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By setting up an account with LivingSocial, through their main website or Facebook, you will gain access to special promotions. You can access these deals online and even through their free iPhone and Android applications.

There are deals for restaurants, bars, spas, theater, travel, and shopping. Not only can you search for deals within your local area but you can also search through 100’s of markets across 6 continents. There are discounts offered through their site to fit all types of lifestyles. Singles, couples, parents and children are bound to find something of interest especially with all of the fun adventure packed activities.

A membership to LivingSocial is free; however, if you upgrade to a LivingSocial Plus membership, for $20.00/month, there are extra rewards. With a Plus membership you are able to earn Deal Bucks. These can be applied to purchases through their site. Each month you are given 25 Deal Bucks to use and earn more by inviting your friends to join and signing up for the LivingSocial Visa card. With a Plus Membership you can even get in on deals that have already closed.

The LivingSocial Visa Card is another way to earn Deal Bucks and you can apply for it directly through their website. By using the card for any purchases, whether they are through the site or not, you earn points. For every 100 points, you earn one Deal Buck.

Not only do members reap the benefits of LivingSocial, merchants who submit offers are basically afforded free advertising. It’s an easy way for businesses to generate revenue and gain exposure in the community.

Even though companies may generate clientele, there are two sides for take into consideration. The positive aspect is that there is opportunity to create lifelong customers. The negative aspect is that even though advertising offers on LivingSocial is free, Living Social takes half of the money of each sale. If a merchant submits an offer for 50% off of the regular price and LivingSocial takes half of that, the end result is a sale of 25% off of what you would have made under normal circumstances.

Before buying special discounts through LivingSocial, know all of the disclaimers and limitations of that particular promotion. Many of them have expiration dates and some them have specific rules/times days at which they can be redeemed. Should your deal expire, you can then only use the amount you paid for that special toward your purchase.

While many people have their favorite places to eat and socialize they are missing out on many other experiences. It is important to support your local communities and try new things. You will learn a lot about yourself, find new interests and even meet people along the way. It never hurts to try something at least once.

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