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( 1 reviews ) is an online dating website which promises to be a place where singles can come together, meet, flirt, and find love online, if that’s what they want. 

How Does It Work?

According to their website, says that their online dating service is “at the top of the glut of dating websites,” and is really the ideal place for people to come together and have a great time with other people online. 

They promise that their site already has hundreds of dating profiles and a variety of different ways to communicate with their singles, whether your intention is friendship, flirting, or dating. 

Cost/Price Plans

Like most online dating websites, this company allows their members to establish a profile completely for free and they will not be made to pay fees until they actually choose to begin communicating with other members on the website. 


At that point in time, you will be asked to sign up for Premium Services. These services are often provided with a free trial of either three days or one week, depending on the promotion that is taking place at that time. 

Regardless of what trial promotion is taking place, customers will pay a small fee to get signed up and once the trial is over, you will have to choose whether you would like a month-to-month membership, a three month’s membership, or a six months’ membership. 

A monthly membership is priced at $34.99 per month; $59.96 for three months, which is a monthly price of $19.99; and $95.94 for six months, which is a monthly price of $15.99.

Refund Policy

It does not appear that the fees charged by this website are refundable, which is not uncommon in the world of online dating websites. In general, customers must simply cancel their membership and discontinue use of the website in order to stop any charges from taking place.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who wish to speak with Customer Service about their questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 800-489-6091 or by email at [email protected] 


Though this website does not admit this to their users up front, it is pretty obvious from a quick investigation that this is what is considered an “entertainment” website, rather than an actual dating website. 

From the minute you set up your profile and enter the site, there will be emails waiting for you with your name in the greeting. There is also a scrolling bar of pictures of young women who are all inviting you – again, by name – to chat with them. 

Customers who were not interested in an entertainment website and want to cancel their membership and delete their account will need to contact their Customer Service team by phone or by email. If you contact by email, you will need to provide your screenname and email address so they can verify your account. 

You will want to explain to their Customer Service team that you not only want to cancel your membership, but that you also want your account and all of its information completely deleted from their website. Without doing this, this site can continue using your pictures and likeness in their advertising and on their site, even though you are no longer a member. 

Competitors and Alternatives?

Certainly there are many, many other dating websites available in the United States, including websites that are focused on connecting people internationally as well as people from specific countries, so people looking for alternatives to this website are likely to be able to find alternatives to fit their needs, almost no matter what those needs are.   

If you have experience with Loveaholics or their services, please leave your reviews below.

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Phantom women
June 29, 2018
After 3 months and more than a thousand messages, I have not had a single response from anyone. There are a few who want you to talk dirty to them, but they don't want to meet you. The site uses stock photos of women from Sao Paolo, Cape Town or Belgrade, and your messages will disappear into space without being read. Don't join this ripoff site.