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Got screwed
December 10, 2017

The ordered that appeared on their summary page is not what I ordered.

I ordered 2 tracks for a total $19.99 plus 5.99 shipping for each track set.

There was no disclosure for a web fee.

Also, I didn’t order a track extension.

The total of the order should have been 19.99 + 5.99 + 5.99 for a total of $31.97. They charged me 77.93 resulting in over charging me $45.96

I tried calling received no answer and a full mail box. Looks like I am screwed.

Complete SCAM!!!
October 5, 2017
I ordered the double set. Was supposed to come with 480 tracks. Only came with 440 tracks. I tried to talk to customer service (AKA a paid bouncer service) and got the complete run around. I needed more tracks to compensate for all the crappy ones they sent me. Extra plastic everywhere. Had to trim them down so they would actually work. Don't waste your money! Buy your kids a real toy.

Lynda Guerin
August 29, 2017
I also purchased 2 double sets of magic tracks for 3 grandsons and 1 for my house as well. They arrived well after Christmas, like mid Feb I did spend $ $ $ shipping charges were crazy like 5.99 per set, so $25.00 just for shipping alone. I did eventully receive all 4 sets in 2 separate deliveries.

Finally Got It! But.....
March 8, 2017

After ordering my set last October for my grandsons birthday I didn't get it in time. Then I called the Canadian support number and they said be shipped by 24 of December, nope. Then I got a card saying if I wanted to cancel my order to sign it and return it. I decided to wait . About a month later I got another card saying if I don't return it the order would be cancelled, so I decided to let them cancel it. In February they decided to take the money from my account and ship the order canceling the police car and fire truck portion of my order. Not impressed as this really screwed up my budget for this month because I'm on a fixed income.

I gave the set to my grandson he was happy. The car takes three AAA batteries which last for about one hour before the car moves slowly, he gave up playing with it.

Poor Quality
February 28, 2017

This was great for the first month then the car broke. It won't turn off unless you take out the batteries, the draw string bag is also poorly made, that broke the first week we had it. When I contacted the company for a replacement they said they only offer a 60 day warranty and because we bought it as a Christmas present we had it for more than 60 days when it broke but it only lasted 30 days or less.

So sad the company is unwilling to offer a replacement

Great toy but doesn't glow the way its presented
January 26, 2017
We've had this toy for almost 1 month and our son loves it. We got it on Amazon and it arrived quickly. It keeps our son engaged for solid periods of times and it fun.

January 26, 2017
You are just handing them money and receiving NOTHING.

January 14, 2017

Here it is Jan. 14, 2017, and I have not heard from Magic Tracks, despite NUMEROUS attempts to contact them, just to at least verify my order. I placed my order on Dec. 5th of 2016, and it confusingly climbed to $62.97. All I ordered was the 2-for-1 Magic Tracks; plus a Criss Cross Track with Green Car (extra $10). I heard that these were the rage, so this was my Christmas gift for my Grandson brothers. They still do not have a Christmas gift from me, and I do not know what the H.... is even going on, or NOT. I saw them on Amazon (which takes care of the shipping, as they live up in Montana) and would like to go this route. Knowing nothing about my Magic Tracks order, I'm afraid they will surprisingly come through "some day." I cannot afford all this Magic Tracks jazz!

P.S. They do not deserve even one star.

Sharon January 26, 2017

I completely agree. Total rip off. No contact from company at all.

Sharon January 26, 2017

I completely agree. Total rip off. No contact from company at all.

DEBORA February 01, 2017

I felt the same way, No X-Mas presents for my kids either, Customer Srvc and Website were UseLess. But glad to say I'Ve finally heard from them this week (2 months later) and the order is SUPPOSEDLY being shipped. Hope u hv success!!!

Suing the Company
January 8, 2017
I have began legal proceedings against both Magic Tracks and Ontel. If interested in becoming part of the suit please contact [email protected]

Phillip Clingenpeel January 11, 2017

I placed my order a couple days after Christmas. Then about a week I received an email saying my order was on backorder. Today I noticed I had a tracking number for FedEx but the number was non-existent. I tried to email them back it was a non-existent/non-reply email. Its starting to seem like a huge scam and quite frankly its pissing me off!!!

Melissa January 12, 2017

Can I ask why you are filing against them??

Barbara January 16, 2017

Here is some ammo for your lawsuit:

This is the company website:

I started some internet searches for reviews of their other products and discovered the following.




