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About is a website for “Mature Singles Only,” which promises years of experience and success matching up couples who are looking for serious relationships, or even just friendships.

Signing up with their website gives you access not only to a website database of people looking to make new connections, but also to professional matchmaking services from a company that was established in 1982.

You will fill out your basic information, including age, name, active email and phone number. This information will be used to contact you regarding the particular services this company can offer you.

Once you have submitted your contact information, you are asked to fill out a more detailed questionnaire, which clarifies your relationship goals and the type of social situations you are interested in.

You must also tell them whether you have children which still live in your care, whether you would date someone who has children, and whether or not you are interested in still having children.

They would also like to know the methods you have used to meet potential partners in the past, what issues you have encountered with other dating sites (if any), and what is the single biggest thing would say has been missing from the people you have dated previously.

According to their website, they perform background checks and information verification of the people who participate in their services, which results in safer dating conditions as well as a higher chance of finding a likeminded partner.

Because this website provides more services than just an online database of potential matches, they do not publish their cost or their more detailed contract policies online. Instead they have a representative contact you directly.

There have been reports and complaints regarding the expense of their services. People who are interested in a traditional dating site may not be interested in the full services of

If you have any experience with this company or their services, please leave your reviews.

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September23, 2016

I am a young widow and decided to try this. MISTAKE!!! This agent for the company called me. I was not comfortable with his inability to pay attention to simple, respectful, details. I decided that it was not for me. I did not call him back for that reason. He called several times and left messages. I did not respond. He got me on the phone today and I told him that I was not interested because of him. He got annoyed was rude and hung up the phone. I immediately called back because I wanted to talk to someone else- I don't appreciate this ignorance. He said in an angry tone, " IT IS NO WONDER YOU ARE STILL SINGLE!" and he hung up the phone again. I was happily married. My husband died.


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Unable to access all panels required for submission for acceptance

September17, 2014

I cannot access the panel asking where we see ourselves in three years time. Even so, I think my cursor caught the slight opening and typed blind. However, when I hit enter, there was no response. This happened some weeks before as well. If this problem is not unique to me, this needs to be addressed if you want to stay in business.

Robert Archer
[email protected]

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