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About Micro Touch ToughBlade Pro

As Seen On TV is a successful and trusted advertiser and distributor of various products. The advertising is done through 30-minute long TV commercials. The other part of the business, the distribution, was the innovative idea that drew people to the company.

That is because this was the first company that allowed the buyers not to leave their homes and still purchase the products. Anything presented on the TV is available on to buy via telephone or internet and delivered through mail anywhere in the United States.

The products range from beauty products to house utensils and amongst them, is Micro Touch Tough Blade Pro.


This shaving system for men is advertised as having a number of advantages compared to regular razors. Firstly, it has three German stainless-steel blades. It is also said to be sensitive skin friendly, so you shouldn’t end up with any annoying irritations.

Secondly, there are a few unconventional features that should help you get a top-notch shave. The first is a removable laser navigator and the second is built-in spotlight. Moreover, there’s an extra feature, which includes 7,000 micro vibrations per minute.

Lastly, the pack includes 12 razor heads for each month of the year, since they guarantee you won’t have to buy another shaver within these twelve months.

How Does It Work?

What’s so special about this razor is, in the first place, the distance between the blades. It was designed that way so that it doesn’t allow for any of the residual hairs to get stuck in between.

The blades themselves are covered with a non-stick coat and each of them has specific functions. The first is said to lift the hairs, the second to cut them and the third to finish the job. This is, the producers say, why your skin is left so smooth.

Moreover, the extra features are meant to make your shaving experience extra easy. The laser navigator is there to help you with high-precision styling, the spotlight to improve the visibility of each hair and the micro-vibrations to upgrade the smoothness of the shave.

Cost and Price Plans

The price of $20 includes twelve Micro Touch razor blades, the handle and the Micro Touch trimmer itself. However, this offer is available only for telephone or internet orders, not in stores.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order, call 800-808-2624, or email them at [email protected]

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are able to return it within 30 days and you get your money back as well, minus the S&H costs.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are many satisfied customers who are happy with the blades’ longevity and performance. In addition, they confirm the advertised length of usage for them, report very smooth shave and put these razors before the others they’ve tried.

They are also content with their skin’s reaction - no missed spot, bumps, or irritations. So, all in all, it is safe to confirm the promoted qualities of this razor.

On the other hand, there are those less content with it. The complaints are about the weakness of the handle, the blades’ dullness and the significantly shorter durability of the pack. Moreover, others report that the new razor heads can’t be loaded onto the handle.

In addition, the customer service and its availability were the problem for a number of users. In fact, they report not being able to get the additional razor heads, or the wanted refunds.

Competitors and Alternatives

If you have had a bad experience in buying the Tough Blade Pro, there are fortunately three more alternatives you are able to choose from.

Tough Blade vs Harrys

Everything they offer is sold separately, so you don’t have to buy the whole package if you need only the razor heads. However, if you want to order the whole pack, like the one you get from Tough Blade, you’ll either end up with less cartridges, or a higher price.

Tough Blade vs Dollar Shave Club

DSC offers quite a lot of stuff for just $9 (the first month is $5), including 4 razor heads as well as shaving and showering creams. It is quite pricier, but you get your money’s worth – 3 razor heads more than Tough Blade per month.

Tough Blade vs Dorco

This brand offers a truly wide range of products and packs. The prices are sometimes a bit higher, but the packs are really rich.

Note that none of these alternatives have the additional features like laser positioner and spot light. However, they do all have free shipping.

Where to Buy?

You are able to purchase the Micro Touch Tough Blade Pro from their website at www.toughblade.com/. Some of its predecessors are now available in physical stores, but this version isn’t yet.


This is a fine shaving pack with a few innovative features, although some people might not find them as helpful as predicted. The producers’ advertisement about the twelve razor blades lasting a year might be far-fetched.

That is because everyone uses the blades at different speeds, especially since each person’s hair type and shaving habits are different.

Also, its effect on sensitive skin is debatable, since sensitive skin is so unpredictable and it needs more than good blades not to react badly to a shave. So, all things considered, if you use it properly, this kit should be satisfying enough and might last for some considerable time, if not really a year.

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