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Censorship Lives & MeWe Is No Exception
September 13, 2022
Today I was being censored on MeWe. I think that says it all.

Can't login
July 24, 2022
MeWe Customer Service Sucks! Impossible to Contact Customer Support!

MatthewCollins August 16, 2022

So far my experience on Mewe is exactly as expected with anything like it on the net just harder to access. Mewe just takes groups that are filled arrogant pompous jerks and makes them harder to access (Via application) So now instead of fill a form out and join, you have to fill a form out, wait a day and join. In the end you just wind up with the same exact arrogant pompous jerks. Mewe is nothing more than a cluster screw of pointless stupidity which requires an application to access.

MeWe sucks , especially in chat
July 2, 2022

MeWe chat sucks like big time, for every chat msg sent we have to wait for few seconds to send next and their pics sending storage gets full and then you can only receive but can’t send pics video audio. Also can’t handle group msgs, extremely slow!!!

Also it doesn’t know how to collate the same post , posted by same person in different groups!!! So the WALL sucks with repeated posts!!!!

MeWe has my respect.
October 11, 2021

MeWe gives me the chance to be honest and open about anything, free speech which is the way it should be, no adds and no crap telling us daily to get injected with something.

I'm still learning about MeWe but its so much better than Facebook which has no respect to the people ,we the people are the reason why the site is still going, but I'm seriously considering leaving Facebook as their is no freedom of speech and no privacy.

I'm from Australia so i dont find any locals on MeWe , but I guess that's not a bad thing, people are waking up and coming to this site anyway. great job to whoever created this.

ShineFiddler May 10, 2022

I started a page on MeWe a week ago, hoping to prompt thoughtful discussion on essential issues facing us. Despite posting very thought-provoking memes, I have yet to get ONE response, which leads me to believe this site is a fraud.

They apparently do not deliver to any audience which you signed on to expect. Requiring the sharing of your private contacts to connect with others is an absolute privacy violation, on a massive scale.

It is not what they say, but what they DO, and I am highly suspicious of the owner’s motives. That he pals around with crooked evangelists and white supremacists, engaging in interviews with them, reenforces such suspicion.

MeWe is a great alternative to Facebook!
May 2, 2021

I've been on Facebook since 2012 and it's been a great way to connect and re-connect with people but since the 2016 election Big Tech has made a move to censor anyone with political views they don't agree with ie. Conservatives or especially Trump supporters.

If you mention ANYTHING about election fraud or anti-Covid, masks, vaccine viewpoints you are put in FB jail immediately. I even posted a Meme that listed the facts about Bill gates and was jailed immediately. My political and personal page was shadowbanned so bad no one was seeing anything I posted. MeWe is a breath of fresh air - works great and I'm able to speak my mind again without harassment - it's easy to use and IMO the design is better than Facebook's and more intuitive.

All of the negative comments here are just wrong and/or Big Tech propaganda.

Eric C.Welch May 23, 2021

I've never been a fan of Facebook, but that being said, it's possible to lock it down with the privacy settings and being careful whom you friend so that many of the issues people complain about just never happen. It's a great place to share pictures of family and that's how we use it.

Ironically, the CEO of WeMe said they are beginning to face many of the problems faced (pun intended) by Facebook. Weinstein said, "MeWe's Weinstein resists the comparison to Parler or Gab, which tout themselves as free-speech sites. For one thing, he says, MeWe is serious about putting limits on what people can say." Hmm, that sounds suspiciously like Zuckerberg.

"I don't like sites that are anything goes," Weinstein said. "I think they're disgusting. Good people right and left and middle can't handle 'anything goes.' We don't want to be around hate speech. We don't want to be around violence inciters." He went on to say that "the platform is hiring more moderators for the trust and safety team, currently under 100 people. MeWe recently changed its policies so that new groups must be approved by moderators before they can be listed in the social network's directory."

The problem is in the nature of social media itself. Any site that claims to be open and non-restrictive will find itself in the same position as Parler which attracted all sorts of nefarious types. They all have the same problem, but if they have appropriate personal privacy settings can be used safely. Goodreads, a wonderful book site had similar teething pains; they all have to deal with bad apples. The more users you have the more bad apples you get and the more rules you need.

