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About Magic Jack Plus

Magic Jack Plus, found online at, claims to have sold over 10 million units which gives people affordable phone service both at home and when traveling.

This phone service unit allows new users to keep their new phone number, gives them free local and long distance phone calls, free directory assistance, call waiting, voicemail, and caller ID.

The new Magic Jack Plus says that it is superior to the original Magic Jack for a few important reasons. First, this is the first unit that you can plug directly into the wall and still receive service, instead of into a computer with a high speed internet connection.

Also, unlike other competitor services, the updated Magic Jack automatically provides high definition voice quality, which they say helps provide you with better quality phone calls than your previous landline.

And even though the new Magic Jack Plus does not require a computer, it can still plug into your computer when you are traveling so you can make phone calls from anywhere, including free phone calls home when you travel internationally.

If you are interested in trying this phone service, the new unit is not currently available at WalMart, though it is available at Radio Shack and online. When you originally purchase it, you will receive a 30 day free trial.

At the end of 30 days, your service will begin for just $29.95 a year. When ordering the unit online, you will pay $49.95 plus $8.95 Shipping & Handling, while the cost at Radio Shack is $59.99 with free shipping.

Customers who are unsatisfied with their purchases for any reason will have to refer to the return policy of the individual store or website where they purchased their specific Magic Jack Plus unit. If you are outside of the 30 day window, you must call Customer Service to discuss cancellation of services or in an attempt to fix whatever problems you are encountering.

If you have any experience with this product or service, please leave your Magic Jack Plus reviews below.

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I didn't buy one and now know why

August28, 2015

Did you even get into a conversation with a person who is interesting but has a bad connection on their phone where words get lost and there is squealing and garbled audio? Well I have and it turns out that every one of those times they have said they were using Magic Jack. Of course I told them to get rid of it. There is a reason Radio Shack and other poorly run electronics firms sell such junk- it is a high profit margin product usually not worth the material it is made of. Most often you can find made in China on it. It is wise to part from Magic Jack and go with a much better product lile
OBI-Hai where the owners left Cisco to develop their product. The signals on these VOIP products work consistently and well as far as my tests of them and no monthly fee.

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sherry lynne

majic jack

November13, 2012

I have the majic jack, and so far have replaced my phone twice,but continue to get static and break up. I find it hard talking on the phone because the people I talk to most of the time, cannot understand what im saying due to the staticand break up. But I only have wifi right now so maybe that is the problem for why it is so staticy. i'm not going to give up I will try it with high speed internet and give my review of majic jack ,hopefully it will be a better review.

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Ray K
August 01, 2013

I just upgraded to the magic jack plus and it works just as the documents said it would. It is great not needing a computer with it. I did find it the router goes down the Magic Jack plus will stop working until I removed it from the wall and put it back in and then all was great and all is well. I found the sound is better and everyone I have called all said they could understand every word and it was loud and clear.

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Jon Long

What do you expect...

February5, 2012

I have had magic jack for 3 years now...for $1.67 per month it’s worth it, since the price has gone up to $2.50 per month I will drop it come this November when it’s time to renew. Here are my reasons...I cannot call to very many places locally for some reasons certain locations are blocked. Customer service is really bad. And sometimes I need to reboot the computer and device. It worked well in the beginning but seems to be getting worse.

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Read the Fine Print Before Purchasing at Magic Jack

November30, 2011

I recently decided it would it was time to start evaluating my options when it came to the services I received. I decided I was being overcharged for my "bundled" services from my cable provider for phone, internet, and digital cable. That same night, I saw a commercial for Magic Jack.

I was very intrigued and decided to check it out online. I thought it was perfect that you get a 30 day trial to make sure it works before you are charged. I read some negative reviews online about the product not working, but felt with 30 day trial, I would certainly know how well it worked before I would have to pay for it.

I read the website thoroughly and decided to order, of course risk free. On the last page of the order form, where you are to submit your order, the fine print below said that my credit card would be charged the next day. Wait a minute, that wasn't the promise the website gave.

I immediately closed out of the page, irritated that once again, a company was too good to be true. Then that night, before bed, I checked my email to find there was an order confirmation from Magic Jack. How could that be? I never submitted my order!

I immediately emailed them back telling them such, and even tried to call them. I was unable to ever reach anyone by phone. I didn't get a response to my email either. Two days later, I got a shipping notice email that my product had shipped, and when I checked, sure enough they had charged my credit card.

I again immediately returned their email, rehashing everything again. I also called my bank to let them know I wanted to dispute this charge. The next day, I received my package and refused delivery, explaining to the postal worker that I had not ordered this product. Magic Jack finally emails me back and tells me, sorry its too late, your order has been shipped. I again rehashed everything, included that I refused delivery, I never got a return email.

The process of disputing an item on your credit card can take weeks, so I decided I would also contact the Better Business Bureau to warn others of these actions taken by Magic Jack. They responded a few days later to the BBB essentially accusing me of "changing my mind", but offered that a refund would be given as soon as the product was returned.

It took a few more days, but I did receive a refund from their company. I did not ever submit this order, and find it extremely fraudulent that they charged me anyway. I am not a novice computer user, and order products online on a regular basis. I don't think the company would have ever refunded my money had I not got the BBB involved.

Overall the experience was horrible. Getting a hold of someone at this company was impossible. They don't answer the phone, and they only return emails when it benefits their company. I will never trust this company again.

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