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May 8, 2009
I don't care at all about signing up anybody personally to Mannatech cause I am in another MLM that I make more money in a lot faster. What I can say is that I had the flu or colds 2 or 3 times a year before I started taking Ambrotose and I have not had either one in the last 2 years I have used it. I will continue to use and suggest people use it even though its expensive but can't sign anybody up cause most MLM companies don't like cross hosting. It's worth the high price.

September 4, 2008
I am a Mannatech associate. I am 50 years old and have heard every pitch there is, Amway, Shaklee, AL Williams, etc. I never found any reason to join these organizations, and they seemed to be all about the marketing rather than the product. I found Mannatech because a lifelong friend regained his health and I wanted to know how. I started on Mannatech products and received health gains even though I considered myself fairly healthy. I am an associate because I want to see others live better lives. I can in all honesty say that I would still be a rep for Mannatech if there was no compensation. There is no other thing I would rather see than others improving their health. The key to success with Mannatech is first, learn the science behind it, and go to the meetings that are available and learn from the doctors that are promoting this science. If you happen across people that say they received no health gains, I have found that they are the people who jump the gun, start on the product but don’t want to learn the science behind it, and don’t take the correct amount of product. By insisting on educating and administrating my clients, I have had health gains with every person I have started on the products

December 20, 2007

I am a Mannatech associate. I am also an associate or distributor of several other nutritional products. I select the companies that I buy from and that I refer people to, based on the strength of their science and validation of benefits. Of the many companies out there, Mannatech has done a tremendous job of proving their claims. You need to update that aspect of your commentary on them.

I would agree that making money in MLM is not as easy as some would have you believe. I am not in it for the money. I buy these types of products for their benefit and then I recommend the ones I find to be effective to my friends and acquaintances. I think I have around a thousand people who have chosen to follow my recommendations over the last five years. Not a huge MLM business. The money that comes from this pays for supplements and my own research. I'm an engineer by training and have earned a certification in nutrition. These tools give me the ability to digest the information and separate hype from reality to the extent possible.