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The ManGrate, found online at, describes itself as an amazing tool for serious grillers, or for people who would like to be able to easily acheive the results of serious grillers.

Grill additions are growing in popularity, with items like GrillGrate and ManGrate promising to improve your cooking experience. The ManGrate does not replace your current grill or your current grill grate. Instead, it is simply an addition you add to your current grill, which creates a radiant heat that they say is a more efficient way of cooking than convection heat or “hot air.”

This product is made of 100% American made cast iron and comes divided into sections so you can order the right number of sections to fit onto the grill grate for the grill you already own.

The ManGrate has something called “smoke rails” which are angled ledges on every bar of the grate. These ledges are designed to trap and retain the oils and fats released during grilling because these juices aid in the natural smoking process to give meats a rich barbecued flavor.

Because this grill addition is made of cast iron, it needs to be cared for in a very specific way. The company recommends purchasing their “ManBrush” and spray cooking oil so that you can properly season your grate.

Before using the ManGrate each time, you will want to apply the spray oil evenly and thoroughly on the grate, then turn the grill on high, close the top, and let the grates heat up for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the oils to penetrate your grates.

After the grates heat up, turn the heat down to medium, which is the ideal temperature setting for cooking with your ManGrates. When the grilling is completed, allow the ManGrates to cool completely, then brush them clean, oil them, and close the grill lid.

Customers who purchase the ManGrate and have complaints or problems about what they receive should contact Customer Service immediately for assistance. Returns are accepted for the first 30 days but only for items which are unused.

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