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phil johnson

completely worthless

August9, 2013

I bought there product, took it as recommended. Nothing.

Note on their website they say: "Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of Advanced Test-O-Boost have not been scientifically substantiated or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration".

I tried to get my money back, and they just laughed.

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Test o boost did not work for me

October2, 2012

I wasted my money on this stuff and it didn't do anything.

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October 06, 2012

Not sure this helps. Would have liked to hear about when you started this and the time you spent on it. Did you complete the 30day or 90day schedule. Just reviewing that you tried it and didnt like it does not help. Thanks!

October 22, 2012

How old are you and how long did you take the product?

December 19, 2012

How could you have "wasted" your money when, from what I understand, there is a money back gurantee!!??

January 04, 2013

Scam me once, shame on you. Scam me twice... well friends, that's called a "money back guarantee"

January 04, 2013

Well I will never buy it, sounds like a scam

January 26, 2013

How long did you take it? Did you take the two servings per day every day as recommended? Just wondering.

February 06, 2013

I will take this product if I don't have to pay for it. Then I will tell you if it works or not. If it works I will be a forever customer ok.

Albert Lanier
February 14, 2013

I replied to your ad for a free sample of your test o boost product.I never received my sample.I have not been able to get through to cancel because the number was cancel info was coming was coming with sample. I am being debited for a product I have never received. I would like a refund and cancel my order. I can be emailed at [email protected] I would like a reply or mail me at 1960 Pactolus hwy. Greenville N.C. 27834

April 21, 2013

I watched the whole online spiel. They're meant to be persuasive, and the spiel is aimed at vulnerable males who are experiencing the symptoms they describe. Are you 40+, some fat around the belly, erection difficulty, less active? Well this supplement will solve all those problems! But think about it...if this supplement REALLY worked there is no way the news could be contained. It would be featured in legitimate newspaper and magazine articles, tv news reports, etc. The stock of the company would be into the stratosphere if this raised every man's testosterone to the levels of their youth, restored firm erections and sexual desire, eliminated fat, and turned sedentary males into alpha males. Did you notice how he refers to all these scientific studies that prove how effective Test-O-Boost is, but never provides a link to neutral sites that report on these so-called studies. You're just suppose to take his word for it. I'd go by the old adage, "If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

DB Corbett, MSW, RSW
May 04, 2013

Read "Wheat Belly" and "Why We Get Fat"! We don't need supplements we need responsibility for what we eat!

June 02, 2013

I would never buy this product. From U do not see an address for the seller/manufacturer that should tell U that it is a sham. People who produce GOOD products do not hide themselves. IF THEY HIDE THEY ARE TRICKSTERS.. DO NOT BUY IT.

moses williams
August 03, 2013

I know what does work, Elbow grease and good ol' fashioned hard work !

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