MeWe is ridiculously undercapitalized and is already seeking to raise revenue by offering "premium" features by subscription. Whether that works remains to be seen. I hope they succeed, competition is good. Perhaps they can face Facebook's problems better than Facebook has.

MeWe Live is needed
February 25, 2021

I do like the set up on MeWe, but it lacks the fun parts, like live streaming. I like to use the site as a way to connect with people who like my music ministry and keep them informed as to the fun things I do with my music. Live streaming gives me the opportunity to invite people to a particular music program I have created for them and get instant feedback.

Other than that, It's going to be slow getting people I know to join the site. Hoping they will ad this feature so people can be invited to come over and watch things on MeWe Live.

Great social app
December 10, 2020
Great alternate or along side Facebook. I enjoy them both

MeWe is completely unresponsive to login problems
November 16, 2020

I have two accounts on MeWe, the first one I created in '18 and I became locked out because I logged out and was not able to log in with the password I had just set, I tried to use the password reset mechanism, both the text message and the email, and got no response to either, no login code in text and no reset link in email.

I tried a few times but gave up, as you can only access the "support" page by logging in. I created a new account earlier this year, and have had the same problem, still showing up on both accounts. I did manage to get a text message the day after requesting one, but by then it had expired.

Fortunately I wasn't gullible enough to sign up for their "premium" account for a recurring $5/month charge.

This is not a good company to deal with, and I strongly recommend not using their app and website.

SteveSargent February 15, 2021

Sign up with Kanextions!

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

I'm sorry you had problems with MeWe but there are other ways to contact them other than their support page. MeWe is also on Twitter and Facebook. I've had no problem at all with MeWe and find it to be a great alternative to Facebook.

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

MeWe has other places to contact them: Facebook and Twitter. I've had no problems with MeWe at all and find it a very viable alternative to Facebook.

Just getting started
November 11, 2020
Good site. Will get better. Anything is better than the censoring Facebook platform.

Boomercore Social Media for Normies
October 30, 2020

Ngl. This sucked. The lack of people in it is its worst problem IMO. It seems all groups are very generic and not niche at all; and in those groups, it's practically a ghost town, except for like one person who makes 30 posts, one every single day of the month, with it hardly having anything to do with the topic of said group.

In conclusion... eh.

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

MeWe will grow in time and eventually Facebook will fall - the censorship has gone too far with Facebook and Twitter. When people find out that Big Tech was complicit in voter fraud in the 2020 election people will leave FB in droves - more so than after the election in January.

October 29, 2020

I had an account, and it was boring. The people who contacted me were boring. People with nothing to say. And every time some one wanted to 'friend'me on MeWe, I was contacted by email.

Not user friendly either.

I am on Vero-True Social which is a much better platform. Photos look better there than on Instagram. There is no algorithm, fake ads, no selling my information,etc.

MeWe sucks!

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

No thanks - it was featured in every Left-wing news organization which is a huge red flag for me: New York Times, Bloomberg, BBC etc.

reported posts
October 5, 2020

I posted that my profile, my contacts, my posts and my groups disappeared after posting a rather raw post in a danke group. I believe I have it figured out. There is a rumor that MeWe is in serious financial trouble.

If someone reports a post the powers that be at MeWe simply delete the persons entire existence on MeWe rather than just removing the post and perhaps warning the user. They no longer have the staff or resources to investigate post reports, they simply delete the persons entire existence on MeWe.

Be careful people. One day soon, maybe weeks or months MeWe will just go away in a puff of smoke.

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

MeWe is still here and growing by the millions.

I was able to create an account, BUT...
June 29, 2020

I was able to create an account. BUT, I had to do it on my I-Phone. Call me old fashioned or just OLD if you wish, but I don't use my phone for social networking. My thumbs are too fat and my eyes can't read the fine print.

So when I tried to log in with my laptop and the same info that created the account, I could not. It is obviously a browser or windows version problem. BUT, the BIGGER problem is that there is no way to connect with anybody or anything at MeWe about the problem!

Waddup wit dat?

