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The perfect dress is one that not only makes you feel like a star, it is the one that stands out from all the others. MackTak Mart has dresses for every occasion that will impress everyone around you.

Designer dresses worn by your favorite celebrities, found in fashion magazines and seen on the red carpet, can be found at MackTak Mart. Shoppers have the option to search through their large selection of formal dresses and place their order online, through a catalogue order or by appointment at the MackTak Mart satellite store in New York City.

There are plenty of stylish dresses to choose in a variety of cuts, colors, and lengths. If you can’t find a dress, MackTak Mart will even design a custom dress for you. Customer service agents at MackTak Mart can be reached through online chat, by email or by phone to help you choose the perfect dress.

The price of each dress varies depending on the style, designer, material, and embellishment designs. They offer a price match guarantee should you happen to find the same dress for less money somewhere else. Customers who spend at least $500.00 receive a complementary accessory of their choice, either a pair of free shoes, a clutch, or a piece of jewelry.

If you order your dress early enough you will have plenty of time to try it on and purchase accessories to match with their two day free shipping service. If you need to exchange your dress for a different size or style you have time to do so with their easy exchange policy and quick shipment process.

Very few complaints were listed online regarding MackTak Mart. Some customers did mention that they encountered return issues and others were unsatisfied with the quality of the dress, claiming it may have been a designer knockoff.

Another issue, unpredictable in nature, pertained to backordered items. Customers who had been notified that their dress was on backorder and opted to wait for its arrival were then later told the dress was not going to be restocked; this put the customer in a bind.

It did seem, however, as if a majority of the reviews were positive. MackTak Mart catered their business to meet their customers’ needs and had plenty of designer dresses that were affordable.

Finding formal dresses can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know what you want. When shopping in a store, you can see the dress, feel the material, and try it on, but at the same time you are also limiting your selection. Both adult women and small children have different body types and need different sizes, but each one of them will discover that there is a dress to flatter their figure at MackTak Mart.

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