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About Livewave Antenna

If you’re like most of us, you’re probably sick of your high-priced cable bill that arrives in the mail every month. While antennas have been a mostly dying technology over the last few decades, the LiveWave Antenna seeks to change that, offering an affordable alternative to throw the cable company out of its popularity.

What is LiveWave Antenna?

If you watch television, you should consider the LiveWave Antenna. This device offers free movies, free local television, free news, and several HD television channels. This advanced antenna has been tested and has proven to be successful in homes all across the United States.

Some antennas only pick up a handful of channels, most of them operating close within range. Although LiveWave tv channels’ availability depends largely on your local broadcast tower, you receive access to a range of television shows for which you would otherwise pay top dollar. You can also purchase a LiveWave Amplifier for better access to HD channels.

How Does a LiveWave Antenna Work?

It works differently from other devices, plugging right into your electrical outlet. When you plug the LiveWave antenna into your outlet, your entire home is turned into a massive television antenna. That’s all you need to do! It takes just one minute to install, and has a much further range than other television antennas or similar devices.

You don’t have to worry about placement or reception, but you do have to run a wire from the plug into the cable input on your television. Then, you can navigate to scan for channels. You can stop paying for expensive cable tv and receive access to a long channel list. Some of the most popular channels you might find include Fox, Ion, PBS, NBC, BET, ABC, and MeTV. you can also find a handful of news channels, Spanish networks, weather channels, and sports programs.

Is LiveWave A Hoax?

Many people believe that LiveWave is a hoax, largely because this is a new product with minimal sales history. However, there’s not much that can go wrong, and with a warranty along with a money-back guarantee backing every purchase, you don’t have much to lose.

Is it a Scam?

While LiveWave is not a hoax, offering television access to users, it does not have a great profile with the Better Business Bureau. It is not BBB-accredited and has an F rating, failing to respond to a handful of complaints. That being aid, the profile with the Better Business Bureau actually belongs to Swell eComm Enterprises, so these reviews may not be for LiveWave but instead for its originators.

That being said, the customer service department at LiveWave is relatively easy to get ahold of. You can reach them at their toll-free phone number of +1 855 282 8073 or email them at [email protected]

Cost and Price Plans

There are a few options when it comes to purchasing the LiveWave Antenna. You can purchase the standard antenna at the retail price of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. This also comes with a one-year warranty. Alternatively, you can buy two antennas for $73.75, offering one unit at half price. This comes with the one-year warranty, but also offers free shipping. Finally, you can buy two antennas and get one free, paying only $92.19 and receiving free shipping at the same time.

The company also has a return policy published on their website. The return policy covers thirty days from the date of purchase, and requires that all products be new condition and in original packaging.

Competitors and Alternatives

LiveWave isn’t the only HD antenna on the market. There are several options that are less expensive than LiveWave, and none of them claim to tap into your home’s electrical system to function.

Two of the most popular devices are the U MUST Have Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna and the LotusBe Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna. The U MUST antenna costs only $27.95, while the LotusBe antenna comes in at $24.99. Both antennas have excellent customer reviews and are amplified, allowing you to plug them in and boost their range to over 35 miles away. This is a great feature if you live in a rural area.

Online Reviews/Complaints

There are several complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, but very few of these are actually consumer reviews. Some reviewers dislike that the antennas take a long time to arrive in the mail, but there are few reports on how well the LiveWave Antenna actually works or to serve to debunk any rumors about it being a scam.

Where to Buy?

Currently, the LiveWave Antenna is not available via major retailers like Walmart or Amazon. It can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

Is LiveWave Antenna Worth It?

Enjoy free tv today with the LiveWave Antenna? Perhaps...but not so fast. The jury is still out on how well this antenna works, particularly in regards to how it can turn your home's wiring system into an antenna. Because traditional HD antennas can only provide television with local free channels, many people doubt this antenna’s ability to broadcast the dozens of channels it claims to offer.

That being said, if you’re willing to give it a try, it could be a sound investment. It is an intriguing device that can be quite promising for people who are interested in cutting the cord with their cable providers, and while it has a high price tag, it’s definitely worth a try.


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Total Ripoff

May16, 2019

You state that 30 day return policy starts at time of purchase and must be returned in original packaging. You can't do either of these requirements. When item takes almost 30 days or more to receive and as soon as you remove plastic wrap item is not eligible for return. Product is total ripoff. You cannot get HD programing from uhf or vhf signals. Hopefully these peoples Karma will run over their Dogma Lol

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