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Meridian Grooming by Lumin is a product specifically meant for grooming the hair below the waist.

The Meridian Grooming Trimmer and the spray can help to provide users with better hygiene for down there care. Buyers will find that they have several options when it comes to choosing the body trimmer and/or the spray.

Although the product is marketed for care below the belt, the trimmer can be used on other parts of the body.

However, because of the primary use of the body trimmer, it might be wise to have more than one of the trimmers available. You should use other trimmers for the face and the beard, for example. 


Is It Safe to Use?

One of the common questions asked is the safety of the product. After all, when grooming sensitive areas, safety is of the utmost importance.

Fortunately, the Meridian Grooming Trimmer is entirely safe. Users will not need to worry about nicks or hair being pulled when they trim. You can learn how to use the product quickly, and it will not cause any pain.

Is the Meridian trimmer waterproof?

Buyers will be happy to know that it is.  They don’t have to worry about getting it wet.

Cost and Price Plans

You will find a couple of options when it comes to buying the body trimmer. First, you could opt to get just the trimmer. The waterproof trimmer is capable of handling even coarse hair with no problem. You can choose from two different colors with the trimmer—black or sage.

It has a rust-resistant and hygienic ceramic blade that can be replaced and comes with a range of accessories. The accessories include two adjustable guide combs—3mm to 6mm and 9mm to 12mm. It also includes a cleaning brush, charging indicators, and a USB charger. The trimmer will provide 90 minutes of trimming time when it has a full charge. The cost for the trimmer is $69.99.

Buyers could instead opt for The Complete Package. This kit includes the trimmer and all of the mentioned accessories and features above. It also includes a 50ml bottle of spray that has a nice citrus scent. The cost for The Complete Package is $74.99. If you only need the spray, the bottle’s cost is $15.

How Long Do the Blades Last?

One of the nice features of the body trimmer is the quality of the blades. They can last for quite a while without needing to be replaced. Most of the time, they will last for three months before a replacement will be required. Those who use the trimmer less often may find that the blades can last for quite a bit longer.

The replacement blades are readily available through the company’s site. They are $20, and they are available in the same colors, so buyers can match them with their trimmer.

Does the Meridian Grooming Trimmer Have a Warranty?

The product has a one-year warranty for any manufacturer defects that might be found. To get a refund or replacement, you will need to contact the company’s customer service department and provide a photo or a video of the defect, as well as a description.

What Ingredients Are in the Ball Spray?

If you opt to buy the complete package or just the spray, it’s important to know what ingredients the spray includes. This will help to reduce the risk of choosing an option that may cause a reaction from allergies.

The ball spray features moringa pterygosperma seed extract, witch hazel, green tea leaf extract, and Ginkgo Biloba nut extract.

The ingredients in the spray can help with odor, chafing, and inflammation. This is important, especially when shaving sensitive areas.

Customer Service

The company offers a responsive customer service department. Those who have questions or problems can get in contact with them through email. The address is [email protected]

Where To Buy?

You can buy the trimmer through the Meridian Grooming by Lumin website. The site is an easy way to get the trimmer, the spray, or both together in the same package. It is also possible to find the product through Walmart. Target, however, does not have the trimmer available on their site.

Meridian vs. Manscaped

One of the other large companies in the area of “down there care” is Manscaped.  Manscaped has produced a substantial amount of marketing that has helped to make them a well-known company, but when compared with the Meridian Grooming Trimmer, how does it stack up?

Buyers will find that Manscaped has a large number of products, and the price point for the trimmer is about the same. However, there have been some reviews of the Manscaped products that claim the quality is not high, and that they do not last.

Overall, Meridian has excellent review scores and is believed to be a high-quality product. One of the things that it is lacking, though, is a built-in light like that found on the Manscaped trimmer.

The Bottom Line

Although there may be other options on the market when it comes to grooming products, there are many benefits to choosing the Meridian Grooming Trimmer.

These include the cost, the warranty, and the overall quality of the product. Online customer reviews of the product are overwhelmingly positive, as well. It could be a good addition to any man’s grooming kit.

If you have any experience with Meridian Grooming or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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