Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Reviews

Group photos are fun to take with friends, but posing with a yellow-toothed smile can throw the whole picture off balance. Mobile white advanced teeth whitening, Dr. Dorfman and the creators of mobile white advanced teeth whitening realized this as well and decided to take action.

So they created a product that helps whiten your teeth without breaking the bank or wasting your time.


It’s easy for stains to appear on your teeth, but even more difficult to rid your teeth of them. With mobile white, your teeth are whitened in 20 minutes and you can see a noticeable change in whiteness after approximately six uses.

When you order this product, it will arrive containing the mobile white 16 LED lite tray with a timer and USB cord, along with mobile adapters that work well with almost any device. 


You’ll also find 4x3 ml. Syringes that also contain the mobile white whitening gel. To top it all off, it comes with a storage case to maintain a clean product to help keep your mouth clean and pearly white.

Worried that Mobile White is made with unnatural or harmful products? Worry no more as it contains food grade silicone, is BPA free and does not contain any latex products, so you don’t have to worry about mobile white harming your mouth or body.

How Does It Work?

To use the mobile white product, all that is needed is the package and your cell phone: no matter what type of mobile device you have. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can whiten your teeth for only 20 minutes.

The steps are simple: Connect the lite tray to your phone, place the gel tray comfortably in your mouth for the suggested 20 minutes and once it’s complete, place it in the carrying case then go about your day.

It’s that simple and handy. Scared you’ll lose track of the time while the tray is in your mouth? The mouth application comes with a light and sound reminder to keep count of the minutes so you won’t have to.

Cost and Price Plans

A helpful feature about mobile white advanced teeth whitening is that you will never have to pay to have your whitening gel refilled. When you buy mobile white, you receive a lifetime supply of whitening gel.

If you decide to buy this product, you will receive one mobile white kit for the price of $79.99. They currently have a special offer running that involves buying 2 kits and receiving one free for $53.32. Additionally, if you decide to buy 1 you can get one free for $59.99.

Customer Service

Fortunately, mobile white does offer a 30 day back guarantee. If you receive this product, realize you're unimpressed with it, you can return it back within 30 days. Unfortunately, you have to make sure it's returned in those 30 days and they will not cover your costs to ship it to them.

If you decide you are unsatisfied and want to return it, you must email them at [email protected] and they will give you a phone number to contact.

Additionally, if you have any other questions regarding this product, you can contact that email or check out their FAQs on their main website if you feel you may have a common question for them to answer quickly.

Online Reviews/Complaints

Many users of this product found themselves incredibly pleased with the fact that this product worked with their cell phone as they didn’t find that with a lot of the other similar products they tried.

The fact that mobile white also includes a USB Type-C adapter in the box upon arriving impressed a lot of customers as well. The ease and results of the whitening kit pleasantly surprised most of the buyers of this product.

Others didn’t seem to be as pleased with the ease of the product and found it to be a burden. They said their mouth felt tiresome and overwhelmed by the amount of work it took to clean their teeth. They were also frustrated by the amount of foam they witnessed form in their mouth.

Competitors and Alternatives

Crest White Strips

A popular and well-heard of whitening alternative is the Crest White Strips glamorous whitening. They are enamel safe and are very simple to just casually slip on your teeth and go. One box contains 14 strips and the whiteness of the teeth can last up to 6 months.


Another alternative is GO SMILE teeth whitening packs. These are little snap packs that contain little sticks of formula that you squeeze onto your teeth to give you a whiter smile in one week without the sensitivity to your teeth that a lot of whitening kits give to your teeth when applied.

Crest 3D White Strips Gentle Routine

Finally, another similar product is the crest 3d white strips gentle routine kit. This one also cares for more sensitive teeth and doesn’t affect your teeth in a negative way by causing them to feel in pain after use.

Like the aforementioned white strips, these are also strips that are peeled and placed on your teeth easily. Unlike mobile white, none of these products have the ability to work with your phone to create a strong whitening effect.

Where to Buy?

This product is of course located on their main website It can also be purchased on Amazon’s website as well. Unfortunately, if you were hoping to walk into a store and easily find and buy this product, you’re out of luck. This product is only located online and is not available in any store near you for purchase.


Yellow teeth are the ultimate struggle. With this product, they could make the trouble of dealing with discolored teeth and stain a thing of the past. Be sure to analyze the different features this product can provide to you and your smile before deciding if is the right option for you. Once you’ve made a choice, you can be on your way to a brighter and better smile.

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Mobile White Advanced Teeth Whitening Customer Reviews

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Light doesn’t stay on - no customer service
December 4, 2020
Unable to get light to remain on for more than a few seconds. Customer service phone and email information from packaging are not working/disconnected.

Mobile white
August 31, 2019
Don’t buy from these people. If you have a problem or a question you cannot get a response from them. I left message after message after message with no response. Several of the blue lights on mine quit working after a few uses. And their “free” gel refill club is a joke. They charge you outlandish shipping for little tubes of gel that weigh basically nothing. RIP OFF big time.

bigbooty December 17, 2019

Thanks for the review. Will steer far away