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About Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf, found online at LoomAndLeaf.com, is a subsidiary of the Saatva Mattress family and is described as being not only a high quality, luxurious mattress, but one that is also environmentally friendly.  

How Does It Work?

Saatva, the creators of Loom and Leaf, began manufacturing mattresses with the goal of providing some of the highest quality, luxury equivalent mattresses that were still being sold at affordable prices. Loom and Leaf stays true to this mission, providing high quality mattresses made with as many organic and eco-friendly materials and processes as possible.

According to their website, Saatva searched for the best American plant-based foam because they believe this is the most responsible way to construct a memory foam bed. American made plant-based foams are described as having “amazing sustainable qualities,” and their foam suppliers use renewable plant oils in their foams and have greatly reduced greenhouse gasses from those normally created in the foam manufacturing process.

Loom and Leaf also uses a proprietary medical-grade cooling gel in their top foam layer that is non-toxic and stable, and the outer covering is made from organic cotton and sprayed with a natural thistle flame retardant. 

This company is proud that their high quality mattresses have low emissions, no mercury, lead, or heavy metals, no PBDE flame retardants, nor formaldehyde, not phthalates, and no ozone depleters.  

Cost/Price Plans

Both the original Saatva Mattress and the Loom and Leaf line of mattresses are best known for being luxury quality mattresses that are sold at affordable prices. 

Their prices range from $699 for their smallest available size, a regular Twin mattress, to $1,399 for their largest available size, the California King. The website also says that they do recommend purchasing the additional mattress foundation they offer, but if you have a sturdy box spring or foundation in good condition with no sagging, you are welcome to use it and your mattress warranty will remain valid. 

Customers are also given the option to request for the delivery team to take away your old mattress for just a charge of $39.00. All you need to do is check the box next to “Mattress Removal” when placing your order.     

Refund Policy

Both the original Saatva Mattress and their Loom and Leaf line of mattresses offer customers 75 days from the date of delivery to try their mattress for themselves before deciding whether or not they would like to keep the mattress.

Customers who are happy with their mattress don’t need to do anything at the end of this trial period, but if you decide you are not satisfied and would like to return the mattress, simply contact their Customer Service and they will arrange to come pick up your mattress and refund all your money, less the original delivery charge.    

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 877-762-2882, by email at Info@LoomAndLeaf.com, or by submitting them directly to their website through the Contact Us link.


While there are not very many reviews of this mattress from individual customers, there do appear to be a large enough number of websites and blogs reviewing this mattress to get an idea of its quality.

Generally speaking, these reviews are extremely positive. All of the various Saatva Mattress lines appear to be well respected and are regularly considered to be of equal quality to mattresses that are priced twice as much as their Loom and Leaf product line. 

Because of these positive reviews and their 75 day trial, it appears that customers who are interested in the Loom and Leaf mattress should feel confident in trying this product for themselves.

Competitors and Alternatives?

There are many other mattress stores that make promises regarding their special materials, their special design features, and the improved quality of sleep their customers will experience, including the Leesa Mattress, the Yogabed, The Casper Mattress, Tempurpedic, Tuft and Needle, BedInABox.com, and more.

If you have experience with this company or their products, please leave your Loom and Leaf reviews below.

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