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About MealPal is the online home of MealPal, a company which says that they want to help people enjoy lunch from the best restaurants in their city all week long.  

How Does It Work?

According to their website, MealPal has partnered with more than 1,000 different restaurants around the country to provide their customers with delicious and affordable lunch options each week.

Once you become a member, you will see that each evening at 5:00 pm, participating restaurants will post their lunch options for the next day and you will be able to make your choice of item, as well as a fifteen minute window of time in which to pick it up. Customers can also wait until the morning that same day to order their lunch, but members should be aware that some restaurants will sell out of popular options. 

When it is time to pick up your lunch, you will be able to go into the restaurant you choose and go directly to the front of the line and pick up your food, as it is has already been ordered, prepared, and paid for via the MealPal service. 

The MealPal service is available in Washington DC, New York, Miami, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chicago, and may be expanding to other areas in the future.  

Cost/Price Plans

Currently this company offers their service in two different packages. The first is their “Lunch a Bunch” package, which includes up to twelve meals per cycle and is priced at $76.68, or $6.39 per lunch. They also offer their “Lunch a Lot” package, which includes up to twenty meals per cycle and is priced at $119.80, or $5.99 per lunch.  

It is important that customers understand that additional taxes and fees may apply, but these will be determined by the city in which you live. 

Refund Policy

Generally speaking, the website says that their fees are non-refundable, except in certain circumstances. Customers who cancel their subscription and request a refund within 5 days of your initial purchase or if your subscription is canceled due to “relocation, disability, or death.” 

Even in cases where refunds are approved, they will generally be prorated refunds and the meal rates will not be discounted because the whole package was not purchased. Full meal charges will be $10 each in Miami and $12 in all other locations. 

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to contact Customer Service with questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at [email protected]


MealPal appears to still be fairly new, making it difficult to find a significant number of customer reviews, however it does appear that there are some reviews available from city based magazines and websites in the metropolitan areas which are included in this service.

All of these reviews appear to be very positive and enthusiastic about this service, especially the fact that customers will be able to skip in front of the lunch line at whatever restaurant they have ordered from in order to quickly and easily pick up their food.

More than one reviewer did note that though this service appears to be a particularly good deal for people who regularly eat lunch out in cities where meals can be more expensive, but if you are someone who is fairly good at planning ahead and bringing your lunch from home on a regular basis, then this service will likely be more expensive than what you are used to.  

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many different meal delivery and meal planning services available throughout the country at this time, but in order to find the best service for your needs you will want to make sure to find a service available in your residential area and in your personal budget. 

If you have any experience with this company or their products, please leave your MealPal reviews below.

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8 ‘MealPal’ Reviews
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August 27, 2019

I was charged the full price for my account despite clicking on a link offering me 50% off. I have repeatedly tried to contact them about this in every way possible and have not had a single response. DO NOT USE.

September 12, 2019

I had the same experience.

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BEWARE: Pay for 20 meals but only 19 days available

January 20, 2019

I actually love MealPal but you just can’t trust them. I found that you can actually fall into a pattern where you pay for 20 meals but the service is only available 18-19 days. This happens when your cycle falls across weekends or holidays. They have always fixed it for me when I reach out to them but I wonder how many customers just never notice. Their response about fixing this for all customers has been that they will fix it for me but can’t do it for all. Looking for a blogger to call them out on it. Also gonna use my legal insurance benefit to see if a local attorney wants to take up the cause. I just get irritated as hell with corporate cons.

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A scam.

July 26, 2018

They don't honor their own promotions. They just deny that you qualified after you pay them.

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June 11, 2018

I had a similar experience to the reviewer before me. Their promotions and "discounts" are a complete scam.

1) I received an e-mail for $20 discount if I renewed another month, so I did.
2) I never received the discount, so I e-mailed their customer service.
3) They completely denied the discount, saying there is no history of it.
4) I send them screenshot proof of the e-mail I received.
5) Suddenly, they remember and say I now have to provide a cell phone number to receive the discount (uhh...okay, sounds kinda suspicious, but fine).
6) They reply that the number cannot be authenticated and I will not receive the discount (total's the number I had almost all my life).
7) I am pissed and demand a FULL refund then.
8) They cancel my account and charge me DOUBLE the price for the two meals I used since this all began. How is that legal??

...yeah. I have no idea wtf they are doing over there, but it's shady as hell. Now I know better. Buyer beware.