BBB Reviews & Complaints:

BBB There are over 263 companies:

Laura January 18, 2017

They screwed my 87 year old mother-in-law as well. No morals at all.

By the way one piece of the 220 tracks they send measures 3 inches in width, 1 inch in depth and one half inch in height. So actually one piece of track is an inch long. You would need 10 sets of 220 pieces to have any kind of real setup. Never again!!! [email protected] I will be contacting you to join the law suit.

Dissatisfied Never Received Product
January 7, 2017
I ordered in November, still have not received them. Charged $64 on the 20th of December. Tracking say they are in Bloomfield California...shipping exception. Whatever that is...This was the 23rd. Still don't have them, customer service has not responded to emails or phone calls. I am so disappointed. I'm going to contest with the credit card company. Have to wait 15 days since last attempt to contact merchant. How do they get away with this?

No Customer Service
December 31, 2016
I ordered 4 sets on 12/9, the website stated they would not arrive by Christmas but no problem. I discovered that they would take up to 30 days to process my order. This WAS a problem. I found I could buy them at walmart so on 12/13 I tried to call to cancel my order. The phone rang twice then went to busy signal. I sent an email to cancel and considered it done. I purchased them in the store. Christmas morning my grandson opened his only to find the car will notwork unless you tape the batteries in as they are too heavy for the little car. On 12/27 my card was charged for the online order much to my surprise. I have tried to contact customer service on to be on hold then hung up on. I received an email today stating my order has shipped. I called Fedex with the tracking number only to be told to call USPS. At this poibt I am going to eat the $64 and donate the new sets. Thank you Magic Tracks I will never order anything online again!

Stacey January 07, 2017

I ordered in November, still have not received them. Charged $64 on the 20th of December. Tracking say they are in Bloomfield California...shipping exception. This was the 23rd. Still don't have them, customer service has not responded to emails or phone calls. I am so disappointed.

James Given January 08, 2017

If anyone on this site is willing, I am filing a lawsuit against "Magic Tracks" and "Ontel" for Mail and Wire Fraud. My situation is similar to yours but I am not going to sit still for this. I am an attorney and I have no problem using my resources o shut this company down. If here are enough complainants we will have a much better chance in enforcing punitive damages. If interested please send an email to [email protected]

Suzanne Schaffer January 17, 2017

same here - happy to get involved. [email protected]

Sharon January 26, 2017
Magic Tracks
December 27, 2016

Unable to contact company, phone # "is not available in my area". Email is one of those "noreply" ones. Have been waiting since December 2nd. When I try to check on my order with the order # they gave me it states that "you need to check again as that order # doesn't exist" When I try to get their customer service on the website it just sends me back to the order form. Finally went to the mall today and bought a single set for my granddaughter since all she rec'd for Christmas was a picture of the ordered set.

So frustrating..

HUGE SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 23, 2016
I placed an order a week ago for one magic track set for $19.99 + an additional free track set if I pay for shipping and handling. Upon checkout I tried to review the order but instead of letting me review it, it completed the order. My invoice stated $92!!!!!! I immediately tried calling them but the phone number listed on the website only gave a busy signal. I have tried for A WEEK to get ahold of these people and have even emailed them with no reply as of yet. I try calling them every day and I either get a busy signal or I am put on hold for a lengthy wait time (where an automated voice tells you they are actually on back order) only to get hung up on!!!! Luckily, I noticed they didn't actually charge my bank account yet but I ended up having to get a new bank card altogether! STAY AWAY FROM MAGIC TRACKS, PEOPLE!

Lynn Smith December 27, 2016

On December 2nd I placed an order for the same as above. After placing the order it stated that Dec 24th delivery wasn't garanteed. I have tried to check with the order # given to me but it says there is no such #. Have tried calling but the number says "not available in your area". Tried to email but the email is one of those "noreply" ones. Gave my granddaughter a picture of the item and felt terrible. Finally went to the store today and purchased it there.

December 21, 2016

Got the set in....only ONE car worked so I called for a replacement. Been waiting months. Their excuse- they are out of cars!!! Filling orders...but they are out of cars!!!!

Sharon January 26, 2017

They are no longer even trying to fill orders, nor are they answering phones or emails.