Kristof Cenk July 29, 2020

I created my mewe account on my Dell Optiplex 755 MiniTower PC, sometime prior to November (when my PC died). I do not recall any difficulties doing so, other than maybe a retarded captcha. I have noticed that the Firefox browser (version 52.4.0 on XP Pro) pitches a fit on this site...considering the Mozilla Mothership is leftist controlled, I guess this is no surprise. For me the firefox derivative 'Mypal' works.

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

Waddup wit dat is you don't know you're doing. I've no problem creating an account on my PC and the app on my iPhone works great! MeWe is on Facebook and Twitter so you can reach out to them there.

MatthewCollins August 16, 2022


You're the type of person who makes mewe bad. Instead of reading the person had a problem and actually try to help them, you instead, reply like a pompous jerk and talk down to him.

I've seen your behavior in every Mewe group. Mewe is the same as every other group on the net, just harder to access. In the end nothing changes.

A Great Alternative To Facebook
February 22, 2020

When I initially checked MeWe out I was wary; would it be "different yet the same" as Facebook, or would it be a place to find like-minded (or differently-minded if that's your thing) people that focused on privacy? I have since found the latter to be true.

One thing I think people should remember is that MeWe is relatively new and growing, and still has things to learn and to implement. With time, I can see it developing into an entity that can give Facebook some serious competition. Already it has an impressive number of members.

MeWe has an excellent ToS (a B rating at ToS;DR which might be an "A" except for the fact that the folks at ToS;DR haven't yet reviewed the entirety of MeWe's ToS. More here:

Signing up for MeWe is no more difficult nor complicated than any other social media site (contrary to some of the complaints here). As I mentioned elsewhere in these reviews, if you take time to ensure that you are inputting your information correctly and follow instructions it is very easy. Myriad people have successfully signed up.

There are so many groups available at MeWe that virtually anyone will be able to find a group that interests them. Not censored (except for those in violation of just about everything decent and good, i.e., pedophilia), people are free to post about what they want and engage with like-minded people on every level.

If you are tired of being unfairly policed at FB but still having to see content that *should* be policed, having to comply with their truly egregious ToS (an "F" rating on ToS;DR), and their sneaky way of doing things ("suggested content" or subliminal persuasion?) give MeWe a try. Let's make them #1 so Facebook has less power.

CalebC February 22, 2020

Facebook sucks, but it's better than the sewer that is MeWe. In addition to the content issues, the swamp gremlins that inhabit it, and all the other problems that come with a "I'm a poor special snowflake who got chased off of Facebook" social network, it's got a number of technical problems.

If there's a Facebook alternative out there, this certainly isn't it.

BirchWind February 23, 2020

I love MeWe, I've been there a few years now and it just keeps improving :)

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

I've had the same great experience and have been essentially shadow banned on Facebook - even on my personal page. I'm just tired of using a service that makes money off of my information and then abuses me. If you're a conservative or Trump supporter on Facebook or Twitter you are not welcome - they made that very clear when they banned President Trump from their platforms.

I am not sure about MeWe after 4 months of use...
November 13, 2019

MeWe as a platform performs OK but for a Business Page platform it needs a lot of design alterations! I have given a lot of feedback to Mewe but they never reply with a personal message, ever!

Business Page Logos and Page Title overlap the Banner leaving no room for an attractive or useful promo banner. The Page dimensions are not published anywhere either so its near impossible to make it fit perfectly.

They also have a grey blend over the banner for no reason I can see except to make the Page title stand out. It's a real mess and they make you pay for a Page for this crap! Seriously other than that it seems ok.

I see web builders warning us of MeWe as it still seems to collect data to be resold. You cant't trust anyone online these days

Adder McCoy December 07, 2019

Mewe is a scam and ran by group of Liers. How many websites you know of without a correct or real contact listing (email/phone/links/etc//)?mewe email address on google play store most likely fake. I've had 5 different accounts hacked, tampered with, and Completely Disappear. And pop back on months later. Now all 5 email accounts and passwords or"Not Found". Can't contact them so who knows what happened to all of them? Remember he bragged about military encryption? By who, Legos toys?