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I agree

May 15, 2018

With the above reviewers that this company totally sucks, but sadly it appears to be a trend with these up and coming business looking to emulate corporations less savory business practices, but mainly by screwing over the very customers, the core of any business that is needed to survive or use to.

Now its something else, stock holders or venture capitalists and their ilk. It's a very bad trend, at least for the little guys and girls out there, for which there are many. This company should be avoided at all costs, they are unethical, and have some underhanded practices in place.

The hoops they make you go through to cancel this "service" is totally repressible and in an ideal world the stuff that is in their terms of (dis)service would be illegal and shunned in a more healthy society. The website is non functional, and quick frankly looks like some flimsy scam website running out some eastern European country. And that's exactly how I view this company. I hate to say it but the revolution is overdue.

My 30 subscription finished this past Friday, as of this Tuesday I have yet to receive the amazon gift card, which was the main reason i signed up for this service in the first place! I was told in an email a couple of weeks ago to see how long i have to wait to receive this gift card and I was told I would receive it after the 30 subscription cycle ended.

When I didn't receive the thing on Monday I emailed again asking where is the gift card. Cause now I'm annoyed and I feel like a sucker who got played. The replied I received said something about me having to wait until some other customers finish their cycles....Wait? What? You already charged me $113 for a service, why do I have to wait on your other customers??? What's that got to do with this? How could they even send that as an plausible reason for not giving something owed.

MY point is their full of it, and they insulted my intelligence with that reply They charged my account 113. after I signed up, which is absolutely no deal for me, as I'm currently living in a notoriously expensive San Francisco, which is getting quite the reputation for the being one of the most expensive places in the World right now.

Now we have to put up with this scammers with their terms of service which gives them legal cover to rip off anyone stupid enough to sign up for this, myself included. It's even less of a no deal due to me being unable to pick up several reserved for various things that came up. Life happens, not that this business gives a flying-you-know-what thanks to their soulless terms of service.

So this practice is legal? This kind of thing just confirms and cements what was once just a believe, but now is now its more a believe its a certain knowing. And that is: just because something is legal, that's not the synonymous with being right. Vice versa with anything illegal, the man says its illegal, it may not be wrong necessarily. This is important but to few realize this.

So thanks Meal Pass for cementing this into my worldview. Its getting more and more difficult not get jaded and cynical dealing with this kind of thing. After reading the sorry excuse for a business's terms of service, I'm pretty sure that's what jerks running this thing are, jaded and cynical and I Know, not believe that these people could give two **** about any of their customers.

They sent me an email asking me to refer them to people I know. I just had to laugh, but mostly to keep from crying. Also, since I have sent several scathing emails to meal pass letting them know my feeling about this no-service, I get the sneaking suspicion I won't be receiving the gift card out of spiteful vindictiveness, when what that should do is take all the feed back they receive to heart so they can make some overhaul to their business practices, which are 100% unethical and just plain Wrong.

Avoid this company, but if you have any doubts take the time and read their terms of service. If that doesn't scare you off then you I guess you're the sucker born that day like I once was. One positive thing I can say is I was charged after the initial charge. BUT this probably would have been more of a hassle if I had waited longer, I cancelled this as soon as I saw the initial membership fee. I was blinded by the promise of a gift card and cheap lunch, neither of which have been delivered. Its an experience, but screw this company, I don't like how these people do business at all, and more than likely is run by a bunch of ruthless psychopaths.

Again, read over that terms of service if you need convincing. Ok, I hate this company now. Best buy was the company I hate the most and want to see gone from existence, but MealPass, you just earned that crown.

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Shady business practices

May 31, 2017

These guys "forget" to send out their gift card promos for first sign-ups. They also "forget" to remind you that you have existing, unused lunches. They don't "forget" to auto-renewal your account every month thought. These guys are off to a bad start. MealPal is not at all an honest company.

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April 27, 2017

Customer service is horrible , and if you actually price out the food you are getting there is no discount at all . I was unable to pick up my lunch yesterday due to meetings and they refused to refund me because they had to "pay the restaurant ". Pretty sure this will be heading down the same path as their sister company classpass.

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Meal Pal Sucks!!!!!

March 1, 2017

It is a total rip off. It is impossible to speak with any human. They do not honor the 3 day try and cancel contract law in NY State. Avoid!!!! They are rigid and it sucks!! They only use iPhone apps no Androids too. Lame, so lame.

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