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Do you recall when you were younger and your mother constantly saying, “Remember to take your vitamins!” No matter how many times she said it, and no matter how much you knew that you should remember to take your vitamins every day, you always seemed to forget after some point and time. Even worse, sometimes you just ran out of supply. 

Enter made for_, a monthly subscription service for personalized vitamin mixes tailored specifically towards your specific health goals.


Vitamins are essential to maintaining a healthy metabolism and made for_ realizes that. They also realize that not everyone has the time to choose their own vitamins or develop a healthy diet that contributes towards a positive vitamin intake.

Founded in Germany by a team of PhDs and nutritionists, according to their website, made for_ also realizes how essential is to supply your mind and body with the proper mineral counts that you need to keep going throughout the day. I went online and entered my own personal information with the potential of getting over 24 different vitamins, herbs, minerals and heroes that would equal up to 50,000  different combinations.

This process takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes and is as easy as filling out a customer service survey on Amazon.

For vitamins, you can choose from Vitamin B12 supplements, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin C. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for the right minerals, you can choose options like Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium. Searching for herbs? Check out their Turmeric and Reishi options. Looking for their “Hero” supplements? Take a gander through this selection and learn more about Astaxanthin and Krill Oil.

Whether you’re hoping to optimize my mood, digestion, sleep, energy or even sex, made for_ offers different combinations of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and minerals. Each product option has a unique and specific description that allows you to understand exactly what it is that’s going into your body without having to do a bunch of research online.

How Does It Work?

Once you visit the made for_ website, you can get started by creating an account while answering a curated questionnaire about yourself. This helps made for_ identify exactly what combination of supplements will be best for you.

These questions can range anywhere from how old you are, what you’re allergic to, and how you like to spend your time exercising. They’ll even ask you what your health goals and supply you with plenty of options to choose from. I personally chose sleep, digestion, and energy.

After this, you get to choose exactly how many months you want to subscribe for and they mail you everything you need. This makes the process easy and cares free without adding the stress of wondering what exactly you should be taking when you should be taking it, and how much.

Cost/Price Plans

Each vitamin, mineral, herb, and hero comes with its own specific subscription price. For instance, when I ordered Vitamin B12 for combatting fatigue, it cost me $6 per month for 1 cap per day. The minerals were also consistent with this same price.

Once I started exploring the herbs categories, I discovered that Maca would cost me $11 a month for 1 cap per day. Then I got into the Hero category. Here, you’ll find things like Vegan Omega 3, L-Tryptophan and CLA ranging from $9 per month to $19 per month.

Whatever products made_for suggests are the right ones for you, they offer transparent and simple payment plans to help get you supplied with vitamins and overall health enhancers you’ve been searching for.

Customer Service

Made for_ does not offer a simple way to contact customer service when you’re either curious about learning more or even if you’re having trouble or concerns with the product. I wasn’t able to find any straight forward contact information upon further research of their website.

Hopefully made for_ considers this in the future and offers either an email or customer service phone number that allows people to ask questions in case there are issues with an order(s).

Online Reviews/Complaints

Made for_ offers testimonials from current customers at the bottom of their homepage and even tells you exactly which vitamins they are currently taking. These reviews are pretty solid overall but may be optimized to fit the specific kind of narrative that made for_ is hoping for.

Online searches of independent sites aren’t as prevalent since t made for_ is still developing a history and doesn’t have many reviews currently circulating online.


Some competitors and alternatives we discovered include Care /of and Persona. Care/of seems to offer identical services for what you’re searching for out of made for_. Although, Care/of offers a phone number and email that allows you to contact them if you have concerns. They also offer a larger variety of products like powders and quick sticks and also provide specific products for prenatal conditions.

Where to Buy?

You can subscribe for made for_ products directly through their website. You can either choose to renew every month or place a one-time order.


Made for_ seems like a solid startup and has many of the different vitamins and supplement options that I typically like to use and even some new ones that I’m curious to try. They offer a clever subscription package that allows you to remember to take your vitamins when you forget to remind yourself.

If you’re interested in optimizing your lifestyle with the ease of a company like made for_ personalizing your vitamins directly for you, then made for_ may be something you should consider signing up for.

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