Wants E Roundtree February 22, 2020

MeWe is not a "scam", Adder, nor is it "ran by a group of Liers" (sic). If your accounts truly were "hacked, tampered with", etc. it may have been a PICNIC rather than some nefarious plot by MeWe. Many, many people successfully use the site with no problem. Perhaps it just isn't for you.

(FYI, "...ran..." should have been "", and "...Liers" should have been "...liars". You don't want to start a sentence with a conjunction (i.e., "and"). Also, unless something is a title it should not be capitalized unless it appears at the beginning of a sentence. Finally, it is always a good idea to proof what you write before you post it, checking grammar, spelling and punctuation. If you want people to take you seriously, posting as you did won't get you there. I added this little segment not to call you out, but to attempt to teach you something so next time you might not look so ignorant).

BirchWind February 23, 2020

I find it displays normally on mobile, and on desktop with Opera, Firefox and Chrome. It might depend on the browser.

ChrisLaine May 02, 2021

I've had no problems on Brave browser which is Chrome without the spying and MeWe does not sell your data - that's propaganda.

Gasp of freedom
April 15, 2019
After i was banned from all major social networks because of my convictions, ( I am jewish immigrant from former USSR), being on MeWe is like escaping from USSR communist regime 2nd time in my life. Screw them. With all little inconveniences, MeWe , GAB and others are our way to be free again.

Deni June 26, 2019

Joined MeWe in January 2019. Liked the features that were similar to Facebook without the ads. A little glitchy at times but still was a better alternative to Facebook at the time I joined.

However, after having a community (MeWe’s definition for groups) created and established with over 100 active members, the group simply disappeared. POOF! Gone. All the hours my admin team put in to establishing relationships with our members was taken away in an instance. I made several attempts to get support on the issue over a week’s time with no resolution. As a result, our members thought that we personally removed them from the group without warning. Other members admitted the same had happened to groups they created as well so it wasn’t a one-time fluke.

In conclusion, MeWe is not mature enough to handle the amount of users and activity from its recent growth over the past year so don’t get too comfortable in a community, it could vanish at any time without a trace. I’ve since deleted my account and the app. ~ Extremely Disappointed Ex-MeWe Community Owner

EMarie Mellinkoff July 04, 2019

For the person who bailed so soon, that shows me you are not a smart business person knowing a young company faces a lot of growing pains. FB is banking on people like you that are third inning ball players.

FOX has shown what happens to a lone crusader if they stay the course and thank God for that however as seasoned as they are still fight daily to get the message out, because of the Beasts out there bringing down our country that have covertly gotten into every aspect of our lives.

So for me, anyone who is trying to change this nightmare we are in, and give us our rights deserves me to stay the course as long as they do with positive reinforcement and see what I can bring to the part , NOT take away from it.

Wants E Roundtree February 22, 2020

Deni, of course MeWe will experience some growing pains; it is a great alternative to Facebook and they probably didn't expect such an influx of new users within the time frame they did. Given a little more time to incorporate better functionality, MeWe might have offered you a more than satisfactory experience.

People giving up on emerging entities like MeWe without allowing them time to resolve issues relative to growth is why some new things like MeWe fail. Next time, you might be a bit more patient.

Dennis July 29, 2020

Not to mention it takes more than a week most times to implement changes in the programs used. And, "no response" from the staff for some time is also nothing new. Perhaps they do not have the staff to handle "complaints" yet, perhaps they are still new enough they need to look for more staff. What ever the case may be, it is entirely possible that they are just, at this time, over worked and can not reply as fast. In fact, an example here. I have written Microsoft many times, asked many questions regarding there programs and most of the time, I do NOT revive a reply from them for over a week and that is IF they do in fact reply. Many times, they do not. That goes for almost any entity I have dealt with and there are many. Be patient!!!

Great Alternative
March 18, 2019

I love it. It's a slightly different format than FB was and I've had to learn to navigate it, but once I spent a day doing so, I was hooked.

I love the groups that can be formed and how the interaction is so comfortable and the fact that the group names are easy to find, listed right on your Home Page. You can either Chat with the group or use the Group Page, with slightly different interfaces, which I had to learn about.

But over all, I'm really glad to have this and hope with all my heart it takes off. I was more bummed with the criteria of the political censoring FB did than the actual privacy issues (though that bothered me, too), but I admit having an ad-free venue is wonderful.

