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The Maids, found online at, is a personalized home cleaning service that has been in business for more than 30 years and says they are recommended by over 96% of their customers.

According to their website, it is important to have high expectations for how your home looks because your home is a reflection of you and keeping it clean and well maintained is a priority for most homeowners.

Unfortunately, many people don’t feel comfortable with professional cleaning services because they want their home cleaned and maintained in a very particular way. But fortunately, The Maids promise that they will clean your home exactly how you wish.

Your first appointment with The Maids will be priced on an hourly basis, because they will be “deep cleaning” your home, to get it to an extraordinary level of clean, including getting rid of buildup throughout the home, cleaning ledges and baseboards, appliances, ceiling fan blades, and more.

After the first visit, you will be scheduled for a regular ongoing appointment, either weekly or monthly, to maintain your home. Your ongoing costs for cleaning will depend on the size of your home, the number of rooms you would like cleaned, and the different types of “special surfaces” which need to be maintained in your home.

They also offer a page of Cleaning Tips which will help you better understand how to prep your home for visits from The Maids, how to easily maintain your clean home between visits, and how to perform your own emergency cleaning if impromptu guests arrive.

Because the cleaning service of The Maids is so personalized to your home and your preferences, the costs associated with the cleaning must be determined The Maids franchise located in your neighborhood. An Estimate is free and you are not obligated to contract their services if you have any complaints.

If you have any experience with this company or their services, please leave your The Maids reviews below.

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Cleaning my duplex at 1024 North Clithero

May 6, 2019

They did a horrible job window seals not done, floors still filthy they just needed to scrub it. Stuff left all over the walls very dissatisfied. Now I am losing my deposit because of a lousy job. Would never recommend them ever! Very disappointed. It was a move out. Just can't believe the crappy job!

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