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About Mosquitron

Getting bitten by mosquitoes is an unpleasant experience and you deserve an easier way to rid the mosquitos of your personal space. The makers of Mosquitotron felt the same way when they invented this unique mosquito zapper.

The company, based in the Netherlands, created this device to make the outdoors, and even indoors, more comfortable for you and your family. This company has already found great success in this mosquito killer as it has become popular not only in the US but in Asia and Europe as well.


The Mosquitron contains several impressive features that makes enjoying the outdoors and anywhere else exposed to bugs, more bearable. This light and durable mesh box contains material that is totally safe for the environment, so you won’t have to worry about exposing any type of harmful material to anyone or anything in the outside area.

Inside of the box, you will find a silent fan that doesn’t wake anyone up as the device does it mosquito-killing job. Not only is the fan quiet, but the UV light inside is only 360-400nm, which is just bright enough to eliminate a mosquito, while also being dim enough to refrain from distracting or harming any people or animals.

The mesh of the box works to efficiently trap mosquitos inside and effectively keeps them from getting away. This box is already incredibly easy to maintain. No need to stress about setting it up, as the set up for this box is incredibly simple and takes little time to complete.

Unfortunately, the box can’t live forever, so charging is required. Luckily, it doesn’t take very long to charge and can be charged by phone charger, tablet, or power bank.

How Does It Work?

There are a lot of interesting features about this product. But the most unique would be how the overall process works. First, a 360-400nm UV light draws the mosquito into the box.

A vortex is then created by the fan that is located at the bottom of the mosquitron. Once the mosquito is drawn into the vortex, they are stuck there as this penetrating air keeps them stuck to the bottom of the device. From being stuck at the bottom for so long, the bug becomes dry and dehydrated, which eventually kills them.

After learning everything it takes to make this device work, it’s easy to assume the moquitron has very high-voltage, can easily break and contains a lot of harsh chemicals to not only harm the mosquito but possibly your family as well.

Fortunately, everyone is safe around this bug-killer. The voltage is low, it’s durable, and there are no chemicals involved at all.

Cost and Price Plans

Normal purchase of this device is usually $178, but they are currently hosting a special 50% discount offer to purchase the product for only $89. This deal is put in place when you reach the checkout portion of the purchase online and apply the 50% discount code.

They also have different price plans if you are looking to purchase more than one moquitrons at once. Their biggest deal happening right now is to buy 3 and get 2 mosquitrons free- reaching a grand total of only $267. You also have the option to buy 2 and get 1 free for a final price of $177. In addition to these deals, shipping is also completely free.

Customer Service

They don’t happen to have their return policy listed in writing on their website, but they do have their address featured on their site. If you do feel unsatisfied, you will be able to call their customer service team at +44 20 3808 9234 or +55 15 981471395.

The latter is located in Brazil. Even though they don’t have a return policy, since their address is listed, you can always attempt to return the moquitron if you are unsatisfied with it:

Novads OU
Narva mnt 7, 5th Floor
Tallinn - 10117

They are also available via email at [email protected]

Online Reviews/Complaints

A lot of people that tried this product claimed to thoroughly enjoy it. Many people find it refreshing that it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals like you normally find in bug spray, candles, or similar bug killing products. They also enjoy how portable and compact it is: making it all the more easier to take camping, or wherever you care to take it.

There are also tips shared stating that people should let it run a few days before cleaning, after the first clean, be sure to wipe it out and clean it at least once a week to prevent it from clogging up or becoming highly unsanitary.

Some people weren’t as satisfied with the product and claimed to see bugs still alive inside of the device for a while before they eventually became killed. Since the device doesn’t shock mosquitos, like many other bug-killing products do, the mosquitos aren’t killed as quickly. This results in less satisfied people as they wait a while for the bugs to eventually perish.

Competitors and Alternatives


There is a similar product that can kill several bugs (not just mosquitoes) that is created by the manufacturer, Katchy. This is very similar to mosquitron as it contains toxic free chemicals and traps the bugs inside without letting them free.

Even though it can’t kill larger bugs like houseflies, it still contains triple trapping power to trap gnats and mosquitos in a similar way as the mosquitron- by sucking them in with the fan and trapping them inside until they are killed.


The Hoont mosquito killer and fly trapper is very similar to these two products as it also works to trap the bugs inside and keep them in there until their eventual death. The main differentiators are that this device is not an easy travel size, like the others. It can also kill bigger bugs, like flies, unlike the other two.


Finally, the Hausbell nontoxic mosquito trap also shares several similarities with the others as well. This one is a little more traditional and requires hanging above the ground like most bug-trappers. This one is a little more attractive than the others and can also double as a decorative light to keep inside or outside.

Where to Buy?

The mosquitron is of course available on their original website, but it can also be purchased by visiting Unfortunately, this is not available in any stores that aren’t online shops. So you will unfortunately only be able to order this product, rather than walking in a store to buy and receive it in a day.


Overall, several people were satisfied with this product. Many were impressed with the fact that it doesn’t kill the bugs by shocking, which can be a loud and noisy affair, rather it kills them by dehydration with the use of an LED fan that isn’t too bright and a fan that isn’t too loud. This will be the perfect device to take with you on your night camping or visiting with friends on your porch.

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