Mewe seems to show everything you post, as well, unlike FB's arbitrary selections they posted.

Paul September 07, 2019

I belong to a Private' group on FB. The owner, and members, finally got sick of posts being deleted, members in jail, etc. and recreated it here. The crazy thing is one guy copy/pasted a liberal sites post from weeks ago. FB promptly put him in jail for 24 hrs!

BirchWind February 23, 2020

The groups in MeWe are SO much more functional. I have a group with a few hundred members and I find it far more engaging as well as pleasing to look at.

Holy crap! So much hate
January 23, 2019
Facebook is gross, but I've been there long enough to block most of the alt-right Nazis

Charlotte March 18, 2019

Sure, there's hate, like shows up all over the web, but you can block it. There's also love and compassion. I've had to learn to overlook the negative with most of my web interactions.

DennisKrieg April 07, 2019

go back to facebook then.

Fed-upM May 30, 2019

Haven't you ever heard the term, "Sticks and stones, may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" You don't want to hear something, then you move on, and ignore them. Let them live with the 'hate' that you think you are hearing, and don't make it about yourself.

EMarie Mellinkoff July 04, 2019

I run 5 groups and my groups are under attack not by the fowl mouth trolls against this country, but by FB itself. I get banned, blocked, limited to post at least once a week.. sometimes for a word, or a article that is on FOX saying they fact checked it and I am spreading lies? So I get blamed for their not approving of a legit news article, and it goes even further. Owning these groups I have to interact, and if I post more than 5 time in a hour I am blocked for abusing the posting terms huh?

They look for any reason to build a case, and have closed over 500 of our Conservative Private Groups. So Privacy means nothing they are commies and anyone who supports them needs a wake up call, or must post to their liking.

Mewe. com sucks. Impossible for me to sign up. Waste of time.
December 18, 2018
I downloaded the app but it would not accept my phone nor the verification.

Charlotte March 18, 2019

I'm sorry you experienced this. I use my computer and have had no problems at all.

ToniBrackett April 16, 2019

I tried to sign up but was impossible. What do you want?? DNA as well? I heard Mewe was more on the conservative side but me thinks not

RichardAndretti May 12, 2019

I tried to sign up, but it is impossible. They tell to check your email to validate your email, but never get anything from them to do so. And they tell you it was sent.

LarryMcCool July 15, 2019

MeWe will attract the crazies that have already been blocked by FB. And the crazies these people and groups attract.

GaryRogers September 30, 2019

LMAO... This speaks volumes Larry McCool. "all the crazies that have already been blocked by FB"? You mean Conservatives or those that don't buy in to the liberal agenda? I was blocked twice by FB, for what they called "hate speech", yet they wouldn't, or couldn't explain what they were referring to. Yeah, it's "crazies" like me, that want to get away from anyone normal thinking, like you, that run to MeWe.

Wants E Roundtree February 22, 2020

Giving them a rating of one star for what was most likely a PICNIC isn't exactly fair, Stephen. Nor is berating them, as others here have done, for not being able to sign up; MeWe is used by a very large number of people, most of whom were able to sign up with no problem at all.

Signing up was easy, and if you take time to read instructions and/or make sure you are doing it as required you should have no problem at all. It isn't rocket science/brain surgery/your favorite euphemism...

Wants E Roundtree February 22, 2020

I don't know why people say that signing up for MeWe is "impossible". I signed up with no problem, as have many others. It might take reading instructions and some patience, but it is not difficult, much less impossible. If you don't get a validation e-mail, there might be a typo in an e-mail address you provided. If you take time to check what you type before you hit "submit", your problem may vanish. So many people give sites a bad rating when it wasn't the site but their own inability to take care when signing up...not exactly fair.

As far as MeWe attracting "crazies", as Larry McCool attests, "crazies" is a subjective term here; my guess is that Mr. McCool encountered people whose political outlook differed from their own. I don't mean "conservative", and I don't mean "liberal"; I mean different.