They keep taking my money!
December 20, 2016
I ordered three months ago. Never received product. They double charged me upon order and I couldn't get anyone on the phone or via email. Now they just charged me AGAIN for an order I never received! Three charges and nothing! Keep a close eye on your bank account because they're taking money on the sly! I'm still unable to get anyone on the phone or responding to my emails but I am reporting them for fraud and theft.

The BIGGEST SCAM on TV right now!!!!!!!
December 20, 2016

My husband placed an order to two sets, plus two sets free. When he placed it, it did not seem to go through, so he went back to fix it.

He then received an email for TWO ORDERS. Both of which were over $100.00! It should have been no more than about $50 something dollars!!!! (The price we were charged was not even $19.99 but was $39.99 and they did not add a free ones to the order, but charged us for the other two! )

He placed the order Nov. 19, 2016. I then tried to figure out how to contact them. I went to their website and all there was, was an email address. So, I wrote to them. ......No Reply. I wrote again........No Reply. I wrote again .....No reply! It has now been over 4 weeks. So I went to YouTube to find their commercial and got the phone number off of it. I called the number and they said their was nothing they could do. But, they did give me another number.

I then called the number and at 1 hour and 1 minute it hung up on me. (even after at one point it said only 10 more minutes) Boy was I steaming!!!! I searched on line and found this page. I called the number listed above and it does not work, it only gives you the 1st number I called 1-800-793-5469. So, I called again. at 70 minutes, they finally answered the phone (TWO HOURS ON HOLD TO GET SOMEONE, HOW RIDICULOUS IS THAT!!!!) So, I got her to correct the invoice to what it should have been and she said the shipment is boxed and is awaiting FedEx. I think I am stupid to trust her and should have just cancelled the order, but my husband wanted it.


I think this is a rinky dink company that invest a small amount of money to create and order these from China, who it took 3 months or so to make and ship. They then got huge orders from retailers and had to fill these orders first as they will not grant a contract without instant fulfillment. They then put all private orders on hold.

They then took the money they got from the retail companies from the first orders and then ordered more from China,.....but it takes 1to 2 more months to get more, or something like that. THAT IS WHY YOUR ORDERS HAVE NOT BEEN SHIPPED. THEY DO NOT HAVE THEM!!!!!

Suggestion to future customers.

Buy these in a retail store if you want these. The online order process is a nightmare and they charge you an arm and a leg for the Shipping and Handling, making it cost about the same as in the store. Do not fall for the buy one and get one free scam. If we did this, we would have these Magic Track Sets under the tree for Christmas!

I do not know the quality of the tracks as I have not see them yet.

TV STATIONS- I would love to expose this scam to the world. They are causing deliberate over charges and no opportunities for repairing it without causing a person to be on the phone for over two hours.

Nancy December 20, 2016

I had the exact same experience but I ordered mine 3 months ago. I tried to call and cancel but couldn't get anyone! 3 months magic tracks. And to top it all off I just got another charge for $42.97 on my bank card today from them. I haven't contacted them since three months ago! I'll be calling my bank tomorrow and disputing all charges. Keep a close eye on your bank account!

Barbara January 16, 2017

Here is an update. We just received the shipment on Saturday, January 14, 2017. So that was approximately 8 weeks.

As I stated above after two hours on the phone the invoice was corrected. We order two sets to get two sets free. for a total of 4 sets.

Well.....we only got two sets or half of the order. 8 WEEKS WAIT AND IT IS STILL WRONG!!!!!! Also, the set was packaged in a plain brown generic box and both together. We planned to give this as separate gifts to our grandkids and nephew. Unacceptable, the add shows a single colorful package and separately boxed each set.

Also there is something I want to clarify. The box says 220 pieces in the set and that is a SCAM. There are only 20 segments of track. Each track consist of eleven 1/2 inch segments of track to total about 6 inches. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!

Ok, so I am once again on hold. They finally answered the phone this time only after 1 minutes (not the hour hold time before Christmas) and I explained I am not happy that I only received half of my order. She asked me my name and I gave it to her. She said she would look it up and then hung up on me!!!!!! I am now calling back to see what happens now.


.......well the second hold time was 30 minutes , here is what happened. So, I explained to her how we only got half the order and she said she will send out another double order, but it will be another 4-6 weeks. I told her that was ridiculous, if they were a reputable company they would have it shipped out within the week. I told her I wanted my money back and she explained these two new sets are free, so there is no money to give back. I explained that I was going to get a lawyer who would think differently and if that is the direction she wanted to go, I would be glad to accommodate. She then said she would give the money I paid, back to me. (if I do not see it back in my account in three days I will take action with the bank.)


