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About is a daily deals website that features only one deal per day. It was established when the creator of Woot, which is now under Amazon, decided that he wanted to make another similar site that would stay true to its original form. Their goal is to create a community from “dumping” and offering goods at great prices.

In addition, the community is formed from all the videos, polls and the interactive forum they have. The company prides itself in its emphasis on simplicity and focus. Newsletters, ads, or any sort of promotion won’t ever be featuring — except for the inevitable Facebook and Twitter accounts. True to how daily deals sites should be, Meh sticks to just one great deal a day - once the day is gone, so is the chance of getting the item.


Since has one product per day on display and most of them are — according to the creators — randomly dumped, the variety of the products it offers is vast. Here are a few examples of past items they have sold:

Deebot Ecovac M87 Robotic Vacuum & Mopping System with Alexa - Clean your home spotless with this robotic cleaning system that can be controlled through your phone.

Bionaire Micathermic 1500W Portable Heater - Meh offered this brand-new energy-efficient heater just in time for the Christmas season.

Papago LORA 381 1080p Dash Cam (Recertified) - An easy-to-use dash cam that will keep you on your toes while driving around with its constant reminders.

How Does It Work?

The website’s clock restarts at 12mn Eastern Time - so by that time, if you haven’t bought the product yet, then you have to look somewhere else. Furthermore, there is a limited amount of times you are able to buy a product. This is done to make sure that is catering to actual people who want it, instead of resellers. 

Cost and Price Plans: doesn’t show how much they have sold the products for once the deal is over but, if you’re lucky, you may find that the discounts sometimes reach up to 90% off.

Customer Service:

The only way to get in contact with the company is through their support form at In other words, they do not have any other email or phone service. deals with shipment the easiest and cheapest way - sadly, this also means it’s the slowest way. You usually have to wait about 2 weeks before your order arrives and only physical defects will warrant a refund or exchange. In addition to this, they do not ship outside of the United States.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

Some customers feel that Meh’s shipping system is a bit slow. However, they do understand that Meh doesn’t have their own shipment service and rely on the public shipping that is available to all. 

However, on the Meh website itself, the customers seem most thrilled with the service they are experiencing. So, it is just a matter of cheap and faulty shipping services, but the overall feel and community that has been built through Meh is more than satisfactory.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Unsurprisingly, isn’t the only daily deals site available to you. Here are the top three competitors or alternatives for Meh: first is Woot. As mentioned above, the original creators of Woot and Meh are one and the same. However, Woot now has a new and different owner. The difference between the two is that Woot has countless of deals to choose from daily and they often last for more than a day.

Similar to Woot, 1Sale has more than one deal available per day and the discounts sometimes reach a whopping 91% off. Lastly, there’s Tanga - where the shipping is 100% free and the deals are through the roof. It is also similar to Woot and 1Sale, for they all have more than one deal per day.

Where To Buy?

For the featured product at the time of writing, which is the Deebot Ecovac M87 Robotic Vacuum & Mopping System with Alexa, there are several other places to buy it, such as SlickDeals and Amazon. However, they are all much more expensive than on Meh.

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