before, but perhaps wanted to change something about the way they fit you. In addition, if you gain or lose weight, adjusting your measurements can be a challenge.

The jeans look and feel great, however, and the color and style are just as they are in the pictures on the website. There’s a fair amount of stretch.

Customer Service

MTailor is a company of Bit Body, Inc. There is no mailing address or phone number listed on the company website, but if you have questions or concerns about your order, you can get a hold of the customer service department at [email protected] According to customer reviews, the support team is very responsive to any complaints. MTailor does not yet have a rating with the BBB.

Where to Buy?

Currently, since this is a custom product, you can only purchase MTailor jeans by visiting Check out the shop to see all of the options available to you.

Is MTailorWorth It?

If you're looking for jeans that will match your exact body measurements - no matter what they may be - you might want to consider MTailor. While you might have to work with the customer service department to adjust your algorithm and get the perfect fit, the result of this effort is a high-quality finished product with the perfect fit. With tons of color options to choose from - and free shipping - you should consider giving MTailor a try.


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