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About Lucy Nicotine Gum

We all know how bad smoking is for our health – it can cause heart disease, lung disease, and cancer. While incredibly hazardous, smoking is also a notoriously difficult habit to quit.

Between products like the patch, the pouch, gum, and nicotine spray, the market is saturated with nicotine replacement products that aim to help people stop smoking. Unfortunately, many consumers have found that these items taste bad, are too much like medication, or simply do not work.

Could Lucy be the solution you’ve been waiting for? Keep reading to learn more.

How Does It Work?

The creators of Lucy Nicotine Gum wanted to deliver a solution that not only works long-term, but also wins points for taste and convenience. They sell their signature Chew and Park 4mg Gum along with their special Nicotine Lozenges – both products include safe, effective ingredients that are free from sugar, gluten, and aspartame.

If you are ready to take control of your health and quit smoking once and for all, read on to discover all you need to know to determine if Lucy can help you!

Cost and Price Plans

Lucy sells a 9-pack of Chew and Park Gum for $40.00, but if you enroll in their monthly subscription program, you’ll save money by paying only $35.00 per 9-pack of gum. Their 18-pack of gum is priced at $80.00 but is available for $70.00 to subscribers.

Lucy gum comes in three different flavors – cinnamon, pomegranate, and wintergreen, or you have the option of purchasing a variety pack. The company also offers a variety gum trial for only $5.00- if you like what you get and choose to subscribe, you will be charged $35.00/month.

The Lucy lozenges cost $60.00 per month – this subscription includes 5 packs of 4mg lozenges (135 lozenges in total).

Competitors and Alternatives

If you have chosen to quit smoking, you will find tons of other products on the market to help you.

One well-known brand is Nicorette, a company that creates gum and lozenges to combat cigarette cravings. Their products come in flavors like mint, white ice mint, fruit chill, cinnamon surge, and spearmint burst.

Nicorette has designed a 12-week program to help people quit smoking while using their products. Their gum is priced at $64.00 for 160 pieces and the cinnamon flavor earns a 4.6/5-star rating on Amazon where customers rave about the product. They say things like “The coating lasts and lasts far longer than other brands,” and “This gum tastes great and provides an arguably better alternative to smoking.”

Another alternative to Lucy is  Rogue, whose mission is to give people the freedom to get the nicotine they crave at any time through items like pouches, lozenges, gum, and tablets. Rogue products can be purchased on their website or through websites like Nico Kick. A 5-pack of gum contains 20 pieces and costs $27.45.

Rogue products have earned positive reviews across the internet, with Redditt users saying things like “They’re actually my favorite out of all the nicotine pouches,” and “The wintergreen is pretty good.” Nico Kick customers agree, praising Rogue products for being “worth the money,” and “long lasting and satisfying.”

Finally, you might consider purchasing products from Habitrol, a company that creates patches, gums, and lozenges to help people quit smoking. A 96-piece pack of 4mg Habitrol gum is sold for $24.03 on Amazon and earns a 4.1/5-star rating. 

Customers offer wide praise for the product, making claims like “This gum is the best!” “I never wanted a cigarette the whole time,” “It is just as effective while being quite a bit cheaper,” “I have reduced my smoking in half,” “This stuff really works,” and referring to Habitrol as “the best smoking replacement/cessation product.”

Their 2 mg lozenges are priced at $33.39 for a 216-count and also earn a high rating on Amazon with 4.4/5-stars. Customers say that the lozenges are “effective and well-priced,” and “handy and easy to keep track of.”

Customer Service

To contact Lucy’s customer service, you can use the chat feature of their webpage or check out their “Help Center.”

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

You can find reviews of Lucy products on blogs like Your Inception and review websites like Trust Pilot. Your Inception had some reviewers test out Lucy products and their findings were incredibly positive. In their blog post about this gum, the reviewers heaped on the praise for the company and the product. They praised Lucy for having “beautifully designed packages,” “excellent user experience,” and called the gum “a great alternative to smoking.”

They also raved about how “the gum tasted delicious,” and marveled about “the overall feeling,” they got from trying Lucy – the reviewers claimed Lucy “left them feeling relaxed and focused,” which led to “positive thoughts, motivation, and productivity.” The only criticism that the Your Inception reviewers offered about Lucy gum was that “you can eventually start feeling sick,” if you do not properly follow recommended usage guidelines. Overall, they said they were “pleased with the taste, overall experience, and effects.”

Trust Pilot customers are also overwhelmingly pleased with Lucy products. They give Lucy a 4.5/5-star rating overall and offer wide praise, saying things like “This gum has stopped me from vaping,” “The pomegranate flavor is great,” “I am happy to have found a clean source of nicotine,” “This was by far the most delicious gum,” “It really is a game changer,” “Thank you for extending my life expectancy by a couple of years,” and “flavor lasts a long time.”

Where to Buy?

You can order lozenges or gum directly from their website. They are also sold in select vape stores, smoke shops, and tobacco shops around the country.  The website has a helpful “store finder” function which will help you to determine if Lucy products are sold at a retailer near you.

Is It Worth It?

Lucy started off with a simple mission: to help people get nicotine while avoiding the harm caused by cigarettes. After researching Lucy, we are confident in saying that they have accomplished their mission. Their many satisfied customers will surely back us up- we hope you let them help you quit smoking!

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