Though I definitely have political views that land on one side of the line, I appreciate respectful discourse with those of opposing views; engaging with people who see things differently has sometimes influenced my perspective and if nothing else, has provided a learning opportunity. Regardless of your political views, MeWe has something for everyone; perhaps Mr. McCool didn't give it enough of a chance to find like-minded people.

MeWe doesn't censor groups, and I have found groups representative of just about every political and/or ideological view you can imagine. Patience and exploration pay off...they are, after all, how much of human discovery has happened.

NOTE: I have tried to change my user name from the ridiculous default but it is still showing wrong. WTF?

BirchWind February 23, 2020

More crazies on FB - but of course on MeWe you're going to run into those who are at MeWe with some sort of victim mentality about how silenced they were because their anti-vac stuff was deleted etc etc - but I still prefer MeWe

MatthewCollins August 16, 2022

@Wants E Roundtree

it's impossible for a lot of people because it's not even close to user friendly and isn't anything special.

First of all after you manage to sign up, it takes forever to even get into a group because of the application process which I get the concept, but it's a bad implementation.

Secondly, all I've seen in the groups I've been in, is people being complete pompous asses.

Basically mewe is just another run of the mill place that requires an application to get into a group instead of just being able to fill out a form, get an automated confirmation email.

So much better than FascistBook!
December 7, 2018

It is absolutely refreshing to deal with adults again!

I am so TIRED of dealing with a Leftists Millennial cry babies who run to Daddy Zucker every time their feelings get hurt! They attack us, we tell them the TRUTH, they fight back with a "Meme" (seriously a Meme?) and because we hurt there feelings, and they have ZERO intellect, just feelings, they report us ANNNNNNNDDDDDDD Bam you are in F Jail!

It is a damn Joke!

We are dealing with a new Regime who are unable to deal with any type of dialog and it is sad! These Millennials have not been taught how to manage reality! The way they manage reality is to run and hide and cry!

On MeWe, I don't have to worry about dealing with a Whining Millennial. I go to my forums and I get to enjoy a decent, challenging intellectual dialog without some moron calling me names and throwing Meme's at me!

LibertyNcognito January 23, 2019

Actually, Mark Zuckerberg is a staunch conservative. Most social media sites have begun cracking down on content that promotes violence and bigotry, and naturally Trump supporters are the ones having the most trouble with this.

JosephSturgis March 02, 2019

If anything, it's the libtards who instigate quarrels with Trumpers in the threads then report them to the jerkoffs like Zuckerturd

DavidArts April 09, 2019

I am so TIRED of dealing with a Fascist cry babies who run to Daddy Triump every time their feelings get hurt! They attack us, we tell them the TRUTH, they fight back with a "Meme" (seriously a Meme?) and because we hurt there feelings, and they have ZERO intellect, just feelings, they report us ANNNNNNNDDDDDDD Bam you are the subject of a 3am tweet rant from the whitehouse bathroom.

LeslieRadford May 24, 2019

Is MeWe a right-wing haven, like this post implies?

LeslieRadford May 24, 2019

So this is a haven for the far right? Shame... I like the 30-something crew.

EMarie Mellinkoff July 04, 2019

It is a place to post without being singled out. If the right is choosing it there is good reason, but the left also has many groups and they also have safety in their opinions. So don't even go there Leslie

Wants E Roundtree February 22, 2020

MeWe is NOT conservative, nor is it is both, or neither. In other words, it doesn't cater to a specific political ideology. Those who say it does probably ran into someone of opposing political views and came here to air their erroneous opinion.

MeWe has something for everyone, and if you actually take time to look you can find much in alignment with your own perspective. Liberty Ncognito is right about Zuck being a far-right conservative, a fact easy to confirm online. MeWe is not a "right-wing haven" (nor is it a haven for the "libtards"...who comes up with these bullsh*t catchwords?).

Their ToS is outstanding (much, much better than the joke of a ToS that Facebook has). They don't seem to censor things unless they truly cross a line that can't be crossed (i.e., pedophilia, etc.), and anyone can create a group of any sort (unless pedo and the like).

Try MeWe and form your own opinion. Don't take the word of people here (including my own), see for yourself. I am happy with MeWe; they have myriad groups (some conservative, some liberal, some neutral) that are as varied and interesting as the people who create them.