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I should have burned my money - doing so would have been more prodeuctive
April 26, 2020
I signed up in March, 2019, paid for the upgrade, cancelled and continued to be billed until I had to change my credit card. Match continued to entice me back as recently as yesterday (April 27, 2020) with pictures of ten of their female clients who they said lived near me and wanted to receive a free message from me. As an experiment over the past year I have included my telephone number (using the key pad letters and not numbers) and asked only that "so and so" verify that they are a client of Match by texting me "I am so and so and live in city), and no one has ever contacted me. Match says the message has been delivered, but the fact that I have received nothing from the women I sent my request to for about a year now tells me that this is a scam.

Not that bad
April 9, 2017
I've just read all these complaints... well, is not that bad, to my mind. Most of online dating services suffer from scammers, but you need to just be careful and use your brain. I used the site a while back ago, it was ok. Met some interesting people but unfortunately not my soulmate.

April 8, 2017
This was by far the worst dating site I have ever experienced. I signed up for three months and after two months of fake men trying to get me to send them money, hundreds of emails from very old or very fat or way too young guys wanting a date with me. The two dates I had, both had lied on their profile. One was clearly using pictures from decades ago and was old enough to be my father, The second, let's just say big waste of time. I cancelled my membership the 2nd month, I received a confirmation email and never thought about it again..... that is until I noticed I had been charged for three quarters ($88 each quarter). I called and they would not return my money, they said I didn't cancel. The still charge my card because in order to get rid of emails it said I had to log on to update my profile preference.... the minute I did that they said I renewed my membership. This is absolute bull. I have never been so outraged with a company before. They are literally stealing our money. All I want is the dang thing cancelled and my money back..... in order to do so I would have to go to court and who is going to hire a lawyer to get $352 back? I finally cancelled the card they had on file and got a new one just so they don't charge me again. So outraged over this.

March 18, 2016
I signed up there well over a year ago. After 2 months I cancelled my subscription. I also wrote the BBB and filed a complaint as well as well as "pissed off consumer". I am a widowed 67 yr old female and had started a conversation with a similar age man about 25 miles away from me. We emailed a few times and had 2 telephone conversations. We talked about meeting somewhere for a brief coffee date. However, He emailed me a furious note because I didn't show up at HIS place for a whole day of activities he had planned. That's when I THOUGHT I had cancelled everything. NOW, nearly two years later I keep receiving messages about all the "new people matched to me from Match. I can't make them stop, don't know how to get rid of them other than deleting the message. If anyone knows how to REALLY get them to leave me alone I would sincerely appreciate it!

Don't pay for it!
November 5, 2014

There are a lot of women flirting with me only to find out they want money or to help with a Nigerian bank account.

I have met 3 real person in one year, that's a really poor rate.

The filter process puts me with women who are way too young or don't want a guy who is not in shape.

I have got roughly 50+ winks and flirts and all were bogus withing about 2 months.

The number of fake profiles makes me think is doing it to attract more people.

Like Pounding Sand
May 6, 2013

I had their six month guarantee - six months and 80 emails later, I had yet to meet anyone.

I got one email from a chick who changed her location to 100 miles away, the next day. Another woman 25 years older contacted me - PUKE!

Other than scammers, who's profile would be immediately deleted, nobody ever responded to any of my inquiries.

If you don't meet anyone in six months, they give you another six months of frustration for free. I was so disgusted, I quit after six months. 85% of the emails sent were never received and opened, and I'm guessing that over half the female profiles are fake or inactive.

Jill C July 05, 2013

OMG, the WORST SITE EVER, chock full of scammers and only two men answered my e-mails, the rest were scammers from Nigeria, etc. You complain and they never remove them. Do NOT waste your money on this crap. Fake inflated profiles to make themselves look good. Keep your 6 months, not worth it. Make sure to go to Goggle Images and download a pic of the "man" if you have doubts, it comes up automatically as a scammer if he is one. Very handy. Horrible stie, stick with POF.

