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Did you know that excess light at night can drastically disrupt your sleep? Darkness is crucial to a good night’s rest, and of course, a good night’s rest is crucial to good health. Getting sufficient sleep provides you with a whole host of benefits including improving your mood, helping your brain performance, and boosting immunity.

If these gains are not enough to convince you to improve your sleep, consider that wildly successful people like Bill Gates, LeBron James, and Jeff Bezos have all attributed at least part of their success to getting quality sleep.

If you're interested in alleviating the suffering that accompanies a poor night’s rest, you might be wondering what to do about that bothersome light.

Whether it is streetlight seeping in through your windows or the light from your partner’s beside lamp, it is an indisputable fact that light has the power to interrupt your sleep patterns. The Manta Sleep Mask might hold the key to solving your sleep problems once and for all. 


What is the Manta Sleep Mask - and How is it Different?

You may have tried sleep masks in the past and been dissatisfied with their fit or noticed that they do not offer sufficient light blocking capability. The Manta Sleep Mask was created to solve these common issues. Its unique design allows for adjustment and personalization to help you stay comfortable.

The mask has a customizable strap along with adjustable eye cups so that every part of your face and head can rest comfortably. Additionally, Manta Masks were developed with all types of sleepers in mind. Studies show that most people prefer to sleep on their sides, and the soft, moldable foam and tapered eye cups of the Manta sleep mask ensure comfort, whether you are a belly sleeper, back sleeper, or side sleeper.

Manta strives to have something for everyone and the possibilities to maximize your sleep quality truly do seem endless – you can opt to buy cool eyecups whose cooling function will soothe your sinuses, or warm eye cups if you need a mask for dry eyes.

They also offer an aromatherapy mask which comes complete with an aroma head strap and lavender-scented sachets and a weighted mask to help boost your mood.

Caring for Your Manta Sleep Mask

Users recommend that sleep masks be washed regularly, and Manta has made the cleaning process easy and convenient. Their washing instructions state that Manta Sleep Masks are machine safe.

If you are looking for specific instructions about how to wash your mask, recommendations state that you should place your sleep mask in the pouch included with your purchase before putting it in the washing machine. Customers should also be aware that Manta Sleep Masks are best air dried once clean as they do not come with a mask dryer.

Additional Products

Manta is dedicated to helping you get your best sleep ever. As such, in addition to their blackout sleep masks, they also sell a body pillow for pain relief and support, a luxurious travel pillow to bring along with you wherever you go, a white noise machine and ear plugs to sort out noise disruptions, a weighted blanket that has been proven to promote calm, and nose vents to reduce snoring.

Cost and Price Plans

Manta Sleep Masks start at $29.99 and increase from there based on mask type. For example, if you are looking for cool eye covers, the Manta Cool Mask promises to soothe your eyes with evenly distributed cooling sensations for $39.99. The most expensive mask is the silk one which comes in at $64.99 and uses anti-aging technologies to help you get your beauty rest.

You might also opt to purchase a bundle from Manta – their Holiday Recovery Kit, for example, costs $69.99 and comes complete with an Aroma Mask, refill sachets, cool eye cups, and warm eye cups.

Customer Service

While Manta does not have a phone number listed for their customer service team, they note that you can contact them via e-mail or web chat by navigating to the “Contact” page of their website. The company stands by the quality of their products and wants customers to be satisfied.

Therefore, they offer a happiness guarantee which allows returns within sixty days of purchase. Additionally, while they do not have a BBB rating just yet, they truly seem dedicated to customer satisfaction and we were glad not to find negative feedback about their customer service team.

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

Manta has developed a loyal customer base, as evidenced by the glowing reviews they receive on their website, Amazon, and the blogosphere.

Most Manta Sleep Mask customers are happy to sing its praises. They commend the product for its customizable nature, excellent fit, and are happy with its ability to block out light and promote quality sleep. Many claim that it is the best sleep mask they have used.

Unfortunately, while most customers seem satisfied with the product, a few, particularly side sleepers, were dissatisfied with the fit and comfort of the mask.

Where to Buy?

You can order a Manta Sleep Mask on Amazon or through their website.

Competitors and Alternatives

Sleep masks have always been popular and are gaining steam as a growing body of research suggests that they can drastically improve sleep quality. Some popular Manta competitors are Mavogel, Blissy, and Lunya.

Blissy and Lunya are targeted at beauty conscious sleepers and offer masks made of silk. Like Manta, both brands make machine washable masks. Blissy and Lunya have also earned glowing reviews from customers who praise the masks for their light blocking ability, fit, and comfort.

Lunya also garners high praise for its noise-blocking ability, so if you are the type of person who usually needs to sleep with headphones to get a good nights’ rest, you might want to consider buying a Lunya mask to help with noise disruptions. Blissy masks start at $24.95 while Lunya masks have a slightly higher price point of $48.00.

Our least expensive Manta competitor is Mavogel- these cotton masks can be bought for just $9.98 on Amazon. Don’t be fooled by the low price point, however. Amazon customers rave about how the Mavogel mask has helped improve their sleep quality and marvel at how the mask stays in place throughout the night. Potential customers should note that Mavogel masks are not machine washable, but rather, must be hand washed.

Is It Worth It?

The benefits of quality sleep cannot be overstated, and the Manta Sleep Mask might help you reap those benefits. While it may not be perfect for everyone, they do boast swaths of happy customers and we believe that you just might join their ranks.  You can always return your mask within 60 days if you are unhappy with the product, so you have nothing to lose and only great sleep to gain!

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