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About MeWe Social Network

The MeWe Social Network, found online at, is a new social network that wants to provide their customers with all the benefits of traditional social networks but without any of the “creepy” data collection and “spying.” 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, the creators of the MeWe Social Network said that they were upset that the big technology companies and social networks were treating their users and customers as commodities. They believed that it was wrong that they thought they were welcome to “target, track, spy, and sell” customer information to advertisers and the government.

They wanted to create a social network that provided all the benefits that people wanted from a social network, but where they could feel truly safe and respected, so they created what they call the world’s first private communication network. 

Their social network allows members to share photos, videos, documents, to chat, voice message, privately message, and more. Customers are also welcome to invite and manage their contacts from other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

They do require that all members be over the age of 13, which is required by The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and they do ask members to state their gender, but all members are welcome to “Decline To State” if they choose.

Mobile Options

This website says that their network does have an available mobile application for both iOS and Android.  

Cost/Price Plans

This company promises that this social network is completely free to join and free to use, and they promise that they will never sell any of your information to advertisers or marketing agencies the way other similar social networks do in order to earn money.

Instead, their website says that they make money “the same way offline companies have always made money,” by offering their customers optional services that people will only pay for if they actually want them and will benefit from them. 

These paid-for services will include additional data storage, private group applications, the ability to print your photos, and other choices for entertainment. 

Refund Policy

Because using this social network is completely free of charge at this time unless customers choose to upgrade to different paid services, this company likely does not provide their customers with a standard Refund Policy. If you do choose to upgrade to one of their paid features or subscriptions, you should take the time at that point to see what kinds of cancellation policies are available to their customers, and of course at any time if you feel like an error has occurred you should contact their Customer Service team right away.  

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints will likely need to create an account and then use the contact links available from your account to speak with a representative. 


It appears that most people are happy with this social network and speak highly of them. The bottom line appears to be that they offer the same features and expectations that people have become used to from the more popular social networks, with the added benefit of privacy and protection from the data collection and marketing information that is used by almost every other social network product.

The one complaint that appeared common simply has to do with the fact that this social network is so new that members were having trouble getting other people to sign on and use this network the way they use the more common social networks like Facebook. Since the larger social networks already have such large followings, it may take awhile for this smaller and newer network to catch up.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

Most people are aware that there many different social networks available for people, and that there are many different options depending on the type of social interaction you are hoping to have, so customers looking for alternatives to MeWe should be able to find many different options.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your MeWe Social Network reviews below.

16 ‘MeWe Social Network’ Reviews
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MeWe has a content problem

July27, 2018

I joined and checked out the groups and what I found is not good. MeWe is full of groups for the political Right and Alt-Right, Trump supporters, Libertarians, and Guns of all sorts. I found it overwhelmingly negative with vast amounts of hate speech targeted at these groups usual targets. There were very few groups for progressives/liberals - I found only one. I quickly deleted my account. MeWe has become a haven for those I don't want to associate with.

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August 14, 2018

So, MeWe is to the CONSERVATIVE MAJORITY in America what Facebook has become to the LIBERAL MINORITY> Good to know!

August 17, 2018

As usual, the Leftist solution to segregate themselves in their safe spaces, and then whine that those they hate are too segregated.

August 27, 2018

I have not seen all this hate speech content you claim is there, but I am only in 2 groups, so I guess it depends on what you choose to see and to whom you choose to connect, given that MeWe does not yet have public newsfeed the way other social media outlets do. It also depends on how you choose to interpret what you choose to see. I know it is so hard to click the button to choose to LEAVE a group...

September 04, 2018

Hate speech is defined as speech one disagrees with.

October 19, 2018

I love MeWe. I love being away from all the hateful liberals on Facebook, and particularly FB's silencing of opinions with which they do not agree.

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Unable to Log in

July23, 2018

So, I was using MeWe. I was a member of several groups and then BOOM! I am unable to log in at all. I reset my password many times with negative results. So, I tried setting up another account, using a different email address. It will not let me do that. And I cannot contact anyone to see why, Very frustrated.

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July 27, 2018

MeWe has a content problem. I joined and checked out the groups and what I found is not good. MeWe is full of groups for the political Right and Alt-Right, Trump supporters, Libertarians, and Guns of all sorts. I found it overwhelmingly negative with vast amounts of hate speech targeted at these groups usual targets. There were very few groups for progressives/liberals - I found only one. I quickly deleted my account. MeWe has become a haven for those I don't want to associate with.

August 17, 2018

Thank you for demonstrating that hate speech just means speech that Leftists hate. Now, run back to your safe space, little snowflake.

August 17, 2018

Rick Jenkins has a troll problem. Rick Jenkins IS a troll problem.

