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MatchRate PLUS is a company that sells merchant services for the main provider, North American Bancard. A merchant servicer is a company that provides companies with credit card processing capabilities. This is an essential function of most businesses and so the market is always is need of these services.

In order for MatchRate PLUS to keep ahead of their competition, they offer unique incentives to potential customers. To make it easy for companies to afford their services, they supply businesses free equipment to run credit cards and even give them smartphone credit card processing capabilities for off-site payments. If a company already has a merchant service provider, MatchRate PLUS has cancellation fee assistance.

Essentially, they will pay any fees you incur to cancel a current service and switch over to their services. The MatchRate guarantee is also attractive to potential customers; they will modify their existing prices to match any merchant servicing quotes that offer lower pricing.

MatchRate PLUS has another side to their overall business operations in addition to selling merchant services. Their business relies heavily on an agent referral system in order to increase their overall sales volume. Because their company relies on their agents to generate sales, they offer high commission rates and residual income to keep their agents motivated.

It is free to become an agent and free to take part of their training courses. Other informational resources are available for their agents to help them achieve their highest potential and monetary goals. Agents make money every month; earnings are tied to their active merchant accounts and their referrals’ active accounts. Each agent works when they want and as much as they want.

MatchRate PLUS has a structured commission plan based on residual income. Each agent that refers another sales agent will make money on that person’s active accounts as well as their own accounts. There are three tiers of pay grades offered to agents and different bonus structures that increase with each pay grade advancement. The more business accounts an agent sells and the more referrals an agent recruits gradually generates higher earnings.

The Multi-Level-Marketing structure could be considered similar to that of a Pyramid scheme. Each agent earns money from the agents they refer and all new agents each one of them refers and so on and so forth. Be cautious of such companies built upon this arrangement, this is important regardless of whether you are looking for a new merchant service provider or a job.

This company has negative reviews that reveal a number of customer’s complaints regarding how they felt they had been taken advantage of. Customers claimed they were locked into contracts they did not agree upon and incurred unwarranted fees on their bill each month. If current customers choose to cancel their MatchRate PLUS account it will cost approximately $900.00 to do so.

Viewing a list of fees from different credit card processing companies is a smart way to compare prices and rates. Talk with other business owners to get suggestions from them, you can learn a lot from these Connect with other successful business owners and speak with them about their merchant service provider and ask them for suggestions. Read any contract in full before you sign it and verify all the pages are there; always make a copy for your personal records.

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