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Livemocha is a web-based program and worldwide social networking community used to learn different languages; in fact, they have over 35 languages available. The membership to Livemocha is free and includes live video and voice chat, instant messaging, progress tracking, feedback on writing and speaking exercises, and even flashcards. Another segment of the program, which requires payment, is composed of structured courses.

The prices are not available in a formal list because they vary upon the language and the skill level of each individual. The live internet community is what distinguishes this language-learning program from the rest. There are system requirements for your computer as well as external devices necessary to maximize the features of Livemocha.

Your computer must be running on the most current version of Microsoft Explorer 7+, Chrome or Firefox. You must have Java installed on your computer as well. For the audio and visual component, it is necessary to have a microphone, a webcam and the latest version of Adobe flash player.

Even though the program is very sophisticated, there are some drawbacks and general concerns. Since the program is strictly internet-based, the only way to use it is through an internet connection, which may not always be available. Another issue is the possibility of acquiring a computer virus or bug; this is always a risk using web-based programs.

Since Livemocha has a community composed of millions of users from all around the globe, communication between strangers is inevitable. A number of dangers exist in online chat with strangers, but more dangers arise when webcams are used.

Overall, the concept behind Livemocha is one that integrates communication, technology, and diverse cultures. Online communities, similar to this, are a growing trend for younger generations as well as international business.

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Worst customer support EVER!!!!

June28, 2013

I bought voucher to study Spanish.
1.It was almost imposable to redeem it and I sent 3 emails before was able to get just answer from help desk. It took 8 days to respond!
2. In a few days my access was blocked and I sent already 3 emails - this people DON'T REED THE EMAILS and keep sending same standard instruction.
3. I can\t login - and it is no way to contact them.

DO NOR BUY anything from Livemocha, you get in trouble :(

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