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Medifast is a diet program with prepared meals used as a tool to lose weight, teach you portion control and control your caloric intake.  The meals are medically formulated and are customized to your individual needs.  Medifast, developed in 1980, has been promoted by over 20,000 doctors since its entry into the market.

Numerous support systems and resources catering to their clients goals and learning styles are available and should be taken advantage of.  Discussion groups, blogs and videos are available online within the Medifast community.  It is free to enroll in a support program lead by health coaches who educate clients on healthy eating habits.

There are a number of Medifast centers for individual counseling, conducting medical reviews, and creating tailored meal programs.  If you already have a medical practitioner, they may work with you and the Medifast center to monitor your health and progress.

For the amount of food they provide, $229.50 per month is a great deal.  For one month, they supply you with five meals for everyday of the month and there are 70 meals to choose from.  The program actually states that you are supposed to have six meals per day; the sixth meal, however, is a “lean green” meal.  It is composed of a lean protein and a vegetable; you prepare the sixth meal on your own.

There are no membership or enrollment fees to join.  If you do not want to start with a full month, they recommend starting with at least 2 weeks to get an idea of the program and determine if it will work for you.  Even if you do not lose weight right away, you may lose inches.  Any way you look at it, the results are positive and it will improve your overall health.

The only drawback of the program is the difficulty eating out at restaurants.  If you go anywhere, you need to take meals and snacks with you.  Other than that, the plan will work if you follow it; they make it very simple for you to succeed.

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