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Marriages have their ups and downs; it takes effort from both sides to make a relationship work. The stressors from everyday life and pressures from society tests the strength of marriages, working through the hard times makes relationships stronger. Sometimes; however, stressful times can lead to disconnect within the marriage and lead to a weaker bond between the couple.

Through social networking sites, such as Married But Lonely, both husbands and wives can seek a source relief and support to make it through rough times or even just to have some fun. Using a secret website to have an affair isn’t the best way to go about solving relationship issues.

This site is designed to connect members that want to flirt and hookup. If either a husband or wife is willing to go as far as to join a site which can lead to infidelity is a sure way to ruin a relationship and possibly lead to divorce. If you are committed to your marriage and deeply care about your partner, it is wise to distance yourself from these types of interactions.

Not only can this website cost someone their relationship, but it actually costs money to join. For a three day trial membership, it costs $1.87; the subscription will automatically begin after the trial unless you cancel. Automatic renewal each month is also part of the membership. After the trial period, and every month thereafter, your credit card will be charged $34.95.

As part of the Married But Lonely services, they have integrated “date helpers”. Individuals who work for the site are used to add to the site’s entertainment and monitor members’ activities. In the terms of the service provided on the Married But Lonely site, it states that some of the profiles are fictitious and have been created to monitor the activity of their members as well as stimulate conversation within the community.

“Date helpers” also encourage members to participate more by sending personal chat messages and by sending personal emails to people they are flirting with. These “date helpers” may even have numerous accounts and contact you through any one of their fake identities. In addition, many “date helpers” are allowed to contact you simultaneously.

The secretive lives of husbands and wives who use social networking tools to fulfill their needs from lack of attention to lack of satisfaction in the bedroom can be destructive to a marriage. As relationships though these network progress and members become increasingly involved in their online affair, the chances of it escalating to a face-to-face rendezvous is naturally the next step.

For every marriage, the definition of cheating could have different meanings. While many feel that chatting with others is harmless, others may feel that a simple connection with someone outside the marriage is unacceptable. Sometimes meeting up with someone for a drink or just to talk can be considered cheating. If any of these actions lead to infidelity then at what point in the online relationship constitutes cheating? Social networking has been causing hardships on marriages.

Before entering into a territory that is connotative with “flirting and hooking-up”, think about the outcome and weigh the consequences of such interactions. If your care about your partner and want the relationship to last, there are resources available to make it work. Whether it is individual counseling or marriage counseling, working though the tough times is going to be rewarding for both of you in the end and will bring you closer to each other.

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May10, 2013

These punks keep taking money out of my account months after I canceled their fake site.

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June 26, 2014

I get spam from these morons all the time. I do not follow the links as I assume that it is a scam, and besides I don't WANT to have an affair with some stupid married idiot! Honestly married men are pathetic (I am referring to the 2 losers here that have left 'reviews') - did someone have a gun to your head? Did you commit to your partner knowing that you were lying? Did you think that your wife would look the same way after 15 years of marriage and 3 kids? Do you think you deserve more out of life? You don't!!!!

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Jean Luc Picard

It will ruin your life

February6, 2013

My membership started after a day long fight with my wife. im 32 years old with 6 kids. I began wondering if i married the wrong woman. I joined. I was immediately messaged by three supermodel esque women. i assume these were the fake profiles, i didnt become suspicious at all, as im a good looking man myself. I then found a real profile and became infatuated with her. sexting pics and meeting her up for a quick 1 hour long bang in my Land rover. i quickly.moved from woman to woman, began neglecting my wife and kids. Then one day i saw my wife on the turned out...she had been a member for 4 years.

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February 11, 2013

lmfao!!!!! u mad bro!!!
oh man this is classic!!!
u made my night

Lt Commander Riker
February 12, 2013

Okay Captain Picard...answer me this. Why do you have six kids at the age of 32? You must be a fertile SOB or your wife has enough eggs to fill a chicken house...

Another contradiction, Captain. Why would you "bang" someone with a real profile? Did you travel to meet her? What did your wife say if you did travel to meet her? What did your six kids think? "Oh gee, Dad's not coming home since he's probably out banging another woman he met online..."

Now the worst of it is...if you saw your wife on the site, why didn't you just her message saying you both are cheating...she on the site and you out with other women from this site. Marriage is about you both fd up!!

That's all I have to say, Captain. Live long and prosper.

March 25, 2013

Thats is funny...

bob nogget
June 15, 2013

and fake.

Axon to
June 29, 2013

Liar liar

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