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About Miracle Brand Bedding

In order to stay healthy and clean, most experts recommend that you wash your bed sheets at least once every other week.

That sounds like a lot - and in truth, it is. Who possibly has time to wash their sheets that often?

However, in order to prevent allergies, acne, and other health issues related to unclean sheets, it’s an absolute necessity. So what’s a health-conscious but time-crunched sleeper to do?

It’s simple. You need to consider Miracle Brand Sheets.

How Does it Work?

Miracle Brand is a company owned by Aloft. Miracle sheets and towels are made out of antibacterial silver so you’ll have three times less laundry and no more odors. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading.

These sheets and towels are made out of antimicrobial silver. This compound has the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria when compared to regular fabrics. You will find just about everything you are looking for when you invest in Miracle Brand, too.

The Miracle by Aloft sheets are some of the company’s most popular products. The sheets come in four colors - stone, white, sand, and sky blue - along with queen, full, king, and twin sizes. The sheet sets are designed to stay cool and clean, offering a luxurious feel that you will absolutely adore.

When it comes to towels, they have plenty to offer, too. The Miracle Washcloth, for instance, comes in the same color options as the sheets. When you buy, you’ll get one washcloth that not only feels soft and comforting on your face but also eliminates almost all bacteria.

The company even produces pillowcases, too. This is one of the most important product lines for you to consider, since bacteria has a tendency to build up on your pillowcase. This can cause acne to form on your face or for your allergies to be triggered or to worsen.

The pillowcases also come in four colors along with standard and king sizes. You can choose from signature percale or extra luxe sateen fabric.

Cost and Price Plans

The cost of Miracle sheets, towels, and other products varies depending on the specific product you buy. Most sheets start around $99 but can be as expensive as $129 depending on the size you buy. Towels vary from $14 to $99, with the most expensive option being the full towel set. All products come with free shipping.

A set of two standard pillowcases will cost $49, while two king pillowcases is $55.

Competitors and Alternatives

When you’re looking for silver-infused sheets that can cut down on laundry day and also save you from bacteria and allergens, there are plenty of other options besides this one.

One option is Silvon. Silvon produces “bedding for better skin” and is frequently compared to Miracle Brand, and for good reason. The two companies are quite similar. When comparing Miracle vs. Silvon sheets, the first thing to know is that Silvon doesn’t only sell sheets. The company also sells towels and pillowcases, too.

The products for each are similarly priced, although Silvon sheets are slightly more expensive. You’ll pay around $180 to $220  for a full set of sheets compared to $129 for the Miracle Brand sheets. Similar colors, styles, and benefits are available, though.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

There is some seriously favorable press and positive Miracle by Aloft reviews.  Bustle claims that the sheets, “Kill bacteria before it has the chance to breed” while the Huffington Post says, “you won’t have to wash these for weeks.”

The sheets prevent odors and dry twice as fast as regular sheets, features that customers everywhere adore. You won’t have to worry about using dirty towels to wipe yourself clean, as the silver in these towels naturally sanitizes any lingering bacteria. These are truly self-cleaning products.

There are few complaints about Miracle Brand sheets, although there is some precautionary advice that you should be aware of. While their sheets do not need to be laundered as often as regular sheets, they do still need to be laundered from time to time. Although the silver in the linens helps reduce the buildup of bacteria, it does not totally eliminate it, as many people assume.

Customer Service

The company has some of the best customer service around. If you aren’t satisfied with your order, you can return them, free and clear. You can also give the sheets a ten-day test drive. All you need to do is order your sheets. You’ll pay $0 upfront and can try the sheets out for ten nights for free. You’ll pay nothing unless you decide to keep the sheets.

Customer service is responsive and attentive. If you need to get in touch, you can email [email protected] You can also connect with the brand on Facebook or Instagram.

Where to Buy?

You can only buy these sheets, towels, and pillow cases directly from the manufacturer. They are not sold in any other stores.

Is It Worth It?

If you want to enjoy a restful night’s sleep without waking up sneezing or covered in pimples, you might want to give Miracle Brand a try. This company manufactures durable, high-quality linens and towels that do an excellent job at eliminating bacteria and odors. Less washing equals less hassle for you, and you’ll love how these fabrics feel on your skin!

Although they are more expensive than what you might be used to paying, the extra expense is more than worth it.

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