August 27, 2018

Wow- I have enjoyed the lack of political content on Mewe. I have grown so tired of the left vs right BS on FB when they are basically the same party now pretending to be different for the sake of airtime and propaganda. It is nice to find a social media outlet where ppl simply live their lives and have conversations about reality without politics and political agendas. I am very much enjoying the freedom of MeWe. If you like political hate speech, and wars stay on FB and Twitter.

October 19, 2018

I agree about Rick Jenkins. Stay on Facebook, Rick. No one will miss you at MeWe.

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Unable to login 12hours after creating account an NO TECH SUPPORT TO BE FOUND

July6, 2018

So far I’m not to impressed. I downloaded your app, setup account, invited 50 friends, and now completely UNABLE TO LOGIN to nether iPhone app or desktop.

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August 27, 2018

Neither my friends nor I have encountered any of these problems and have found tech support to be most useful for finding our way around this fun new site!

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More dictatorial and draconian than Facebook

April20, 2018

Here I thought MeWe was going to be the "free speech" social media which treated its users like adults instead of like children. Not so. Facebook has CLEARLY more well-defined terms than the vague moving-target terms at MeWe. If MeWe doesn't want even simply nudity posted (even though there is are bunches of porn and sex groups there!), then just say so like Facebook does: No nudity. See how simple it can be? Every court in the western world has repeatedly ruled that simple nudity IS NOT PORNOGRAPHY. If MeWe thinks that it is, then SAY so!

I was planning on closing down Facebook, so had created a MeWe account, and created a few groups for Naturists/nudists. Now, true Naturists are NOT interested in porn and sexual pictures, so my groups, which had gained over 400 members, had guidelines that porn was not to be posted, and abusers would be removed. I had to remove 4 users for violating the rules. One of them obviously "reported" the group in retaliation.

So what does the promised "Be Yourself" media do? Instead of removing any images it feels violates their terms...instead of a warning CLARIFYING their vague policy ("pornography" is imagery designed to elicit sexual response...a man grilling on his patio and another mowing his grass au-naturel is hardly what anyone would call sexual)...Mewe instead chooses to completely terminate the groups, as well as my personal account! No porn, no racism/sexism, no exploitation...NOTHING in violation of their terms that I can see. Again, every court has ruled that nudist pictures of people simply living their lives but without clothing, is not obscene or pornographic!

Trying to communicate with someone is impossible. Submit a help ticket, it goes nowhere.

There is no way I will spent one more minute at a so-called "social media" site where I could spend a year or more establishing my personal account, as well as starting and maintaining a Group, only to have some MeWe Nanny-Censor who was probably fired from Facebook, COMPLETELY DELETE everything I've done without any kind of warning or explanation. Maybe that Nanny went to get a cup of coffee and found the pot empty...bad mood...BOOM, that little complaint about something in my group gets the whole group deleted. No way to appeal or question anything.

No way. MeWe is NOT the wave of the future as far as social media is concerned, unless you want more restrictions that Facebook ever dreamed of.

MeWe is a complete waste of time.

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August 27, 2018

I am on MeWe and in a group where some of the artwork contained includes nudes. MeWe has not had any problems with our group including nude artwork. So clearly if there was a problem with your pornography- your pornography was not simply nudity and obviously not displayed in good taste.

September 11, 2018

Wrong. Naturism/Nudism is "pornography"? Are you serious? So you think paintings and sketches of nudes are *artwork*, but a non-sexual photo of a nude person is "pornography"?!? That's pretty hypocritical as well as illogical. I happen to believe that all creatures in the universe, humans included, are absolutely fine in their natural state. The natural human body is NOT indecent, it's who we all are. Clearly you hold Victorian prudish values, and consider the human body to be obscene unless draped in fabric designed and sold by Madison Avenue.
But yes, one person posted a "dick pic" which was quickly removed by one of the admins, as well as banning the person who did so. But why terminate the ENTIRE GROUP? And why terminate my personal account, as well, which was virtually empty? Just because I happened to be the one who created the Group?
I'll tell you what. Reply back with the name of these groups you're in. I'll re-establish a MeWe account and join your groups, post a simple picture of a human in their natural state (on a lawn tractor, like the one in our group), then report your group. MeWe will probably terminate your group as well, deleting everything, and then you can see how you like it. No warning, no appeal, no nothing. After all, I know plenty of people who consider "nude" artwork to be pornography, as well.

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1 Review

MeWe Rocks!

January14, 2018

So easy to use, so much more control over everything. Why people want to remain loyal to FB, especially after all they have done to their users, is baffling and sad. The more people who stop using FB the less influence they have over everything we do - take back the power!!

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