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About is a website that promises to provide their visitors and members with the most up to date natural health information, products, and resources that will most wholly benefit you.

Dr. Mercola, the founder of the website, is an osteopathic physician, which is similar to a medical doctor in education and licensing except that they practice a "whole person" approach to healthcare. This means they treat the entire person rather than just symptoms. 

How Does It Work? 

The website promises that all information, articles, and products offered or recommended by Dr. Mercola are based on extensive research which has determined that they are the best available in that category. 

The website also promises that they not only are not influenced by pressure from large corporations, government agencies, or media sources, but that they go out of their way to research claims made by these entities and provide their members and visitors with the best and most accurate information.

Cost/Price Plans

The information and articles available on the website are free to read and share. The products that you can purchase through the website will range in price depending on the type of product and quantity you decide to purchase. 

Refund Policy

Products purchased through can fall under more than five different Refund, Return, or Guarantee Policies, depending on what you have purchased, the quantity you have purchased, and when you have purchased it. You will have to refer to the website for specific details - concerned customers should check to see what policies their products fall under before making a purchase. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who are interested in contacting Customer Service can do so in a few ways, by telephone at 877-985-2695, through a secure Online Chat feature, or by submitting their questions, concerns, or complaints directly to the website through their Email Us link.


The reviews of Dr. Mercola and are very mixed, with many people loving his website and approach to health and wellness, and many others stating their dissatisfaction with the same. It is important to note, however, that he has been sanctioned by the FDA for making claims about products sold on his website that have not been verified.

Is It Safe?

There are no safety complaints related to this company or product at this time.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

The health and wellness industry is extremely competitive with many other websites offering you competing information and products, like Whole Body Research, Perfect Origins, Logical Health Alternative, Natural Health Sherpa, and more. 

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your reviews below.

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Dishonest and crooked

May11, 2018

I had been commenting on Mercola's Web site for over 11 years. Then suddenly, I got banned. Why? Apparently for posting these remarks:

1) Mercola thinks ADHD is a real disease, but many disagree.

2) Mercola thinks consuming alcohol in moderation is terrible, but seems to be A-OK with marijuana.

3) Mercola tells his readers to boycott Google, but he routinely includes links to YouTube videos. Well, YouTube is owned by Google. That's hypocritical.

If he can't handle mild comments like this, that's pretty pathetic.

Finally, he's crooked. For years, he was selling full-spectrum bulbs on his Web site. Then he published an article saying that these bulbs were harmful. But even after publishing this article, he still kept selling the bulbs!!! Apparently he'd do anything to make a buck.

Stay far away from him and his Web site.

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2 Reviews

Can't Praise it Enough!

May27, 2017

I have been a subscriber to for years. Literally. He offers a HUGE amount of honest, easy-to-follow health advice, and it doesn't cost a thing! Yes, he sells products, but you don't have to buy them (although you may want to, especially if your usual sources have problems). Have we ordered supplements from Yes, but not until after we'd been subscribing for a few years, and only when we couldn't find anything better at our usual sources. I think this is an important distinction. You can subscribe to a daily newsletter, (and there is a spin-off for pets: Dr Becker) with absolutely NO obligation ever to purchase anything. Mercola is pretty much a holistic practitioner... and his recommendations fit perfectly with my own beliefs in organic eating, natural health practices, and minimal "Big Pharma" influences. Do I agree with everything he advises? No. But that doesn't make him wrong, or me right. It just means that there is more than one way to achieve a desired result... and I can always change my mind. To put it another way, I'm 73, had a heart valve replaced and another repaired, 7 years ago. Then I "discovered" Mercola, and began to adopt some of his methods, such as "intermittent fasting," eating ONLY organic foods, exercising, etc. and voila! I lost 107 pounds, my blood pressure is 110/57 (average), my cardiologist is dumbfounded, and I'm enjoying life immensely! And I'm a truly HAPPY subscriber!

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