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When one does not have all the information in order to make a sound professional decision micro-consulting services may be the solution. This company is a marketplace for knowledge seekers who want to connect with knowledgeable experts, from across the globe, for information they are not able to find. Typically, what they need is data or advice that does not yet exist. has a database of consultants, called Mavens, who have the aptitude and possess the background to provide clients intellectually sound information. Their information is usually requested by knowledge seekers to use as leverage for financial gains. 
Knowledge seekers may invite Mavens for consultation services regarding a particular topic. The consultant can choose whether or not they have the expertise to help this potential customer. To accept invites, each Maven must have completed the identity verification process. 
From there, both parties will set up a consultation administered through the To maintain the company’s strict privacy regulations, a Maven agent will contact the consultant and the customer by phone and connect them through the system.
Knowledge is not something that comes for free, customers must pay for consulting. Each maven sets their own rates for a consultation; rates are primarily based on their level of expertise. This rate is then increased to a retail value which is determined by the company. The rates are scaled to the level of difficulty of the question submitted by the customer.
Mavens earn money by partaking in electronic surveys, telephone consultations and extended consulting engagements. An electronic survey is a resourceful method available to knowledge seekers in order to generate a mass amount of input. When a customer needs information from many different experts, they may do so through a survey. Surveys are usually completed by Mavens with broad qualifications; however, for more money, you may request a survey to be completed by niche experts. 
While online reviews written by Maven customers are positive, there is a dilemma regarding micro-consulting services. American regulators have found a number of investors using consulting services to seek insider trading information. These illegal operations have spurred controversy over micro-consulting companies and the professionals they hire.
The saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” The significance of the information you need is going to play a part in the amount of money you are willing to invest. Anyone who has held a job or had a career possesses some sort of knowledge base. This applies to all, regardless of their orientation, geographical area, lifestyle, and occupational roles. Overall, it is always important to compare different views and perspectives because you may come to find something you had never considered before.
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1 Review does not pay their bills

July15, 2019

Two of two gigs had issues getting paid. They finally paid the 1st time, after complaints. But never paid the second time, although they claimed they paid me. But the payment processor Qwil never got the payment, so I requested proof of payment from Maven to trace the transaction, and they refused to provide any form of proof of payment, eg. transaction number etc. So I deactivated my profile which is the only way you can stop your account. They do not provide a way to delete your account. Beware of this scam.

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