About is the home of MarketGlory, a strategy based online game which claims that players can turn the virtual currency they earn in the game into real money for you. says that the basis of their game is that an economic crisis has hit the planet, which has crumbled the existing world’s governments, erased the borders of existing countries, and made all previous forms of currency irrelevant.

All the remaining great thinkers of the world have gotten together and created a new global economic system with the codename MarketGlory. This new economy is based on sound principles, trust, and honesty, and the governments have no ability to borrow to avoid economic and political degradation.

The object of the game is for you to rebuild the world. You do this by creating businesses, governments, creating economic strategies, making investments, even waging war and defending your nation.

The website describes the game as very complex, and the more you play the game, the more options you have for what you can do. The more you work to develop your country, the more you can tip the balance toward rapid development.

One of the biggest draws to the MarketGlory game is that they claim you are able to take the currency you earn in the game and transfer it into real currency that you can take and use in the real world. They claim they are one of the only online games where you are rewarded for the time you spend playing.

Unfortunately, offers no guide or explanation for how you are able to transfer the currencies or what strategy to employ to earn money in the game, even after you sign up for your free game account.

In addition, many people worry that these types of games will download viruses or spam onto their computer, but this is actually an online browser game so they say there isn’t danger in playing their game.

If you have any experience with this game, please leave your reviews below.

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A scam you'll never see coming

April 10, 2014

This game is like a complex HYIP. The only winner is the admin and sometimes free players (users who haven't invested). Don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean the admin will steal your money directly but the admin and his staff have been known to create thousands of accounts in their game to simulate "a community", hence increasing their revenues.

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