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Skrill is a new method of mobile payment processing from Moneybookers, which says they offer a safe, convenient method of doing business with online merchants and online money transfers.

The most commonly recognized online payment processor is PayPal. These payment processors allow you to make payments directly to certain businesses without using paper methods – such as money orders or checks – or giving out your credit card information.

According to their website, Moneybookers currently has 32.1 million users, as well as a long list of major retailers and businesses, like eBay, they partner with who accept their method of payment. Their website offers a full directory of their partner companies.

When you register for a Skrill account, you get access to the Skrill Digital Wallet, which offers safe, convenient online payments with only an email address and password.

Moneybookers says that $240 billion worth of transactions were expected to be made by mobile devices, and in the next few years, mobile payments made by processors that do not reveal your financial details will overtake payments made directly by credit card.

Though many people worry that online payment processors may not be safe or legit, Skrill claims to have security measures with the highest encryption standards and says their system is continually updated to tackle emerging threats to protect you and your money.

Moneybookers also gives their users the ability to send and receive funds to your family, friends, or your own bank account from over forty different countries worldwide, at what they say are constantly low, transparent fees.

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