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About Millionaire Mind Intensive

The Millionaire Mind Intensive, found only at, is a seminar program hosted by well established “success training” guru, T. Harv Ecker which claims to help you make more money and be happier.

According to the website, signing up for T. Harv Ecker’s mailing list will get you immediate and free access to his 30 page consumer awareness guide “Get Hardwired for Success: How to Reset Your Mind's Money Blueprint to Create Automatic Wealth.”

You can also receive a free invitation to the Millionaire Mind Intensive course, a course which will teach you a variety of things, but most importantly, how to change your own personal mindset and thinking so that you can reach your maximum earnings capacity.

The website says you can be taught the root cause of financial success, and given a “blueprint” that determine financial success almost from birth, as well as the most important skill you can possess to make money and be happy.

You also be taught the three primary influences which determine your mind’s money thermostat and how to tap into a series of affirmations and declarations which will help you create greater wealth.

Finally, you will also be given access to “the world’s easiest and most effective money management system” that will predictably accelerate your ability to achieve financial freedom. This system will help you expand your passive income, regardless of the state of the economy.

The dates and times of available courses will be determined by your location, and though you are asked to bring either a check or a hundred dollar bill to the seminar, this is just used for an activity and will be returned to you. The initial cost of the course is actually free.

However, to avoid complaints and issues, you should know that if you sign up for the course and then do not attend without canceling in advance, your credit card will be charged a $100 “no-show” fee.

If you have any experience with this course, please leave your Millionaire Mind Intensive reviews below.

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Millionaire Mind Intensive is a SCAM

May19, 2017

Millionaire Mind Intensive is a platform where presenters will get you in a vulnerable emotional state and then draw your money for courses that are a complete waste of money.
I have been at Freedom Trader Intensive... a complete SCAM
They gave you a few general notions and then start selling another course for another 6000.
Every course is specifically designed to draw you into another course and more money.
This is one of the tactics that multi millionaire T Harv Eker uses to make sure his business keep going stronger.
Success Resources is the organiser of these courses... they don't offer a Customer Service telephone number but only emails... and guess what ....they don't reply!!!
They must have so many complaints that they decided to cut this service.
They have been reported to Trading Standards.
If you have a problem with Success Resources make sure you do the same.

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1 Review

Don't go and if you must don't buy anything!!!!

February8, 2016

Don't go to MMI!!
I Just got back from MMI (Millionaire Mind experience/intensive) learned some things! but slime sales tactics left and right! using fear and lack and emotional sifts to sell! if you go leave your money behind! don't buy nothing till maybe your second one! then it won't be an emotional choice! where they got you saying, "omg! I have been playing small so now gotta go big and sign up for some thing now! its the best deal ever!!! never been this cheap! only available at this break/weekend!"~ these are old school selling techniques~ and they hooked many. You can learn somethings and meet some cool people/participants.
But watch the whole game, as one big sales pitch~ and for me I was reminded how I don't want to sell~
slimy fear based not straight from the hip tactics. I came home went for a run to get the slime off and now gotta shower!
what got me at the end is how the speaker even used his daughters death (and whitney Houston's death, cause we were just in a circle singing one of her songs) as an emotional pull towards making a choice now cause you don't know how long you are going to be here. so either you go sign up or go out that door~ like the door was settling for mediocracy and not going big. but out the door was sunshine and i can play big even without them. they may have some great things in their programs~ but if they teach you to sell like that~ not sure where integrity lives in the organization or its just all smoke and mirrors. The real estate guy they had come add on a package was very very very possibly not honest~ nor is their tactics probably legal~not good partnering. but maybe great info showing that MMI may be as out of integrity at their core, too.
so to some degree I could say stay away~ yet i learned some good stuff to do and a lot of ways I don't want to be! the jar method is great~which you can find info on all over the place, online I imagine, from other peeps not related to MMI. Also looking into my relationship with money and wealth ( the book "the Energy of Money' is very good for that with no up-sales or slime involved.)
I really met some cool people though and had some fun learning, and then sales pitches soured/slimed or dulled the moment.

I believe if something is so great it sells itself~ we would see the people- hear their stories and learn some things. Then they could say if you want to go deeper you can sign up for the more intensive trainings. Most people do it this way that i have experienced. yet with MMI this feels more like they are selling you the whole system that they are modeling as a success system~ but i think it might bring about difficulty sleeping, keeping your conscious, and living in integrity in ones life. If you are emotionally and fear selling products~ you ultimately have to go through lots more people and have way less continued clients.
but their programs are $12,000+ for all or $1,995 each. so they are getting good on one sell! also I heard from people that have been to those paid events that they continue to up-sale other events!!!!
During the three day I was reminded of TV evangelist and carneys! LOL

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