Barbara January 16, 2017

Sorry it was a 15 minute wait the first hold time and she hung up on me and a 30 minute wait time the second time. Sorry for the typo.

December 20, 2016
When i found out i wouldn't receive this product by Christmas I called to cancel and this is when it all began. I called 4 times. Each time i was on hold for up to 40-60 minutes before i was either tired of waiting or got hung up on. The 5th time i called and told my story of how and why I wanted to cancel and was told I could cancel and they would process everything to reflect the cancellations and they were sorry for the inconvenience. I found this product at my local Walgreen's for $19.99 and was satisfied and closed the book on the journey of acquiring this product for my boys. So today 12.20.16 they charge my credit card for the 3 I had previously ordered. Obviously I am very angry. I have called all morning and just get a busy signal. The lack of respect they have for there customers amazes me. Like i said before you can by this product inshore and please do the online process is so horrible!!

Still on hold....
December 16, 2016

I ordered on 11/27 via the website hoping that 1 month before Xmas would be plenty of time for a present to arrive--for goodness sake, it's 2016 and the age of AmazonNow!

I have tried to find my order using the online look up system with no luck. I have emailed customer service 2 times with no response. I have called customer service number multiple times. I have waited on hold for 61 minutes and was disconnected by the company. I'm currently waiting on hold hoping for a person to answer the phone. I simply want to know if my order exists!!

Do not order from them. Their customer service is TERRIBLE.

Wendy December 17, 2016

Thank you very much for your comment. I was about to order this item but just before I clicked on the "process order" button I thought to look at the reviews. It does get positive reviews for the toy itself but I haven't seen anything regarding customer service or back orders. This was extremely helpful. Thank you for your post!

December 13, 2016
I ordered them for my nephews. I don't want them to be disappointed.

Shelly Baxter December 15, 2016

Here is a number to cancel your order. 973-439-9000

Kandy December 15, 2016

Good luck I"ve never received the ones i ordered in october but I've been charged for them. The tracking number they sent fed ex says doesn't exist and the phone number has been disconnected

Dissapointed by MAGIC TRACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
December 13, 2016
Hi….I ordered the Magic Tracks 2-for-1 offer on their Canadian Website after I seen the commercial with my grandchildren on TV a number of times. I thought I beat the Xmas rush and ordered in mid October, 2016. I immediately received an order confirmation and was told I could check my status of my order after 48 hours but it never worked even after I filled in all the possible ways to check. I decided to phone the status and was given the wrong number on my invoice of 1-866-279-3524 but eventually found the right number on their site of 1-866-278-3524. I called in mid November, 2016, and was told a shipment is on its way to the distributing centre in Toronto in about a week and it would be shipped out by UPS in about 7 to 10 days. I waited and it never arrived so I called again near mid December, 2016, and was told it was on back order and there is no way that I will receive it by Xmas and could take a few more months. The person on the phone is just a front person and had no knowledge, they say, of how I could contact someone at a higher level to complain. Meanwhile the shipment from Toronto did arrive but to SHOWCASE As-seen-on-TV store and they quickly sold out and then they received another shipment of a special edition which included 18 feet of track, 2 cars and 2 accessories for a costly sum of $99 Canadian. The person on the phone I contacted told me that Stores receive the shipments before the customer. When I contacted SHOWCASE in early October, 2016, to see if they would be receiving the Magic Tracks as seen on TV they had no clue what a “Magic Tracks” was. It seems that Magic Tracks are not honoring their TV offer of 2-for-1 which cost me $38us. I am very disappointed and afraid to order anything on line again from fly-by-night companies until there are many positive reviews. Thank you.

Takeyla December 14, 2016

I thought this was going to be a good idea for my daughter and races tracks was on her christmas list but its been like 2 weeks and im unable to track this product...and im unable to get in contact with anyone.... seriously if its gonna take months to get this product that is crazy.

Roy Roberts December 20, 2016

Hi....Just an Update....

I received a notice in the mail on December 20th, 2016, from Magic Tracks to please excuse their delay and that they expect to ship my order by December 30th, 2016. There was also an option to cancel my order by sending the notice back. I will surely wait and had already bought the grandkids some gifts so they have something to open on Xmas day. I will post another update when the order finally arrives. Thank you.