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Motivational Products

The Latest Reviews of Today's Leading Motivational Products and Speakers...

There are tons of motivational products lining bookshelves throughout the country.  There are even more being offered online covering a plethora of topics and strategies.

The difficulty with reviewing and rating motivational products is that the results are completely subjective.  Some materials may drastically help one person but do nothing for the next.

The trick is finding something that works for you and addresses your specific motivational or inspirational needs.  This can be done by reading many low cost books by a variety of authors to get an idea of their writing styles and affects on you.  This way you can learn what they're about without wasting hundreds of dollars on expensive seminars.

Another thing that you can do to weed out the best motivational products is to follow the trends.  For example no one can deny the amazing momentum that was generated by products like the chicken soup for the soul series or the The Secret.  This does not guarantee that the products will be right for you but they've received enough attention to get enough customer feedback to determine if they're worth trying.

Motivational Products and Guru Reviews

Neuro Linguistic Programming
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) -  is a method developed for achieving a variety of physiological changes in the mind and body.  The idea is that you can reprogram the way your brain reacts to certain situations.

NLP focuses on the belief that our unconscious mind influences our conscious decisions and beliefs.   NLP training teaches you to use self-hypnosis techniques to motivate and change yourself.  This interesting has been cultivated and grown by many motivational speakers and researchers.

If you do choose to investigate NLP further it's important to work with a credible source.  There are many exaggerated claims floating around about what NLP can and can't do for you.  Gurus have been known to say that their NLP strategies can cure phobias, find ways to de-traumatize past traumas, find ways to identify and integrate cognitive dissonance that keeps you from doing the things you want, and more.  Overall, it's a fascinating study that has been known to work for many people.

Neuro Linguistic Programming Products and Guru Reviews

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