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About is an online dating website which claims to be ranked among the top mainstream dating sites with over 15 million different members, and tens of thousands joining daily. says that their website is suitable for people looking for all kinds of relationships, whether they may be long term, casual, or even just “expanding your social circle.”

Their website says they are the only major dating site which includes voice recording. This feature allows you to record a personalized voice message for you profile which can be listened to by other members, as you may listen to theirs.

In addition, they claim that while other dating sites have “scientific” questionnaires, their questionnaire asks about “things people really care about,” like your favorite movie, food, place to go. You are allowed to answer as many or as few of the questions you like.

Unlike many other large scale dating sites, they offer sections within their site for people with specific dating preferences, such as Asian Dating, Black Dating, Christian Dating, Jewish Dating, and Senior Dating.

The website allows you to sign up for free, but in order to enjoy the full range of features and services you must become a paid member of the site. Membership fees change on a regular basis due to promotions and other circumstances. At times they also give notices on trial memberships.

If you have any complaints or wish to delete your account, you can do so either by calling customer service or using your online account. But refunds will only be given if you cancel within the first 72 hours of a billing cycle.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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Fraud and scam

July10, 2019

I came to the conclusion that this site is a total scam and ripe off. I feel that I'm a decent and honest guy and I had my profile reviewed by my friends and felt that I should received many query's. I'm the type of person that reaches out to people and doing a search for local ladies I sent out messages of introduction and as a matter of fact of over 50 and not one response received back I can't believe that 50 people don't have the manners or common decency to reply by saying thank you but not interested which is something I would do. Therefore I feel that all the profiles are false and made up my Mate 1. I even wrote to them complaining of this and never received a response. I even wrote to ladies way outside my local area and again the same. I also belong to POF whereas I do receive responses to my messages . To all of you people that are thinking of joining this site save your money and time strictly a rip off. If you call them your always on hold for over 30 minutes before they finally pick up and the person that does answer must be the custodian can never get a straight all were warned stay away they do not deliver.

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August 01, 2019

If u use your cell phone u can tell which female members are premium members. It is about 1/50 based on my unscientific estimate. The regular members cannot reply to u. The way the females work around this is to put their phone number embedded into their profiles for u to text them.

August 02, 2019

and most of those that do that are scamming for relationships and in the course of texting or messenger you they are asking for money...avoid them

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