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Picture this - it’s Friday afternoon after work, and you’re standing around in the gym. It’s not because you’re giving yourself a break because repetitions - it’s because you’re forced to wait for the next machine to open up. The gym is crowded, it’s smelly, and it’s the last place you want to be.

Unfortunately, if you have a commitment to improving your overall fitness, you need to spend several hours each week working out. But know this - you don’t need to spend that time in the gym. Instead, you might want to consider using Monkii for your next home workout plan.

How Does Monkii 360 Work?

Monkii 360 is a revolutionary line of products that allow you to spend less time in crowded gyms and more time doing the things you love. A super efficient fitness device manufacturer, Monkii offers a variety of products to help shape, sculpt, and improve every aspect of your physical fitness. With these handy devices, you can sneak in a workout just about anywhere and at any time, enabling you to get in a good workout while saving time.

Monkii 360 doesn’t require you to learn a bunch of complicated moves or techniques, either. With these tools, you use the power of your own body weight to strength train all of your muscles. There are no weights or machines necessary. If you’re not sure how to get started, Monkii even includes a 21-day training guide so that you can train all of your muscles - even muscles you didn’t even know you had.

This 100% crowdfunded project, originally featured on Kickstarter, has no investors. It was designed in Colorado for gym haters, adventurers, new moms, and other people who wanted to get fit but didn’t have the time or resources to get to the gym.

In addition to the myriad products on the Monkii website, you can also find a variety of workouts. Some popular options include Leg Blasters, the pre-work Core Routine, Plank Variations, and more.

Cost and Price Plans

The price of each Monkii product varies, but there’s something to suit every budget. Many of the workouts posted on the Monkii website don’t even require the use of any Monkii products, making it easy to incorporate any of these workouts into your daily routine - at any budget.

Marketed as the world’s “most portable fitness device,” the Pocket Monkii starts at $149. This product comes in multiple grip colors and allows you to get in a gym-quality workout without a machine. It provides the resistance necessary to perform activities like squats and lunges from any location. You can also purchase add-ons for this product,  like the outdoor anchor accessory, the Pocket Monkii Tactical Kit, and the Tactical Ladder for Core and Agility.

The Monkii Bars are designed for people who want total body workouts from home. These start at $199 with additional accessories and tactical kits available, too. The most advanced (and best-selling) training tool by Monkii, these bars feature powder-coated aluminium handles to provide stability and balance, along with straps that allow you to workout from anywhere.

The third product option from Monkii is the Isocore, a product that starts at $49 and is marketed as the “world’s best core trainer.” This tool helps you strengthen all the muscles in your core through rotational training and isometric holds.

Competitors and Alternatives

Monkii prides itself on creating a gym that you can create anywhere. The company harnesses the power of resistance training, but it’s not the only company that sells suspension training devices.

Another option is the TRX Suspension Trainer Kit. TRX was one of the first high-quality commercial suspension trainers on the market. It costs about the same as the Monkii devices but has a more classic twist. The Monkii device is more portable, however, making it easier to take on the road.

Customer Reviews

Customers are generally happy with their Monkii orders. Not only do these tools help make it easy to get in a high-quality workout, but they’re also affordable, especially when compared to similar products. Versatile to set up, these products help to make any location a potential gym. They’re compact and light enough for travel, too.

Most of the complaints surrounding the products have to do with learning the exercises. Some of these can be challenging to do, particularly if you are trying to recreate your existing gym workout. You might have to play around to figure out the best resistance for your exercises, but this is something that is true of all workouts.

Customer Service

Monkii has some of the best customer service around. No matter where you are shopping from or what exactly you order, all Monkii orders are backed by a 100% Monkii Back Guarantee. This 30-day guarantee gives you all the time you need to get to know your order. You also have access to free lifetime repair or replacement of damaged products.

In addition, the unique Monkii Pact guarantees that you have access to a free line replacement. If your line breaks, tears, or frays at any time during its lifespan, the company will replace the line at no cost to you. To initiate a return or a repair, all you need to do is email [email protected] or [email protected]

Interestingly, Monkii has several informational articles on its website to teach you how to make your own workouts - the company isn’t dedicated to selling products but instead to helping people live better, “wilder” lives. Because there were a few complaints about how expensive the products were, Monkii decided to post a few tutorials on its website about how to make your own Pocket Monkii, Monkii Bars, and more out of basic materials like PVC pipe, Gorilla Tape, and cam buckle tie downs.

Where to Buy?

Most people choose to purchase the Monkii products directly from the manufacturer’s website. However, you can also find select products on Amazon. Some of the workouts are also downloadable through the Apple store, too.

Is Monkii 360 Worth It?

Depending on your specific fitness goals and fitness level, the Monkii device might be a good choice for streamlining your workout plans. These tools are incredibly portable, allowing you to complete your workouts from anywhere in the world. No time? Not a problem. The Monkii products only take a few seconds to set up, and it takes mere minutes to get in a high-quality workout.

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