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About is a website that says they lead the industry in incorporation and LLC formation and promises to help people and small businesses form an LLC or incorporate today to both protect yourself and your assets. is a website from parent company The Company Corporation, who says that helping small businesses is their top priority and always has been, ever since they were established in 1899.

There are many websites that promise to help people with legal services, like, but The Company Corporation was formed over 100 years ago and they say that they have helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners either incorporate or form LLCs, so they feel it is clear that they are the industry leader in this area.

They offer an extensive variety of business formation packages so that you can find the package that best fits the needs of you and your business. In addition, they promise that their packages all have affordable pricing, so you should be able to find a package that fits your personal cost budget as well.

In addition, The Company Corporation says they offer their clients something no one else in the industry does - an exclusive $50,000 Corporate Veil Guarantee that they say will help you protect your personal assets in addition to your professional assets.

Finally, they also promise that their commitment doesn't end when you complete your order. They say they stand by their clients for the life of the company with products and service that meet their needs.

Customers who are interested in the services provided by can request a free incorporation guide by submitting your full name, email address, and phone number to their website.

However, by submitting your phone number you are agreeing to let them contact you regarding this and other services, regardless of your registration on the Federal Do Not Call list.

Customers who do not want people contacting them can bypass the website and contact by phone at 888-200-5011 to speak directly to a representative. 

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