Match is a joke
February 21, 2013
I used match for a week and after having several phishing scams plague my in box there seemed to be few real active profiles. I cancelled and I reopened my profile for laughs recently due to the subscription was still active. Fewer phishing scams but a boat load of fake profiles as far as I can see. I say run like hell away from Match! scam
October 23, 2012

i opened my profile couple of days ago. when i tried to subscribe today, to my surprise i learnt the fee jumped to £31.99 over night! i checked with my friend who opened profile 3 days ago and his fee stayed unchanged (with significant'tly fewer views displayed).

see the screenshot:

it a deliberate move to encourage people by displaying high number views/winks and then put the fee higher! this is outrageous practice, also discriminating users to access services. in this circumstances i did NOT subscribe and will keenly share it with other bloggers on the forum.

before i post it publicly i offered to explain the situation but did not hear from them. the reason i turned to paid dating portal was in pursuit of more ethical approach and genuine experience. because of the data manipulation i'm concerned whether users on site are actually genuine persons, or merely automated avatars just to drive the sales higher!!

very disappointed...

Rob A March 10, 2016

I've been inundated with fake scammer profiles ever since joining. All of the fake profiles are typically 29 or 33 years old, all profiles pushing you to contact them offsite (example: IVANKA AT GEEMALE DOT COM) . Just go to and use "gmail" in the search box and see for yourself what JOKE is. 95% of the search results will be Russian scammers using the same usernames in multiple cities with multiple photos. there is NO WAY that is unaware of this, which confirms to me they are party to the scam.

Willie55 January 19, 2013

Amen brother, couldn't have said it better myself!

August 23, 2012

BAD Dating site. WHAT A SCAM!!!!

Do not even join this site and never hit the subscribe button because they will say you are paying from Paypal for a one month subscription, but end up taking a full year. Then when you try to cancel, you can't because the cancel link button mysteriously stopped working.

They also get a hold of your credit card # (from paypal I'm guessing) and use that after you've already cancelled with them 3 times and tell paypal not to let them take money out. Then it goes on your credit card and because of their ridiculous "no refund" policy, they refuse to take it off and cancel your match account, so in the end they get your money and you are left with nothing.


Waste of Time, Money and Effort
April 19, 2012

I think of myself as a decent looking person, moderately successful, generally well rounded and funny. In 18 months on, I met one person. It started off fine and ended abruptly after she asked me questions of how much I made, what I did and what kind of car I drove? WOW. I have sent out over 500 messages and have had maybe 5 people respond. My replies to people were not long, over bearing, pushy, rude or such.

Outside of the people on having unrealistic expectations, I had a big problem with the massive amount of bogus profiles and scam profiles. I signed up and paid for the service to not have to deal with this.

I wrote to customer service 3 times about this. There is a note that says will respond to messages within 24 hours. I have yet to hear back from anyone. Absolutely unacceptable. Poor customer service.

My experience was absolutely terrible and cannot endorse this site in any fashion what so ever. Save your money, time and efforts. Spend the money at a bar and buy a lady a drink. If she says no, you've done better than you'll ever do at

ZARA June 30, 2012

I have had a very similar experience.

Match is the worst website ever! I have tried to contact them for over a month now. There is NO phone number to contact and I cannot get any replies from them when I email them other than standard/templated replies which show no one has actually read my emails!

I felt down
October 2, 2011

I have never been more dissatisfied with a service in my life. I have been browsing the website for a few months but then an interesting girl emails me that catches my eye today. I decided to take a shot and sign up to a subscription at 9am. I started chatting to the girl and things are looking good. Suddenly at 12pm my account is closed. I received an email that claims I am too young to be using their service and that I needed to be 18 years old. Well I am 30 years old.

I complained to Customer Service three times to restore my account or refund my subscription but all three times I received a generic template that has nothing to do with my question or complaints. I tried to call their Customer service number and got hung up on!

Zara June 30, 2012

Wow! This is so interesting. i am having exactly the same experience! You simply cannot reach the customer service. That is if they have ever heard of such a thing!