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About Merry Maids

At you may request an estimate for a home, condominium or apartment cleaning by submitting the online form. A Merry Maids representative will call you and set up a time for a manager, from the Merry Maids franchise closest to your home, to evaluate the cost to clean your home.

Factors which play a part for general pricing include the square footage of your home, the frequency in which you wish to have your home cleaned, the number of pets in your home and the amount of clutter lying around your house. Special requests, such as window washing or cleaning the inside of cabinets and drawers, are subject to additional fees.

There are usually one or two maids who come to clean your home, all of whom have been screened and trained. They bring their own equipment and supplies. A window of time is given to the customer as to when they will arrive. If you are not home, a lockout fee will be assessed. 

Maids are instructed to spend no more than two hours cleaning your home. The cleaning duties include dusting, vacuuming, washing and sanitizing rooms, and surface cleaning of items in the home. Each Merry Maids franchise is bonded and insured.

If the maids do not perform a satisfactory job cleaning, you must call Merry Maids within 24 hours to resolve the issue. Typically, in these situations, they immediately send another maid to clean it again.

Online reviews reveal some unfortunate experiences had by Merry Maid’s customers.  Customer service agents have been accused of being non-responsive to the aforementioned problems brought to their attention. They were unwilling to acknowledge employee wrongdoing.

There have been customer complaints regarding charges incurred for a cleaning service higher than what was agreed upon. Customers recommend not signing a contract for their services and reviewing their credit card statements for any discrepancies concerning Merry Maids charges.

Getting a maid who is thorough and does a good job is luck of the draw regardless if you are hiring Merry Maids or another company. It is in your best interest to be home and instruct the cleaning crew so they don’t miss anything or rush through to finish the job early. Additionally, put away and lock up your valuables and prescription medications since these are the items most sought for.

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