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About is the home of MOO, an online printing company that claims to rise above its competitors through the use of features and guarantees that they say are unique to them within the industry.

The first feature promoted by is their Printfinity option, which allows their customers to print a different image on every in the pack they order. According to the website, this helps clients show a portfolio, individual products, or a range of skills.

The Printfinity option is available to everyone at no extra charge and if you choose Printfinity, you simply need to choose one of two options. Either upload your own images, or choose a ready made pack with images provided by also says that unlike other online printing websites, like the well known VistaPrint, they will never up charge their customers for premium paper. All orders on come standard on professional quality paper.

In addition, they say their packaging has been designed from quality recycled pulp board and not simply intended for shipping purposes, but also made nice enough to carry your cards in or to re-use in the future.

Finally, tries to separate themselves from their competitors through their Satisfaction Guarantee, which they call The MOO Promise.

This promise says they when they receive your complaint via email, they will immediately let you know that it has been received. Your complaint will then be reviewed by a Customer Service Agent who will contact you before close of business the next day.

This agent will help you solve your problem by either re-printing your order, giving you a coupon to complete a whole brand new order yourself, or – if there is absolutely no way to fix your problem – by refunding your money.

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